Meri Aashiqui Episode 389–390 Update on Friday 14th January 2019

Ishaani asks the inspector to let her take Ranveer to hospital. The police calls him murderer, Ishaani gets angry at him and asks how dare he call him a murdered until his crime is proved. She says that her lawyer must be bringing the bail papers. The inspector says they will get the orders as Ranveer’s crime and the proof they have can’t be bailed. Ishaani tells him to do whatever he wants to. She goes outside, she calls Kailash and tells him to shut all the windows and doors of the house and send away all the servants home. She doesn’t want anyone to see Ranveer.
Kailash tells Amba that something has happened to Ranveer. They are worried.
The inspector tells Ranveer that they are releasing him because of his condition, he will be house arrest. Ishaani says they respect the law. She notices Ranveer was worried, she tells him that she is with him and will fulfill all her vows of a marriage. She takes him by covering his face.
The media was on fire that Mr. Ranveer Vaghela has been accused of murder, his wife is getting him on bail. They don’t speak to media. Ishaani says no comments, but the media insists on them for answering the questions. Ishaani shouts finally to shut these camera off, why are they taking this interviews when they know all of it. They all know how much Ranveer gives to the economy of Mumbai, they all gave him an award. She asks how they would feel if they are in jail and they get an ailment. A person watches this on Television, he calls and asks the doctor about it. The doctor says he would find out what kind of ailment Ranveer has.
Amba comes outside, while Kailash got all the arrangments made as per Ishaani’s instructions. He moved all the mirrors out of the house. Chaitali and Mitesh sat in the house silent. Lakshmi comes and tells Amba that she got all the mirrors removed, all windows shut. Chaitali asks what such thing happened to Ranveer. Amba tells Laksh to get removed everything, she doesn’t want Ranveer to be able to see his face even. Kailash tells Amba he got everything removed. Ishaani brings Ranveer back home. Amba and Kailash comes to meet him, Ishani removes the cloth off his face. They are shocked to see his face. Amba asks him to come inside. Ranveer watches Chaitali and Mitesh and goes to them. He says he isn’t asking Chaitali to trust him, he just want to say Sharman was like a brother to him, he is as sad as they all. Chaitali asks him to stay away from her. She asks if he is showing care for a mother whom he snatched her son from. She says she is happy that God gave him this punishment. Ishaani tells him to come and take rest at home. Chaitali says Ishaani won’t be able to take him out of this house now, he will always hide his face from everyone. Mitesh takes Chaitali inside. Ishaani asks Kailash if he has called doctor, and takes Ranveer upstairs. Amba asks what kind of revenge Milan has taken.
Ishaani brings Ranveer to bed. She tells him to take rest, he holds her hand back and asks her to sit. He says that everyone at home thinks that he has killed Sharman. Ishaani asks why he feels so, because of Chaitali? She says that she thinks Milan wasn’t a man, that is why… she tells him to take rest. Ranveer asks if she thinks he will be able to be proved innocent. Ishaani says that they need to win anyway. May be not family, but the whole world is against them. She says here, on one side is his truth and the other side is her love. She says he is the Ranveer known for his loyalty and truthfulness, she asks him to promise her he won’t accept defeat. She asks him to take rest now, he has to get better. Ranveer says there is a lot of burning and pain in the infection. Ishaani says she was going to doctor for him and will get an ointment for him. Ranveer thinks about Milan’s words. He thinks he doesn’t know about the results but he won’t let Ishaani get into any trouble. He makes a call.

Ranveer was checking on his business files. Ishaani comes to the room with Shikhar. She thinks Ranveer’s infection is worsening, she must do something. Shikhar meets Ranveer who thanks Shikhar for coming. Shikhar asks how he has started to do these formalities. Ranveer sits with Shikhar, he says that he wants to name everything, his business, bank balance and property to Ishaani. Ishaani asks what he is saying. Ranveer says either he will get punish or die with this ailment. Ishaani asks Ranveer how he dare even say this, she will die if he say this again. They have got united after a long time, she will fight the law, the world and even God but won’t let anything happen to him. She leaves the room.
Lakshmi comes in Parul’s room to tell about Ranveer. She is worried not to find Parul. She tells Amba and Kailash, Kailash suggests to call her. Lakshmi says her number isn’t responding. Amba tells Lakshmi that Parul will be back. Disha and Manas come from behind, Disha shouts at Lakshmi to call Parul and ask her return her child. Kailash asks Manas why Disha is talking like this. Disha says they must ask her now, he is no more an employee of Ranveer. Lakshmi tells Disha to behave, Disha tells Lakshmi to teach her daughter to behave, and she is a b***c. She stole her child, they must call her. Lakshmi says they must ask Disha where Parul is. She says the way she is after Parul, Disha must have hidden them. Disha is shocked, she blames them all. Amba stops Disha, she says that she had taken Krish from Parul. Disha shows them the carry cot, it had rocks in it. Manas tells them that Parul gave them the carry cot and asked them not to wake Krish, but when they saw in the cab Krish wasn’t in it. Lakshmi says now she knows where her Parul has vanished. Disha shouts in disbelief. Manas takes her saying they must find Parul.
Shikhar runs behind ishaani. He comes across Amba. Ishaani cries downstairs, Shikhar says Ranveer isn’t being emotional. He is taking a practical decision to secure his family. Ishaani says if he has come to defend Ranveer he must go, she says Ranveer must fight for his family, for her. She cries that she can’t live without him and loves him a lot, this is why she was giving him the courage. Shikhar holds Ishaani, he says he has a full trust that she will save him from infection. And he will save him from going to jail. He says he came here to make his will papers, but now he will make his case papers. There must be some point that Milan must have left. Ishaani joins hands in front of Shikhar pleading to save Ranveer.
Amba apologizes Ranveer saying she is responsible for anything that Milan did. She says she couldn’t give Milan a good brought up. Ranveer says Milan didn’t have her brought up but her blood, he wasn’t bad, only his conditions and situations were bad and he went with wrong people. Amba asks if he is saying this. Ranveer says he has understood Milan, he was angry with him because Ranveer has everything, the love of family, fame, money and everything that could be his too. He wonders why he tortured Ishaani so much. He says to Amba that he is really worried if he will be able to do something for Ishaani?
Baa stops Ishaani in the corridor. Ishaani asks if she is still awake. Baa says she has to speak to her. She says she saw Ranveer, his face is worsening. Ishaani says she will get a medicine for him. Baa says to Ishaani that he is accused of murder, his business is also not doing well, and he will get to jail in a few days. She would suggest her to leave him. Ishaani asks Baa what she is saying. Baa tells Ishaani to live her own life. Ishaani says she loves Ranveer, she has taken vows with him, and he is in trouble and needs her the most. Is she suggesting her to leave him at this time? She says it was Baa who always counted the goodness of Ranveer, she says she will prove in front of the whole world that he didn’t kill Sharman. Baa says she just wanted to hear this, she just wanted to see if the situations has made her weak. She has now seen that her love is as truthful as Ranveers. Ishaani tells Baa that their love has always strengthened whenever there has been a difficult time, and this time they will win the case as Shikhar is also with them. Baa is happy.

PRECAP: Shikhar tells Ishaani that Milan left them with no proof, it is really difficult to save Ranveer in such case. Ishaani finds Ranveer locked up in the room, she knocks at every door and calls him.
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