Saraswatichandra Episode 163–164 Update on Friday 19th July 2019

The episode starts with Saras and Danny conversation. Danny asks what he is thinking? Saras says he is thinking about Pramad. Whether he has a big heart. He would not have done what he has done today. How can he change in a day. He didn’t do even after knowing I am Saras. Something is not right. Pramad comes to kalika and asks why you ruined his plan? He holds her roughly and bashes her for ruining his plan and bringing out Kumud’s truth. Kalika says she is pained to see them in the mandir. Pramad says Kumud got fall in his love. She thinks I have become good. Pramad says I make you understand everything that night.
Kalika asks, why you throw me out the house? Pramad says he saved her from the police. Pramad says he told her to bring out Kumud and Saraswatichandra truth. He says you have spoiled my plan, she said the truth before the garba. Saras hears them. Pramad says he has to act and marry Kumud again. Kalika praises his performance. Pramad closes the door and throws her on the bed. She asks him to get out now else anyone can see us. Pramad says you should have seen Saras’s face, fire was ignited in his eyes.
Kusum comes to Kumud and says she can see love in Pramad eyes. Kumud says don’t know, she couldn’t see his eyes. Kusum leaves. Kumud takes paper and pencil and starts sketching eyes. Saras comes to Pramad. He says Kumud might forgive you, but I won’t forgive you. You have a hobby to raise hand on a women, lets fight with me. Pramad says do you want to fight? Why you didn’t fill Kumud’s Mang? Saras asks what you see in my eyes? Saras removes his watch and shirt, Pramad hits him.
Kumud feels something is bad and asks the God to give her a hint. Why she is not able to see his clear picture. She closes her eyes. Pramad and Saras starts fighting. Saras says I didn’t fill her mang because I have no right on her. Pramad asks him to tell Kumud about him. And laughs. Saras says when Kumud will get to know about you then you will cry a lot.
Pramad comes home, Kumud asks how he got wounded? Pramad make excuses. Kumud asks him to say the truth. Pramad says ok, I will tell but Promise me one thing.
Saras tells Kumud that Pramad is a cheat. Meanwhile Kumud is recalling Pramad words that Saras still loves you a lot and is unable to see us united. Kumud asks Saras to take care as he is wounded. Saras says he is not lying, Pramad didn’t change. He is like before. Kumud slaps him. And says please don’t insult our relation. She says she still respects their relation. She folds her hands, Saras feels bad and leaves.
Saras is determined to bring out Pramad truth infront of Kumud. Saras comes to Dargah and recalls his conversation with Kumud, while the song kung faya plays in the BG. Saras thinks God is with him, he will bring out Pramad’s truth and if he fails, he will leave from here.
Precap:Pramad says he will do and Saras will be punished for his acts. Kalika asks what is that? Pramad stabs her with a knife. Kalika screams. Saras feels something is wrong with Kumud while he is in the bus.

The Episode starts with Badimaa asking Kumud why is she sad. Kumud says I feel today that I m leaving this house and going to my sasuraal. Saras comes there and Badimaa looks at him. Badimaa asks Kumud to never turn back. Pramad’s mum is waiting for Kumud in the car. Vidyachatur apologizes to Budhidhan. Budhidhan promises that he will take care of Kumud. Saras signs Kumud no. Kumud loks at Saras. Pramad comes to Saras and says whatever happened, we will forget it, if possible you also forget it. Pramad hugs Saras and Saras understands. Pramad slowly taunts Saras and Saras gets restless. While everyone thinks Pramad has changed.
Pramad talks to Vidyachatur and says Kumud is my responsbility, bless me. He says I m feeling bad for Saras, I wish Saras had Kusum in his life, if not Kumud. Pramad greets everyone and leaves. Pramad looks at Saras and smiles. They leave from the Desai house. Saras and Danny looks on.
Saras says I have to go with Kumud. Danny says no, we need you here, we have the auction is few hours. Guniyal asks Vidyachatur to stop the auction as she can’t leave this house. He calms her down and says this is our ancestral house and I will pay the installments soon. The people don’t agree and says they can’t do anything. Kumari asks what will happen now. Danny says I will go to bank and bring money. Saras says no, its dad’s money and Vidya kaka won’t accept it. Saras says we have one more option and takes Danny. Kusum hears them.
Pramad welcomes Kumud to their room. He says Kumud, thanks you for everything you did for me. He says you made me meet myself and says some sweet lines. He says I feel my life is a gift and I want to gift something to you, will you come with me tomorrow, its a surprise. Kumud agrees and smiles. Pramad thanks her and says tomorrow will be memorable for us. Kumud stops Pramad and says if you wish, you can stay in this room. He says yes, but not from today, from tomorrow. He leaves and says Kumud you will see tomorrow what I m going to do and laughs.
The house’s auction is going to start in 30 mins, The people asks him to sign the documents and give them the house’s keys. Vidyachatur is about to sign the papers with a heavy heart. Danny brings a file and gives it to Saras. Saras says we have paid the loan. Everyone are shocked. The people see the file and says yes its done, now the auction won’t take place. Those people leave. Vidyachatur looks shocked. Saras says I know you won’t take my help, return me the money when you have it. Vidyachatur asks why are you doing this. Saras says I learnt this from you, you gave my dad money by keeping your house under loan, and this is my house. Saras says please forgive me and leaves.
Kusum tells Vidyachatur says Saras has sold his land. Vidyachatur says land? Kusum reminds him that Saras sold the land he bought for his mum’s school. She says Saras asked Danny to sell the land and paid our loan. Badimaa smiles.
Saras has a talk with Danny and asks him to take care of Desai household.Danny says I know you won’t let anything happen to Kumud, but if anything happens to you. He gets worried for Saras. Saras leaves for going to meet Kumud. Pramad is with Kalika decorating a room for his suhaag raat. Pramad gets closer to Kalika and bumps a knife in her tummy. She shouts. Saras is stunned while he is in his car and says Kumud. Kalika is shocked and Pramad laughs. Pramad says I will do the thing and the blame will come on Saras. He conspires to kill Kumud and put the blame on Saras. He asks Kalika to bring something of Saras that they will keep with Kumud’s dead body. Kalika says some more options. Pramad asks her to do what he said.
Kalika says you are going to kill Kumud and such stains won’t go easily. Pramad says the hands will not be mine. Kalika says Saras will not let anything happen to Kumud, is he comes and saves her then… Pramad says he won’t be able to save, but if he comes here then we will kill them both.
The next morning, Kumud is thinking about Pramad’s words. She sees the white cloth which Saras gave her. Pramad comes to Kumud and asks are you ready. He says I m excited to give the gift to you. He takes Kumud with her. Pramad greets Budhidhan and says I want to spend some time with Kumud. Pramad’s mum is annoyed with Kumud. Pramad tries to convince his mum and praises Kumud and asks her to forgive Kumud. She does not listen to him. Pramad says we are getting late and should leave now. Alak ashs where are you going, Pramad says its a surprise for Kumud. They leave. Saras reaches there and Pramad sees him in the mirror.
Precap:Kalika asks Saras to stop Pramad. She says go and stop him else he will kill Kumud, you don’t have much time. Saras looks on angrily.

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