Meri Aashiqui Episode 5–6 Update on Friday 7th September 2018


Location: Haveli The marriage rituals begin, while gauri sits sad. ishaani asks ranvir why is gauri getting married. ranvir says that gauri didnt love for gettibng it, but just for loving, and just to protect it, she is sacrificing herself, and thats what love is all about, losing youself in someone else’s identity. ishaani comments on how painful love is. ranvir says that love isnt love, if there isnt pain. Disha continues to hanker Ishaani’s collegemate, to get entry in chirag’s party. his parents come in, discussing about how they have to take care of Chirag’s welcome party, and finding him a suitable bride, that would change him and their condition too. 

They meet ishaani’s parents, and then move onto Baa, who also gets to know about chirag’s party, which is going to be a lavish affiar. baa enquires everything about the guy and asks his mother to give him blessings. ishaani is still tensed to see gauri sad. ranvirt sees this and distracts her by trying to amuse himself with ishaani’s great granny, but is tensed when his attempt fails. he then take the just married board and again continues to joke with granny, and finally manages to get a smile on her face. ranvir is satisfied eyeing her smiling forgetting all her pain and misery. 

She gets to teasing him yet again. He comes to her, and they have a hearty banter. She leaves, while he wishes that she always smiles, even if he has to be a joker for that. Then the gadhbandhan begins and baa does the honours, telling gauri that she would tie it such that noone is able to discard it off. Gauri is distraught, but complies nevertheless. ranvir is serving snacks when ishaani interferes and apologises for having misunderstood his intentions, despite being childhood friends. 

He again trivialises by asking her to apologise for everything small. ishaani too gets instigated and get into fighting with him. He taunts her by saying that there’s an acne on the face and manipulates her into smudging her mascara and eye makeup, as she takes the acne seriously. she leaves, while ranvir is amused. Baa and ishaani’s mother, get into a verbal arguement and scuffle about Harshad being a better son or a better husband. baa tops it off saying that he gave her a necklace worth double the bracelt that he gave falguni. 

Baa taunts falguni about smearing on ishaani’s face. She takes ishaani aside, and shows her the mirror. ishaani understands that ranvir is behind this. ishaani says that this is just a stain, and she doesnt care. falguni reminds her that the girl should only be concerned for her beauty. ishaani says that she doesnt care, but falguni continues to impose her ideals. ishaani is shocked and tries to convince her that a girl is an intellectual too. falguni tells her that one day she has to lure a rich guy who would care for her every need. falguni says that rich people eye girls by their beauty. 

She also tells ishaani not to fall in love, saying that its for idiots. she asks her to marry the richest groom available. ishaani tells her mother that her father says, but she gets very angry. She is about to blurt that her father had left….but then checks herself in time, while ishaani gets tensed. She says that ishaani’s father also saw her beauty, hence adopted her too, and that her real father got her on the roads and she too was like gauri who lefdt home for love, and start a new life together, but her lover ditched her with a kid on the street. She tells ishaani about the harsh face of love terming it for the coward and the idiots, and that with the first salary, she bought makeup, that got her to lure harshad parekh, so much so that he even adopted her daughter. 

She tells her that men love and women make them do so, and asks her to rectify her makeup. ishaani says that she cant do it. but falguni insists her to go and have a perfect makeup. she leaves resignedly. falguni stands tensed. downstairs, prateik continues to rant about his crush, while devarsh continues to taunt and irritate him by trying to insinuate that he got intimate with her, saying that she doesnt knowhow to kiss her. prateik is devastated, but falls trap to devarsh’s trap, who says that he just did it so that he can check the girl for prateik. Devarsh is very amused. 

After the marriage, gauri bids a tearful farewell, to her mother and her family. her mothger asks her to fulfill one last ritual before leaving the house. Gauri stains the hands in Alta, and then places her hand on the wall, saying that she is leaving the last thing behind, her love, which was incomplete for her, but is leaving it for the other girls, who would one day definitely get their love. All hug gauri, while harshad tells gauri that this house is still hers and she has to keep coming. baa hugs gauri, and says that for all brides, its told to keep coming, but she would tell gauri that now she would have to never look back to this house, to come back, as the door are forever closed now, and she doesnt want even her shadow to be cast on this house. gauri is distraught. ishaani eyes the fingerprints, and gets sad. She places her own hands on them , with teary eyes, and alta stained hands. The screen freezes on her face. 

Location: Haveli As they all sit down for dinner, baa observes as chirag’s parents hastily bring up ishaani’s marriage with their son. baa is very happy at the prospect. she thinks that Chirag would be best for disha, while falguni starts talking to harshad about Chirag being the best guy for ishaani. both the ladies start dreaming. Ranvir comes and finds lots of wedding food left, and thropws a plate for himself. 

Baa sees this and gets tensed. While ranvir is eating, baa stops him and asks whats he doing. He gets very tensed. Baa wrenches his ear. she reprimands maharaj too about it. he says that he was very hungry. baa asks him to eat from where the servants have to eat, from the left over food. ranvir has tears. Baa says that he isnt a member of this familyShe reminds him about his place in the house, as a faithful dog and would forever be. ishaani hears this and is tensed. ranvir leaves, as baa gives the food away to street dogs. 

In his room, ranvir is excitedly eating maggi, in his room, trying to pacify himself that he was wrong in doing so. As he eyes sunny leon’s songs and diverst himself, he is shocked to hear ishaani’s voice and drapes the tv with his towel lest she sees it. then he opens the door. ishaani gets food for him, and ranvir is overwhelmed. He says that its very sweet of her, and asks her to keep it on the table and leave. ishaani is surprised. read full updates daily with pictures only at ranvir tries to ward her off saying that she shouldnt have bothered. ishaani hears the noise and enters forcibly to try to hear where the noise is coming from. 

She takes off the towel. ranvir shuts the TV just in time. She asks what was he watching. She switches it back on and finds sunny’s provocative dance moves. ishaani is disgusted that ranvir watches such things. She says that she would tell baa, and laments him at eating noodles and watching sunny. she leaves in anger, and he thinks that she got angry. He eyes the food and starts gorging on it. 

The next morning, ranvir looks over prepartions for the gifts to be sent. baa comes and finds the stuff still there, and asks him to hurry up and take it to gauri’s house. ranvir gets to work. falguni comes and finds the gifts while gauri’s mother is excitedly seeing the preparations. She talks to falguni about baa helping gauri so much. falguni points it out to her, that it isnt baa but harshad who paid for all this, and that her husband did everything for gauri and displays over display of her pride in her husband’s money. 

Chanchal hears this and narrates it to baa. Baa is talking to chanchal, about his bahu, ishaani’s mother’s mind finally wandering off on other subjects like literature, from jewellery, and she is actually dwelling into quotations in the praise of her own husband. baa decides to go one upmanship on falguni. She gathers the entire family together, and gives them silver coins as a token of her blessing to everyone in the family. falguni watches disinterestedly. but she gets tensed, when baa comes to ishaani and says that she forgot to get her coin, as she isnt born in this family and forgot that. ranvir hears this and is tensed to find ishaani sad. all others are at discomfort too. falguni is tensed as baa distincts her by giving ishaani a gold coin, and paying her off in the same coin, that she did to gauri’s mother. 

Harshad asks baa to shut up, as ishaani is his daughter. Baa again taunts falguni about it. ishaani is sad and uneasy while baa smiles victoriously. ishaani leaves, ranvir is tensed too. As all disperse, falguni eyes baa in anger. Baa comes upto her, along with chanchal, and again taunts her. falguni is barely able to control her anger. Outside, ranvir finds ishaani sitting alone and lost, fidgeting with the gold coin. he comes upto her and tries to cheer her up. She refuses that she isnt upset. he says that he got something to cheer her up. she asks him to go, but he insists. he gives her a packet and as she opens it, she finds DVD’s of Adult Movies, and instantly gets disgusted and angry. ranvir says that he did change her mood. ranvir says that when he came here, he came with his father and she came with her mother, hence they share this connection in common, as harshad accepted them both. 

She says that there’s one more relationship, and thats of love. ranvir is shocked and overwhelmed. he ask surprisingly. Ishaani says that its the love thats in both of them, and their eyes, and the same love that is within both of them, and every action of their reflect it. ranvir gets emotional, while ishaani says that she is talking about their love for harshad. He composes himself after recovering from the shock. He tells her not to cry and again gets her to laugh and smile. It starts raining, and ishaani gets in the rain, while he covers her head with a hankey so that she doesnt fall sick. their eyes enter an eyelock. 

He jerks himself out of it, while she asks him to take off the hankey as she wants to enjoy the rain. she starts dancing in the rain, while he eyes her. ranvir is overwhlemed and apologises to the lord, for her dancing when he is crying. meanwhile, she apologises to the Lord, that he isnt enjoying the rain properly. He hopes that god gives all her sadness to him only. He eyes her lovingly. The screen freezes on his face. Precap: Falguni confronts baa saying that she maybe his mother, but she herself is his wife. Baa says that she is the one that put harshad to sleep for so many years. falguni reminds her that he sleeps with her in her room now. she tells baa to continue her politics in the foyer, but the bedroom politics shall be with her only. Baa eyes her tensedly.

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