Sightless Love Episode 1 Update on Tuesday 28th August 2018


Hello lovely people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are repeating the Episode 1 of SIGHTLESS LOVE and the episode begins like this;
Years ago, Prudencia gives to Mr. Luis the news that she is pregnant, Angustias (their maid) advises Prudencia that she has to take care of herself so her baby be born healthy and she doesn’t suffer a miscarriage again. Prudencia then assures her that she will do that because she doesn’t want to lose another baby. Luis gives an expensive blue earring as a surprise for the pregnancy making Prudencia very happy.
Months later, Mr. Luis decides that Prudencia must travel with him to his ranch in Valle de Bravo a very long travel distance despite his maid Angustias advising him that it isn’t advisable due to the advanced pregnancy of his wife but he still insisted and since his words are always final for his family, they had no choice than to obey him and go and this causes Prudencia to also witness a premature labor due to the long travel distance and Angustias tells Mr. Luis about it.
Same vein, Damiana (the midwife) and Dominga (Damiana’s Mother) attend to a woman in Eulalia who is in labor. Eulalia unfortunately dies after her son is born.
Since there was no doctor to attend to Prudencia due to since it was raining cut and dogs at that moment, damiana is called but one of Mr. Luis’ boys to attend to Prudencia because she was at least closed by and also a well-known village midwife to assist Prudencia in her delivery and tells Angustias. After the delivery, Damiana reports to Angustias that her boss had a baby girl, but she unfortunately was born dead. All this while, Prudencia sleeps unconsciously after the delivery.
Seriously, Angustias didn’t know what to tells her boss and madam if she wakes up because definitely her boss will divorce her madam if he hears the information since they have encountered several miscarriages. Damiana then reveals to Angustias that it seems the day isn’t going well at all about all the deliveries she’s had because she encountered another misfortune since a woman who delivered also died but had a baby boy.
Angustias now suggests and pleaded with Damiana to help her exchange the alive boy child with the still born of her madam. It was indeed a though decision for Damiana but thought it wise to help the boy. And there, she agreed and they exchange the babies, so this is how the boy of the deceased Eulalia comes to be the son of Mr. Luis Ocaranza and Prudencia.
Angustias pays Damiana for her services and her exchange charity work with the expensive blue earring and upon reaching home, she hears the cry of the baby girl and upon asking her mum Dominga, she tells her that the baby wasn’t dead, but her throat was blocked with some phlegms and so she cleaned the phlegms and she coughed and began to breathe, but she has fever and she doesn’t know if she is going to survive. Dominga now regrets for swapping but she can’t do anything again that is sending the girl back to her parents is too late.
After Prudencia woke up and looking for her earrings and not finding them, Angustias confesses to her that she paid the midwife off with the earrings since her baby was born dead and the boy is the son of a peasants who died and she agreed and swapped the two children and she hopes that this baby boy is going to prevent her husband from abandoning her since he is so obsessed with having a boy. Prudencia cries unceasingly knowing the child isn’t hers and that her child rather was dead and Angustias asked her to keep it a secret between them and shouldn’t even tell her husband.
Damiana decides that the baby girl should be called Marina and, in the act, she realizes that she is blind whiles playing with her. The next day, Damiana takes her to see a doctor and there he confirms to her that her daughter is blind. She then made sure to bring the child up teaching her with everything she has to know about nature with her senses and also how to move around freely without the help of anyone and Marina truly enjoyed her living since she lived a normal life.
After some years, Damiana takes Marina to doctor Isauro to help her if she can regain her sight, and he is impressed by her beauty, marina, tells damiana that she doesn’t understand why she took her to the doctor, because she is happy as she is as a blind girl and doesn’t mind if she sees or not. Dr. Isauro decides to offer private classes to Marina and she accepts because she sees it as a great opportunity because she has always wanted to study.
Same vein, Alberto grows up into a fine handsome gentleman studying to become a medical doctor having beautiful female friend called Vanessa who is also a daughter to Don Luis’ family friend’s wife Susana. The woman wants her daughter Vanessa to do everything possible to win the heart of Alberto because she wants her to be his wife but it looks like Vasty is not all not interested but she has to go according to her mum’s instruction to do force herself on Alberto and the relationship starts from there.
Misfortune happens where the hut where Marina and Damiana live catches fire in the absence of Damiana and right there arrives doctor Isauro to pay Marina a visit and he tries all means to rescue Marina but he is trapped into it unfortunately.

Stay tuned to SIGHTLESS LOVE on UTV from Monday – Wednesday at 5:00pm Repeat at 11:00pm Monday – Wednesday. In this great Telenovela, we will indeed understand that, “GOD IS INDEED THE OVERALL BOSS OF OUR DESTINY” and therefore whatever unfortunate situation that may come our way, he understands best because, she never makes a mistake and all that he does is perfect. UTV, IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!
PLEASE NOTE: The episode one will again be repeated tomorrow as we always do with all our newly novellas. Thank you and stay back and enjoy.

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