Saraswatichandra Episode 157–158 Update on Monday 15th July 2019

The Episode starts with Saras seeing Pramad outside his room. Saras thinks how is Pramad so quiet and leaving without doing anything. Saras says the Pramad I know will not apologize, what happened really. Saras asks Kusum why did Kumud come back. Kusum says Pramad apologized. Saras says tell me in detail what happened in Ratnagiri. Kusum says Kumud decided to come back and I supported her, I can’t say anything more. She leaves.
Scene shifts to Pramad:
The next morning, Pramad wakes up in the hall. Pramad’s mum sees Pramad and asks Kumud why was Pramad sleeping here. Budhidhan says because Kumud wants to make him realize his mistakes which we should have done. He blesses Kumud and wishes Kumud succeeds in her goal. He asks where is Naveenchandra. Alak says don’t know, I did not see him. Alak leaves with Budhidhan.
Scene shifts to Kumud:
Kumud sees Pramad finding something in Kalika’s room. Saras is keeping an eye on him. Pramad says where can be the wine in Kalika’s room. Kumud watches Pramad too. Pramad gets the wine and drinks it while Saras and Kumud are seeing him. Pramad stops and says no. He throws the wine outside the window. Kumud smiles and Saras is shocked to see this change in Pramad. Kumud looks at Saras with relieve and leaves. Saras thinks did he really not have wine.
Scene shifts to Budhidhan:
Pramad’s mum brings tea for Budhidhan and asks him are you fine with this. She says Pramad did not do the right thing with Kumud, but this is not right to keep him away from his room. Budhidhan takes Kumud’s side and says how can Kumud forget it so soon. Pramad’s mum takes Pramad’s side. Budhidhan says what will you do if anyone does the same with your daughter, he says you don’t regard Kumud as your daughter, this is the difference, your son has hurt Kumud and this punishment is very less. Pramad’s mum is sad seeing Pramad’s state. She tries to make it an issue that her son slept on the sofa. Budhidhan answers her well.
Scene shifts to Pramad:
Pramad comes to his mum and asks for food. Saras is still watching Pramad. Kumud and Pramad’s mum are happy to see the change in Pramad. Pramad’s mum praises Kumud and blesses her. Kumud thanks the Lord. She says now I believe that you are with me, I want something for Pramad, make him be strong willed so that he is away from wine. Saras comes and prays. He leaves seeing Kumud. Alak comes to Kumud and says your sister called. |
Scene shifts to Danny:
Danny is on the way and says I have to go back to take the charger. Some people ask for Vidyachatur’s house and Danny gives him life. Danny comes to know that Vidyachatur is selling his car for some money.
Scene shifts to Kumari:
Kumud asks Kumari to take rest. Kumud asks is dad at home. Kumari says he is not at home. Kumud asks her is everything fine at home. Kumari says yes. Kumud says Kusum is with me, so if anything happens there, you should call me and inform me. Kumari agrees and says Badimaa is calling her and cuts the call. Kumud says even Kumari did not tell me, but I should help them.Guniyal praises Kumari for not telling Kumud anything.
Scene shifts to Kumud:
Kumud is on the terrace taking out her saree stuck somewhere. Saras sees her and helps her. Kumud says it will take some time but he will surely change. He says not so soon, do you have the guts to bear everything again. She says yes, will you support me. He says I can’t leave you but I can’t see you again like that. Pramad comes and tells Saras that I will come with you for dad’s work. Saras agrees and says ok, I have to talk to you.
Scene shifts to Saras:
Saras and Pramad are on the way. Saras says its good that you brought Kumud back but how did she agree. Pramad asks for water saying he is feeling thirsty. Saras stops the car and leaves. Saras buys a water bottle and sees Pramad missing from the car. He looks around and wonders where did Pramad go. He says I knew this he would do something. He tries calling Pramad but could not connect. Budhidhan calls Saras. Saras says what shouls I tell him now. Budhidhan asks where are you. Saras says we are reaching soon.
Scene shifts to Danny:
Danny comes back to Vidyachatur’s house. Kumari says why did you come again. He says I came to take the charger. Danny tells Kumari that Vidyachatur is selling his car. He asks whats the problem, as I really want to help you.
Scene shifts to Saras:
Saras gets Budhidhan’s call again. He says its evening now, where are you, is everything fine. Saras tells him that Pramad went somewhere and I m trying to find him. Budhidhan says what.
Budhidhan and Saras comes home. Pramad’s mum asks where is Pramad. Budhidhan says he left midway and don’t ask us where he is. He gets angry. Pramad comes home in a drunk state. Kumud is shocked. Budhidhan scolds Pramad and says Kumud started the day by bringing brightness but you are ending the day by bringing the bad darkness. Budhidhan leaves in anger. Pramad reacts to his words. Kumud says be careful, sit here. Saras looks on. Kumud asks Murakh Das to take Pramad to the room.
Saras helps Murakh Das and they both take Pramad inside. Kumud follows them. Pramad stops at the door thinking about Kumud’s words. He leaves. Saras says I should have not left him alone. Kumud says its ok, and goes after Pramad.
Scene shifts to Budhidhan:
Budhidhan says I don’t think Pramad will change. Kumud comes and speaks in Pramad’s favour. Budhidhans ays do you still think he will change. Kumud says yes, he needs our help.She says you need to show him your love. Budhidhan says how. She says by making his assets back on his name. Saras is shocked. Pramad’s mum is happy listening this.
Precap:Budhidhan asks Saras is it right to do what Kumud is doing. Saras says we should give some time to Pramad to see will he be able to change or not. Kumud looks on.

The Episode starts with Kumud asking Budhidhan to return the money and assets to Pramad. Budhidhan takes Saras’s advice. Saras says we should give some more time to Pramad to know whether he will change or not. Budhidhan says you are right, I agree with you. Kumud says he will change but when you trust him. She says you have to take the first step by returning his assets. Pramad hears this standing outside the door. The next morning, Kumud comes to Pramad and he says I came to the room to take my clothes as you were not in the room and Naveen is right, you should keep the money. He says Kumud, I m sorry for yesterday night, I got drunk again but I m trying to stop drinking but I need some time. He leaves.
He comes back and says Kumud, I need Rs 10000, not for drinking wine, I have some important work, if you can…. Kumud signs the cheque and gives him. She says its your money, you don’t need to tell me where you are spending it. He says thanks, not for the money, but for the trust. Budhidhan is talking to someone about the land for which everyone are after. Pramad comes and says shall I say something. Everyone look at him and Saras says yes say. Kumud looks on. Kumud gets a call and she leaves. Kusum and Kumari talk to Kumud on conference call. Kumari says I m watering the plants. She says when we were together, we used to have so much fun and now… Kumud says we will play our old game, I will ask you questions and you answer me. Kumari agrees. Kumud says lets play and starts asking questions. Kumud asks is everyone worried at home. Kumari says yes. Kumud catches her words and says you said yes, will you not tell me whats going on there.
Danny comes and Kumari says I m not hiding anything, someone came, I will talk to you later and cuts the call. Kumud says even if you don’t tell me, I know nothing is fine there, but what can I do. She thinks about Saras’s words and draws a smiley on her hand, the same way like Saras had drawn. She says everything will be fine soon.
Scene shifts to Pramad:
Pramad is talking to himself and says I was going to help them and says in Budhidhan’s style — Pramad read newspapers and don’t give waste advices (LOL!!), he says dad insulted me infront of everyone. He sees Kalika and holds Kalika’s hands and pulls her. He says you are following me after all this happened. She flirts with him. He says after thieves leave from the house, people sleep with peace. She says you saw my theft, not my love, I did this for you. She says because I knew that one say you will have to beg infront of Kumud. She says that day is not far when you will beg and she will not throw money on your face.
Kalika says I love you so I have kept and saved your money, and Kumud took your money and love someone else. Pramad says stop it, I told you Saraswatichandra died. Kalika says for you, but for Kumud Saraswatichandra is still alive. She says I mean, he is alive in Kumud’s heart as she did not do the Shraath. She says if Kumud has to choose any one, who would she choose, Saraswatichandra or you. Pramad leaves and comes home. His mum tells him no one would be at home and Kumud will be alone as we are going out. Pramad sees the cheque Kumud has signed and thinks about Kalika’s words. He keeps the cheque on the table and Kumud enters. He asks Kumud do you still love Saraswatichandra. Kumud is shocked.
Saras sees Danny’s mail and comes to know about Vidyachatur’s problem and says Kumud did not tell me, I have to talk to Kumud about this. Kumud answers Pramad saying Saraswatichandra was my past and you are my present. Pramad says you are unable to forget your past. Kalika was my past and now she has gone from between us, but Saraswatichandra is still between us and we won’t be able to come closer. He says lets sweep your past in Ganga. Kumud is puzzled. Pramad says lets do Saraswatichandra’s Shraath. Kumud and Saras are shocked listening this. Pramad holds Kumud’s hand and says lets go. Kumud stops. Saras looks on. She says I can’t do this. Pramad says what did I say wrong, if you respect him you should do this, we will do the Shraath together. Saras asks Kumud to do it. She is annoyed and says no. Saras insists giving her his oath. Kumud is tensed and looks at him.
Pramad and Kumud are doing the Shraath. Kumud thinks how she once did the Shraath in her anger and cries. Saras looks on while they do it. The pandit gives instructions to Kumud and she keeps on crying. Pramad makes her do it and Kumud thinks about Saras’s words. She looks at Saras and thinks of his sacrifices. Kusum sees this and is shocked. Saras stops Kusum and signs no. Kumud does it with much pain. The pandit says now you pray for the soul’s peace. Kumud stares at Saras while crying. The pandit says the Shraath is complete and the soul got freed now. Kusum cries too. Pramad looks at Kumud and sees her crying. Kumud faints and falls. Saras is about to go to her but Kusum stops him. Pramad says Kumud, Kumud, what happened.
Pramad lifts Kumud and Saras looks on. Saras touches Kumud’s hand while Pramad takes her away. Kusum says this Shraath can’t make your souls apart, how did you let this happen Saras. She leaves while Saras sees the fire and says I made you do my Shraath Kumud, maybe this is the punishment for leaving you. He sits near the fire and thinks of her words when he said our marriage cannot happen and how Kumud cried listening to him. He says I have given you so much pain and now I don’t have any desire to live.
Precap:Pramad tells Kumud and Saras and Kalika says you both are still together. Saras looks at Kumud.

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