Meri Aashiqui Episode 9–10 Update on Tuesday 11th September 2018

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Chirag sends Disha to a funny looking guy. His name is also Chirag. Disha introduces herself and chats with him. He asks for dance. She hesitantly says okay. He dances funnily with her and Chirag laughs. His friend comes to him and asks why he’s smiling. He tells her how he sent Disha to another Chirag.
His friend goes to waiter and says not to give anyone entry without a drink.
Ranvir and Ishaani arrive there. Ranvir checks out the girls. They have their usual nok-jok. Ranvir receives a call and goes outside. Chirag’s friend comes to Ishaani and tells her no entry without drink. She says she doesn’t drink, but he forcefully tries to make her drink. Ranvir sees it and comes back to defend her, but she asks him to stay back. She will handle it. Chirag’s friend says, good girl, and makes her drink again. She slaps him and he falls down. All come there. Chirag asks what’s happening. Ishaani says who are you? He says he’s giving this party. Disha is shocked finding out he’s the real Chirag. Ishaani tells Chirag his friend was forcing her to drink when she said no. They all think they’re cool if they drink, but the truth is they need nasha to enjoy their lives. She loves their life and she doesn’t need any nasha. Chirag says whatever it is, she slapped him and she’ll now apologize to him. Ranvir interrupts to cool everything down. He says he will say sorry, they are from same house, so it shouldn’t matter. He goes to Chirag’s friend and makes him stand and apologizes. Chirag’s mood is spoiled. Other Chirag is trying to talk to Disha, but she pushes him. A waiter is passing from there. His tray flies and Chirag’s clothes get dirty. He says what is happening here and leaves.
Ishaani tells Ranvir it was not her fault, why would she apologize. And why did he apologize. Ranvir says he learned from Harshad sometimes you have to apologize to solve big matters. She says she shouldn’t have come to the party and wants to go back. He tells her that her mood is spoiled, but let others enjoy the party. All will go together. There are so many lovely girls out there. Ishaani gets irritated. He asks her to give a different look sometimes. She tells him not to eat her head. He says there is nothing in her head, he will eat something interesting. He goes to get food asking her to wait there and not to beat someone else now. He leaves. Ishaani goes to washroom.
Chirag is annoyed with unnecessary drama. Prateik is looking at Ruchika’s photo. Devarsh tells him there are so many girls there and asks him to enjoy with them. Prateik is not interested. Devarsh sees Chanchal coming in and gets shocked. He understands Baa must have sent her and he decides to teach her a lesson. He tells Prateik if he doesn’t want to talk to girls, then he will introduce him to his rockstar friends. Prateik says no, but he takes him forcefully. Chanchal wonders how she will find Disha in this crowd.
Devarsh drops Prateik to some gay guys and then goes away. A gay guy touches Prateik and Chanchal gets shocked. Prateik also sees her. Devarsha drops alcohol on Chanchal’s saree and hides. A waiter passes from there. Chanchal tells him if he’s blind. Devarsh drinks and dances.
Chirag is changing his tshirt. He’s still annoyed with Ishaani and says first she slapped his friend and then talked so rudely with him. If she wasn’t his dad’s guest, then he would show her. Ishaani enters the same room and sees him changing. She turns and says disgusting. What kind of party this is. All manerless people. He tells her she’s mannerless that she came to his room. She says why waiter sent her here. All are mad in this house. He says, hello? not sure about all, but one is definitely mad. All girls die to meet me, but she entered to his room straight. She tells him even if he was last guy, then she wouldn’t come to see him. She has seen many like him, calling himself a rockstar. He asks if she seen everyone shirtless? She just leaves from there.
Disha comes to his room now and he comes out. She tells him he’s looking nice. They go to the party and talk with each other. Chanchal sees them together and says her work is done now. Disha asks him why he lied to her. He says there should be some fun in first meeting. He says her accent was good. She says she learned from movie. They continue their conversation. Ranvir sees food and says so much variety. He is taking it like crazy. Disha sees him and says, people like him don’t leave any opportunity. If he eats like crazy, then how would he drive? He may do car accident. Chirag says he will be back.
Baa, Falguni, Harshad are having dinner. They talk about Chirag and their daughter’s alliance. Baa says they will do destination wedding. Harshad says but she doesn’t like all that. She likes everything simple. He says, Ishaani.. and Baa says Disha. He asks why disha? Baa says she’s this house’s blood, so obviously she will talk about her. Harshad says, Ishaani is also.. Baa says no, she is not your blood. She’s Falguni’s blood. She came as dowry with Falguni. Harshad tells her not to talk like that, for him, both daughters are equal. Baa says by staying in this house, she won’t become our family member, else all servants would become family members like that. She asks him not to argue with her. He says he’s not arguing, he’s just saying what he learned from her. Despite being elder, Baa educated his younger brother because he’s was sharp. She only says everyone gets what they are capable of. And here Ishaani is elder and capable as well, so it’s her right. Baa says her promise matters more than Ishaani’s right, and she has promised Disha about her alliance with Chirag. She leaves. Falguni looks at Harshad.

Precap: Ishaani fights with Chirag for Ranvir. 

Disha-chirag saw ranveer filling up his plate with the food items…this irks disha…she informs chirag that ranveer is their servant and she is afraid that if he got drunk or ate much, how will he drive…on knowing this chirag goes to ranveer and tells him to keep down the plate as this food is not for servants…chirag told him to go outside and have the separate meal for servants…ishaani comes and get irritated on chirag for this…she put forth her points mentioning that chirag only saw ranveer’s status but not his qualities and its only because of ranveer’s stock market knowledge that her baba and chirag’s father are earning…she says ranveer posses humanity and etiquettes which chirag lacks…seeing the convo heating up, ranveer stops ishaani and sweetly apologizes to chirag and leaves…
Ranveer is outside…ishaani joins him…ishaani speaks how rude was chirag but ranveer said he is not at all hurt since he is used to all this…suddenly it starts raining,…both moves to a shade…their again on being asked by ishaani, ranveer said he is not hurt since only words from someone close, hurts…and he would have gone hurt if ishaani or harshad says anything to him as he doesn’t care about anyone else…deversh comes to call ishaani inside the party…ranveer tells ishaani to go unless someone will spot them together…on this ishaani says she don’t care about anyone and says she just learnt that words from someone close only hurts…ishaani leaves leaving a smiling ranveer…
Ranveer is in car…chirag knocks on mirror and ranveer comes out…chirag says something to ranveer… seeing this ishaani comes and burst on chirag blaming him for insulting ranveer again…ranveer stops her saying chirag was apologizing to him for his behavior…ishaani is shocked…chirag leaves and ishaani still is angry on him but ranveer calm her down…
Falguni is waiting for kids…harshad arrives…they both had a talk where harshad convince her to get disha marry chirag saying maybe something better waits for ishaani…harshad then felt falguni’s legs are paining and he starts mssaging it with hands…the bell rings…falguni rush to see her daughters…
Baa is already in talks with disha about chirag and disha is highly impressed with chirag…falguni goes to ishaani and gets to know that ishaani completely disliked her…falguni tells her chirag is the most eligible bachelor to which ishaani replies saying she want a guy like her baba who even accepted someone else’s daughter for the lady he loved…ishaani leaves…
Chanchal goes to baa’s room and baa smells something bad…but chanchal told him about prateek being with a boy…deversh and prateek enters and deversh lies to baa that chanchal was having shots behind the pillar in party and hence saying this for prateek…baa got very angry on chanchal for this and recognize the smell as that of beer and sends chanchal to take bath…in mid deversh prateek leaves…
Chirag’s father asks him about his meeting with disha to which his mom said that he didn’t got proper time with disha due to ishaani…she says ishaani is not harshad’s daughter but still is given much importance and she is a snob like her mother…chirag says he is ready to marry (didn’t specify to whom) …he took the phone from his dad and called harshad and told him that he is coming with marriage proposal tomorrow…his father gets angry on his way of behaving and calls back to harshad and apologizes…harshad is happy…he goes to falguni and tells her and leaves to inform baa…falguni is happy but worried too fearing and hoping that this chirag thing doesn’t create any dispute between her daughters…
Ranveer was on his bed,…ishaani arrives and is gloomy…ranveer gets up and ask her what happened…ishaani hugged him and broke in tears…ranveer struggles with himself to get his arms around her…

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