Sightless Love Episode 3 Update on Wednesday 5th September 2018


Damiana tells Marina that she will not allow her to go to the party at the big house because she doesn’t have a suitable outfit; Marina tells her that she will find something to wear and so she shouldn’t worry. Damiana asks marina if she have ever felt what she feels for Alberto before and Marina answers that she hasn’t. Then, Damiana tells her that she was always away from the boys and Paulino had been taking care of keeping her suitors away, nevertheless, she knew that this moment would come, but Alberto and her belong to different worlds, and so she should forget him but Marina replies that Alberto is just her friend and nothing else.
Whiles Prudencia and Angustias talks about where Damiana could have buried her daughter, Luis entered and they stopped talking. He then asks them why they stop talking anytime they see him and he hopes they are not hiding anything from him because if he discovers anything fishy, he will go ballistic with them. and they say no and that they normally talk about life issues and how far they have come. Luis then speaks with Prudencia to make sure to put on the Aqua-Marine earrings he gave her to the party and Prudencia goes anxious and tells him she forgets to bring it to the ranch since she had no idea that he will throw a party.
Susana and Vanessa arrive at “La Añoranza” and after they have been welcomed by the Ocaranza family, Susana tells Prudencia that, her son Alberto has a secret girlfriend but Prudencia doubts it and Susa tells her that Vanessa told her about a conversation which existed between Alberto and Paulino and Prudencia assures her to forget about that girl because she is of no importance to Alberto because according to Alberto the girl even bit his hand.
Vanessa goes looking for her boyfriend Alberto and bumping into Paulino and she questions him where she can find her boyfriend but Paulino doesn’t know. She tries been mean to him and asks him about his name and when Paulino mentions his name to her, she starts to intimidate him by stating that he has a girl name because she does have a girlfriend whose name is Paulina and Paulino tells her that, whenever she wants she can show her how manly he can become and this offends Vanessa asking him to respect her because they are not equal. Alberto then arrives home from horseback riding and she runs to him to kiss him. 
Alberto asks Paulino about how the party’s preparation is going and after assuring him and his girlfriend that all is set and that he is even going to perform his music and play other music’s too, Vanessa tries making him feel inferior and thinks he is Colo with his so called tradition but Alberto tells Vanessa that she should be careful with the people because they are very sensitive, Vanessa replies that she hopes that when they get married, they do not have to return to the ranch, Alberto replies that he loves the ranch and everything in it and so she should start loving it.
Damiana sees Marina wearing the aqua marine earrings and seriously, she goes angry asking her to take it off because she can take it to that party. Marina wants to know why and she says, it’s because she can’t wear it since it doesn’t match with her dress. Marina still wants to know where she got those earrings and she answers that, they are for Eulalia but seriously Marina doesn’t think Eulalia could have afforded those expensive earrings. Marina then thinks if that is so, then it’s her inheritance and so she should allow her wear them but still Damiana refuses.
Susana suggests to Luis that they should set a date for their children’s wedding and Luis asks her not to worry because he will do it soon.
Damiana doesn’t want Marina to go to the party and so she intentionally sends her to the fields to get some leaves for her and with the help of Toribio, she is able to beat time and also Toribio gives Marina a dress and shoes and tells her that Yolanda sent them to her so she can go to Alberto’s party looking so beautiful and Marina looks very happy. Toribio the shows her how to do the salsa dance since Marina doesn’t know how to do it.
During the party, Paulino is allowed to give the welcome address and this pisses Vanessa off and more even upon knowing that Paulino is even going to sing also and this causes her Vanessa drinks and gets drunk to the fullest and whiles Alberto thinks Paulino performs better, she thinks it’s horrible and even insults the guests as servants and her mum Susana takes her out of the party to her room and tells her that she should remember that there is a hick girl waiting for an opportunity to be with her fiancé.
Marina is able to go to the party with the help of Toribio whiles Damiana was fast asleep and upon arriving at the party, Alberto asks her to dance with him. Paulino tells marina that her mother is going to be concerned when she does not see her, marina tells him that she will leave and Alberto offers to take her, Paulino tells him that he should stay at his party and he will take marina to her house. They then bid goodbye to each other.

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