Saraswatichandra Episode 115–116 Update on Friday 14th June 2019

The Episode starts with Kusum asking Kumud about Pramad’s drinking habit. Kumud says no, its not true. Tell Vidyachatur that it is rumours, and he should not believe them, Pramad is very nice. Kusum says yes, I told the same to them, else you would have told us. Kusum asks what dod you do whole day, how are everyone there. Kumud says everyone loves me here. Kusum says Kumari is not at home so I m talking to you. Kumud tells her if anyone tells anything about Pramad, tell our parents that I m really happy here. Kusum says ok. Kumud cuts the call making excuses. Kumud cries.
Budhidhan brings someone in his office, he tells him to take the plan forward. He asks Alak and Saras are you ready about the Dam project. Alak says yes. Alak tells him what their party planned to do. She keeps her proposal infront of them. Saras says we should give them double money. Alak says I know they need more money, but we will also need funds for the elections. Saras says how can we think about us, we are responsible for them. If we had reached them in time, then they would have not been in this state, so we can’t pay the penalty by apologizing to them. Alak disgrees. Saras argues with her with so much feelings and pain. Alak says Naveen.. I think you are being emotional. We can’t change the party policy. I will continue the meeting. Saras says we are running from our responsibilities. Inkesh calms them down.
Budhidhan asks Alak to cool down. Budhidhan agrees with Saras and says we will keep the funds and distribute the remaining amount. Alak agrees too. Budhidhan leaves with his party members. Saras tells Alak that you may be finding my talk wrong, but I know what I m talking. Alak says I hope you are not flown by emotions. Saras comes to his room and thinks he should not have spoke like that in the meeting. He says why are you doing like this Kumud, I won’t let you do this, if its like that, then let it be, if you want to hide the truth, the truth has to come infront of everyone.
Kumud is working in the kitchen with Pramad’s mum. Saras comes there and asks for water. Kumud looks at him. Saras says Kumud ji, yesterday you got hurt, do the first aid. Pramad’s mum reacts and asks her to show it to her. Kumud says nothing, I will go and give the tea. Kumud leaves. Pramad’s mum goes after her. Saras thinks did I do this right or wrong, I did not had any other option, Sorry Kumud.
Budhidhan asks his wife about the newspapers and tea. She tells him that I wanted to talk about Kumud. He says did she complain about Pramad. She says no. Kumud comes to her room and says Maa ji doubted on me, she will ask me again about this wound.
Sid asks Kumud to come with him as his parents are calling her. Kumud thinks about Saras’s words and gets tensed. She turns and sees him standing. She aks shim what do you want, what did you get by putting me into this difficulty. Saras says I want you to tell everyone about this reality. Kumud taunts Saras and tries to make him realize his mistake. She says I don’t fear of relations and I make relation without any condition and hope. She says you won’t understand this because you know only how to break relations, you did right by separating your mum’s name from your name. She took a promise that you will live with your dad, but you broke that promise too. Badimaa and my parents called you Saraswati’s son, because your mum knew how to make relations, you will never understand this. Saras says Kumud, they will ask you about your wound, what will you say? Now, you won’t be in this room, can I go inside now. He takes the sindoor box and shows it to her. Kumud takes the sindoor box. Music plays….Saras leaves.
Kumud comes to Budhidhan will full sindoor in her maang covering her wound. He asks her about the wound. His wife says won’t you tell us, do you hide such things from your parents also. Saras hears this standing there and interrupts. He brings some documents about the Dam work. Pramad’s mum says Saras told her about Kumud’s wound. Kumud lies saying I was not wounded, it was my sindoor. Saras says I was mistaken. Saras confuses Budhidhan and apologizes for saying it to them. Budhidhan says its ok. Saras says I don’t know you are right or not, but I will support you always.
Precap:Saras asks Kumud to speak against wrong. He says I know you did not lose yourself.

The Episode starts with Alak thinking about Saras’s debate with her. Saras comes to her and she says I won’t be able to forgive you. Saras says I did not come here to say sorry, I did what I felt was right. Alak says don’t go against me. Saras says I just gave my advice, the last decision was yours. Alak says if you had faith in you, you should have been more strong, but you are weak. They have an argument. She calls him weak like Pramad. Saras says you know your brother, but not me, I? did not lose anytime, I do what I feel is right. He gives her the Dam project proposal and leaves.
Scene shifts to Sunny:
Sunny says Kusum that he is worried about Saras. Kusum says we will get to know about him, where he might be, did he want to meet Kumud, may be he is trying to meet Kumud. Sunny says Kumud might have told you if she met Saras. Kusum says Kumud did not tell anything about it. Kusum says if I go and meet Kumud, may be she will tell me. She says shall we go and meet Kumud. Guniyal says no, its been a month. She says you both can’t go there. Kusum says what will we do now.
Scene shifts to Saras:
Kumud and Saras come face to face. Saras says Kumud, I agreed to your decision, I don’t know who is right, but I know Kumud won’t face injustice. Kumud cannot fear of her in laws and be quiet. Someone said no to her, she has asked the man to apologize to her parents, that Kumud cannot take this insult. He says I have full faith in her, that she will say, against what she feels is wrong, wake up Kumud, call yourself, I know you did not lose yourself, you are fearless and be always like that. He leaves. Kumud thinks about his words.
Scene shifts to Pramad:
Pramad is talking to someone on phone. His mum comes to him and asks him where are you going. He says I have some work. She says now you are married, come on time and take Kumud somewhere with you. She says I know you did not even talk to her, she is a nice girl. She will give us love, don’t let her down. She has married you, she is your wife first, then our bahu, her happiness is related with you. She says change yourself, she got hurt and she did not tell us. She says if you don’t spend time with her, she will feel hurt. She explains him to be caring towards Kumud, make a try towards her. Pramad does not listen to her and leaves.
Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:
Vidyachatur is going to his Karkhana, and asks Kusum to bring his bag. Kusum says you did not call me Kumud, we got habituated to me now. Vidyachatur says yes, but I want to go and meet Kumud. He gets emotional, and worries about Kumud. Kusum says even I want to meet her. How she might be looking in a traditional saree. Kusum asks him shall I meet her once. He says yes. Guniyal says I said no yesterday, then why are you asking your dad, you can’t go like this. Vidyachatur says they will feel good if Kusum goes there. Guniyal disagrees. He says your mum is right. Kusum gets disheartened.
Scene shifts to Saras:
Saras has a talk with Pramad’s mum. She says I feel like you have a burden on your heart, if you want to lighten it, then you can tell me whats in your heart. Saras says nothing like that. She says I did not hear about your family from you, they might be worried about you. Saras says my mum dies when I was small, and my dad few days ago. She says we think of you as your son. He says if you people were not there that day, then I don’t know what might have happened. She says Kumud and you came the same day, its fate and its conincidence. We are very much happy with Kumud and wants her to be happy too. Saras says it will take time to adjust here, if anyone from her family came here, it would be good. She can tell whats in her heart to her family. She agrees.
Scene shifts to Pramad’s mum:
She comes to Murakh Das and asks him to bring sweets. Alak asks why sweets. She says I m thinking to call someone from Kumud’s family, may be her sister. Alak disagrees. Alak asks whats all this. Her mum says Kumud is new here, the marriage took place so fast, she do not know us. If she meets her family, she will feel good. Alak says what will she say, that her husband gets drunk and comes home and gets scolded by his dad. If Pramad comes drunk infront of them, then what will we say. It will create problems for Kumud, it looks like Kumud did not tell anything to her parents else they would have called dad till now. Her mum says yes, I did not think about this, you are right.
Scene shifts to Pramad:
Kalika takes his permission and enters his room. Kalika overheard Pramad’d mum and Alak’s talk. Pramad says I told Kumud not to try to become my wife. He says you stay in my room more than her. Kalika says how will you tell this to your family. She says I heard your mum saying she will call Kumud’s family here. She says I do not feel good what Alak said. Alak said if you misbehave or get drunk infront of them, they will be embarrassed. But I had to keep quiet as I m a servant here. She says Alak does not care about you, but Kumud. Pramad gets angry knowing this. He says I knew this, everyone loves Kumud, thats she is answering me. My mum asks me to keep Kumud happy. Kumud does not know me, I will do that she won’t try to reach me. Kalika gets happy.
Scene shifts to Saras:
Alak gives a cell phone to Saras saying it won’t be useful in elections. Murakh Das brings medicines for him. He tells Saras that everyone listen to Alak in this house. Pramad’s mum was calling Kumud’s family here but Alak said no. She is smart, she thinks and makes a decision. Saras’s plan got ruined. Saras thinks why did Alak said no. How will Kumud say to their in laws, I have to do something, now its one way, I have to call Kusum here.

Precap:Budhidhan looks at Saras and says he is missing.

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