Sightless Love Episode 16 Update on Tuesday 16th October 2018

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Vanessa goes to see Paulino and there they kiss and express to themselves how much they love each other. Vanessa tries to keep her distance from Paulino but her love for him is bigger and Paulino tells her that if she doesn’t have the courage to fight for their love, he will fight for the two of them.
Zacharias informs Susana about the relationship of Paulino and Vanessa. Susana then goes to insult and humiliates Paulino, slaps him and pulls Vanessa from his side and she also insults and beats her daughter for stooping so low and making a big mistake like that.

Vanessa cries painfully and run into the house and Alberto looking so surprise to see Vanessa in that manner and wishes to know why, Susana answers him that it is because of him because he virtually stood up her at church and he broke her heart; that she is not going to stand her friends’ mockery.
Yolanda tells Damiana that she will have to leave the small house, because Mr. Luis is close to finding out where they live.

Damiana confesses to Baldomero that Marina is the daughter of Prudencia, but Angustias asked her to give the boy to her, because Marina apparently had been born death, so she gave her Eulalia’s son.
To separate Alberto and Marina, Luis goes to see Isauro to know if Alberto meets with Marina at his office but he says no but they still meet somewhere because as it is Alberto is in love with Marina but Luis thinks it’s just a whim and Isauro makes him to understand that is not so because Alberto even took Marina to the city to see an eye specialist so she can have surgery for them to accept Marina for him and Luis goes shocked.

Isauro tells Mr. Luis that Marina is his woman and he will not allow that his son takes her away from him and if he doesn’t do anything to separate them, he will accuse him of trespassing and had beaten him and Alberto could end up behind bars but Mr. Luis assures him that he will do everything he can to separate them (Marina and Alberto), because he doesn’t want marina in his son’s life.

Susana slaps Vanessa severally when Vanessa tells her that she loves Paulino and she’s finding difficult to subdue her feelings for Paulino and Susana tells her that she should feel ashamed of saying it but what she is going to do is she has to convince Alberta and Mr. Luis that she is suffering because Alberto canceled the wedding.

Mr. Luis now knows that Damiana and Marina is leaving on his property and so he orders Zacharias to take Marina and her mother out of his lands. Wofa kokotii baa aba assuring Mr. Luis that that blind girl will leave his property that present moment.

Susana wants to buy Zacharia’s silence about Vanessa and Paulino’s affair but he tells her he wants nothing but only for her to help him attain the ranch’s foreman and Susana says she will do whatever she can to make him have it and Zacharias is ready to go silent if she helps him with that if not then she will have to compensate him with a huge sum of money.

Angustias continues to make a confession to the father about swapping Marina and Alberto but haven’t told anyone because she doesn’t have the courage and father says that speaking the truth is the only way that can help her get over her worries. Angustias says the most unfortunate thing is that the kids have grown up t love each other immensely but Alberto’s father dislikes her and father wants them to leave everything into Gods hands and she hopes a miracle will pass by for Marina.

Angustias bumps into Marina at church and tells her that she approves her relationship with Alberto and Marina looks very happy that at least she has the support of Angustias.

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