Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Episode 159–160 Update on Friday 19th July 2019

FRIDAY UPDATE ON SAPNE SUHANE LADAKPAN – EPISODE 159–160 ON ADOM TVPrecap : Rachna asks Gunjan why she did this she says she hates her. Rachna says the biggest mistake is her coming into the house. She asks Shayl why did she do this to strangle her future
Gunjan thinks that Mayank listen everything. Mayank asks her about all. He says that he had done a big mistake in the past by not believing her, but now he had full trust on Gunjan. Gunjan denies and says that everything is going right and the ring in her finger is the truth now. But Mayank doubts totally. Shail outside Rachna’s room asks Rachna to open the door. Gunjan comes and also asks her to open the door. Rachna after listening her voice oftens the door in irritation, says that she hates her and ask her why she did all this to her being her bestest friend and a loving sister. She added that it was the biggest mistake they let Gunjan in their house and asks her to go away. Shail asks Rachna to keep quite. Rachna got fainted. While Gunjan was touching her, Shail asks Gunjan not to touch her. Whole family at the spot and let Rachna in her room. Chaaru asks her to move away. read full updates daily only at Gunjan runs and goes to terrace and says bad words about herself, that why she had come to the house, all is spoiled because of her in the house. She goes in flashback, thinks about the sweet moments between her and Rachna and cries. Here Rachna on bed, doctor checks her and recommend medicines. Dayal and whole of the family in their respective rooms, Shail supporting Rachna, Rachna gets back from the position. Shail tries to let her understand not to think anything negative rather keep positive thoughts. Rachna says that all has spoiled and nothing will be good now.
Vihaan and his friend in a room. Vihaan asks his friend not to remain sad and to be happy. Meanwhile Rajeev comes and asks him about the plan behind all this but Vihaan disagrees and says that is all love and not a plan. Rajeev says that he should have said all this before, as all this insulted Rachna’s family a lot. Vihaan replied that he wanted all to accept his love so he did all this and Gunjan also loves him as she had put ring in his hand(keenly). Rajeev says that from now onwards his eyes are on him all 24 hours.
Rachna thinks of what has happened, how Vihaan has rejected him. Gunjan comes and by chance Rachna sees her ring of engagement, Gunjan hides it. Rachna cries continuously. Rachna got a call from Vihaan, Rachna picks it up, Vihaan says that he wants to talk to Gunjan as her cell is switched off. Rachna passes her cell, Gunjan without listening anything says she has to sleep and disconnectss the call. Rachna asks her why she has done this, Gunjan stitches her lips and didn’t even uttered a single word. Rachna stands up and tries to go out from the room but Gunjan says its her room so she will go out and she steps out.
PRECAP:Shail and Dayal talking, Dayal saying that Gunjan did all this after pre planning. He asks Shail to learn anything from her, that one’s real child is a real one and some other’s child can’t be a real one. Shail agrees and says that if she would have known all this before she would have never let Gunjan inside her home. Gunjan listens all. Next morning Gunjan is shown to be absent from the home. Shail telling this to whole family
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