Sightless Love Episode 2 Update on Wednesday 5th September 2018


Prudencia walks around the ranch and she see Damian’s figure in the darks and she become very anxious. Angustias thinks that was Prudencia imagination but she tells Angustias that she saw the woman who assisted her at childbirth, Angustias then admits that Damiana is not dead as she told her at first and she hasn’t lived in the town for a long time and that means she actually could have been to the ranch and that is why she saw her. She then apologizes to her for having taken the decision of giving the orphaned boy to her and that she took from her the baby girl who was born dead. Prudencia tells her that she isn’t reproaching her of anything because she gave her a son whom she adores, but she cannot forget her baby girl. 

Marina puts flowers at the grave of the persons she thinks were her parents. 
Alberto asks Margarito if his son Paulino is having a relationship with Marina and he answers no but it just that he’s taking care of her all his life and Alberto says it’s because of the way Paulino looks at Marina which in a strange loving way but Margarito assures him to stay cool because there is nothing going on between his son and Marina. So, Margarito asks his son if he is having a different eye for Marina and he says no but only being overprotective to make Alberto stay away from her. Margarito then says he knows that he likes Marina very much and that is why he takes care of her but he never wants him to think otherwise or see Marina in a different way. 

Isauro tells Marina that there is nothing more he can teach her and she must think about her future, that she should think of going to the city, marina tells him that her mother and she do not have money; isauro tells her that he would take care of them.
Angustias bumps into Damiana in town and she tries to hide her identity from Angustias after asking if she is the midwife but whiles arguing about where she buried the girl, Mr. Luis and Alberto bumps into them and there, Mr. Luis is able to recognize Damiana and he discloses to Alberto that, Damiana is the woman who helped to deliver him and Alberto allows his dad to give Damian some money and which Angustias was against but no matter how much she tried convincing them, they still gave her the money and they decide to assist her financially and so, if she needs something she can come to their house for anything. Angustias tells them that when Alberto was born they paid her what was right and she may get used to ask them for money if they continue to give her that opportunity to come to the ranch anytime she needs help but Luis says his words to help Damian is final.

Isauro witnesses a sad event in town whereby the towns children begin to ridicule him due to the mask he wore on his face and whiles walking home after visiting Marina.
Angustias arrives home to tell Prudencia that, Damiana tried hiding her identity from her but revealed it right away to Luis and took money and Prudencia says if that is so then they should give her more money to convince her to tell them where she buried her daughter and Angustias asks her to forget that daughter of hers and let her rest in peace and also she should try and convince her husband to let them leave town for everyone’s good.

Angustias confronts Margarito and questions him as to why he lied to her about Damiana’s existence and he says that is the truth because Damiana left town long ago and when he discovered that she is back in town, she asked him to not let anyone no especially her because they ended up in bad terms after Prudencia’s delivery and Angustias mentions to Margarito that, he should warn that Damiana to not try coming close to the hacienda if not, she will know the real her.

Paulino seeing how Alberto welcomes Yolanda into their house wholeheartedly, he warns him to stay away from Yolanda and Alberto questions him if he is the women’s caretaker around the town and he says he only protects those he is interested in and one of them is Yolanda because she is her sister and Alberto asks him if so how he sees Marina because his father only told him that he sees her as his sister and Paulino asks him why he wishes to know what he has to do with Marina and Alberto says she can’t deny she is pretty girl but he wants to help her too and be her friend but Paulino asks him to forget it. All these whiles, Vanessa was on phone listening to their conversation since she called Alberto and he asked her to hold on. Alberto then asks Paulino to let them be in good terms but he refuses.
Marina tells Damiana that Isauro insists that they should go to the city and Damiana answers her that she will not, because someone promised to help her to sell her products and they won’t suffer hardships anymore. 

Yolanda engages in a chat with Prudencia and she tells her that her husband is throwing a party and he is inviting the townsfolk to be present. She tells her that she wishes she could invite her friend to the party but she is not sure she would come since she never wants to go to places she isn’t familiar and Prudencia asks why and Yolanda says it’s because she is blind but his blindness hasn’t been a hindrance to her happiness because she is lovely, beautiful inside and outside and Prudencia says she really wants to meet her friend and so she should invite her over to the party.

Alberto go after Marina and upon touching Marina, she tries to flee from Alberto, but he tells her that he wants them to be best of friends and Marina says she can’t be friends with someone who uses a gun to scare and destroy nature and Alberto ask her to trust because he promises not to touch a weapon again and asks her not to run away from him again and Marina says she accepts and then she confesses to him also that the first they she heard her voice, she felt a strange lovely feeling in her. Alberto then invites her to their party and Marina looks very happy.

Vanessa tells her mum Susana about the conversation between Alberto and Paulino about a beautiful lady Alberto wants to help and Susana tells her that, they have to go to Luis’ ranch as soon as possible to stop that so-called lady from destroying their dreams to be part of Luis’ family. Vanessa thinks no woman can lure Alberto from her because she is the only one Alberto loves but her mum still wants them to go to the ranch as soon as possible. 

Marina tells Damiana that Alberto is her friend and he invited her to a party that it will be thrown at his house and she tells her that she even felt some feeling in her and Damiana stirs at her speechlessly.

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