Meri Aashiqui Episode 25–26 Update on Friday 21st September 2018

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Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Chetali is shocked to find adult magazines on sherman’s bed, and thinks and talks to her husband that now they would have to get him married. Devarsh and his father wonder how did it land here, as they both were indivdually reading it. Chetali goes to talk to baa about sherman’s marriage. Devarsh tries to emotionally blackmail his father into fulfilling his demands. Chetali comes to baa with her demand and pics of suitable brides. All the young people are amused at sherman’s plight. They tease him about chetali selecting a bride for sherman. Sherman starts saying what he wants in a bride, which is very different from what baa and chetali’s views in bride are. Baa continues to try chetali to select the most rich bride of them all, hailing from the highest financial background. Devarsh tries to tease sherman to also look for the figure, while ishaani asks him to look for a nice heart. The boys in fact start ogling about sunny leone, while romil doesnt join in shyly saying that he is happily married, and gauri smiles too. Sherman asks how would he find which girl is compatible with him. Chirag comes in suggesting a compatibility test, by dancing which would tell him everything about the girl. ishaani gets awkward. ranvir comes and shakes hands with him. ishaani suggests talking to ranvir, about gmat lessons from chirag, when ranvir tells this to him, chirag denies. Ranvir acts as the mediator, and ishaani asks why wont he give. Chiragh says that she would misconstrue that he is trying to get closer to him. Sherman asks them all to choose their own partners fo tomorrow, to avoid any confusion. Devarsh decides for everyone, and fixes chirag with ishaani. Chirag agrees while ishaani is tensed. She and chirag both refuse to dance with each other. ranvir leaves from there refusing to be the mediator anymore, while actually he is distraught as chirag comes in closer to ishaani, remembering harshad’s demand from him. he advises both of them together, to dance and become friends. Chirag and ishaani both eye each and move away. ranvir too leaves. He comes out to find amba and leaves from there. but amba stops him asking chirag found his partner and who would he dance with. ranvir cheers her up saying that she is the No. 1 dance partner for him. They get emotional.
Baa tells chetali to invite all the rich girls to a party tomorrow at their house. chetali agrees. Baa asks chanchal to call amba, ranvir’s mother to press her legs. she also warns chetali not to let anything awkward happen to disha, like at chirag’s party. When amba comes in finally, baa starts reprimanding her for being solate and then asks her to press the legs. As she complies, baa talks to chetali that there should be noone like falguni, at the party, trying to hook at the first oppurtunity. Amba’s hands stop at that. Baa intentionally hurts Ranvir’s mother’s hands, saying that she should concentrate on her work, and not try to eavesdrop on the conversations in this house. She tells her that servants here just have hands and feet, and not have ears and eyes to the doings in this house. ranvir’s mother is tensed. Baa hits her yet again, and while she winces in pain, baa threatens her to continue working, and asks her to go and make something for her. Amba leaves.
ishaani waits on the roof and when ranvir comes, she reprimands him for getting her to agree to dance with chirag. She says that she doesnt know how to dance. ranvir reminds her dancing at gauri’s wedding. But she says that she doesnt know to dance as a couple, and insists ranvir that he should tell her some dance moves, so that she isnt insulted tomorrow in front of chirag. She says that she wants tuitions from him only. Ranvir asks why is she so tensed, and cant hear no from him. Ranvir asks her not to worry, as there would be many more boys for her. Ishaani shuts him up, asking him not to speak like that, as it was her fault after all, and that by dancing with him, she would apologfise and also get him to agree for gmat coaching. ranvir is disturbed to find her vouching for chirag. She says that she doesnt love him, and would go after one month to USA. He asks if she wuld leave him and go away. She says that harshad would always send him with her, to take care of him, and maybe even after marriage, he goes with her as dowry. she starts teasing that this might actually be true. He says a determiend NO, surprising her. She asks what does he mean. he says that he wont leave harshad, and that her husband would be there then to tolerate her. She starts smiling and asks him to teach her some dance steps. he complies. He starts teaching her dance steps, while he is flustered with the physical intimacy with her, and then composes himself, before his demeanour gives it all away to her. Wile she enjoys, he eyes her romantically, as they dance together as a couple for the first time. the screen freezes on his face.
Precap: Ranvir breaks into ishaani’s room, braving the fire and the glass shards, and is shocked to find ishaani lying unconscious on the floor. he takes her in his arms and saves her from the fire. Ishaani wakes up and finds chirag in front of her, and gets the assumption that he saved her. before chirag can answer, she again doses into unconsciousness. ranvir is tensed..
Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Amba is angrily working in the kitchen, as she remembers the insults that she and her family had to face due to baa. She prepares Chaanch for Baa, as directed, and pouring it in a glass, she eyes it with rage, as she is unable to shake away Baa’s insults, and thens pitys in it with disgust. She gets the same chaanch for baa. baa asks why so much foam, and amba says that she likes it like that only. as she drinks it, amba is filled with a sadistic pleasure.
In the evening, the party begins, and chetali and her husband start receiving guests. ishaani is tensed, while gauri comfrots her that its just a dance. Disha is busy clicking pictures of all the girls. In her room, baa is pleased to find herself dressed and looking beautiful. chanchal comes in saying that the prospective brides have come. Baa says that now they have to see which girl sherman likes. Meanwhile, sherman too is tensed, and as disha gets him the pics, her says that he needs it for the compatibility test. she is surprised.
Downstairs, prateik eyes ruchika, and is tensed that she came here for sherman. prateik swears that he wont let her marry sherman. They fight into who would be dancing with her. devarsh tries to hit him off with someone else. baa starts socialising with girls. chetali again taunts her husband, for ruchika being here. She leaves in anger, while her husband is tensed. She asks sherman who he likes, while he is busy with the compatibility test. he gives her 3 choices, and she likes them. She goes to find out who’s the richest of them all. chirag too makes an entry socialising with people. ishaani is tensed to see him, and thinks that now she would have to dance with him, and looks around for ranvir. An old friends catches up with her, and starts ogling about chirag. she is shocked to see that. Devarsh announces that the dance is about to begin. romil gets gauri on the dance floor. chirag comes to ishaani saying that he doesnt want to disappoint sherman, and extends his hand, asking her to dance. Just then, ranvir enters the room, and gives her a thumbs up, to get her out of her confusion, and get her to agree to dance. she complies, and joins chirag on the dance floor, while ranvir tries hard to conceal his emotions, and compose himself. Falguni crosses her fingers hoping everything would be okay. Harshad takes her hand, and says that all will be fine, as only ranvir is behind all this. ranvir comes in saying that the food is ready. falguni thanks ranvir, while harshad expresses his happiness too. ranvir smiles. He eyes chirag dancing with ishaani, and is unable to see them both together. chetali and her husband are busy searching for options for sherman. chirag asks if she’s nervous, and she hesitatingly denies. he tells her they should stop dancing now. He leaves from there. Ishaani goes to store room and sits there. Amba sees door open and locks it thinking baa would scold her otherwise.
As ishaani is sitting sad, she starts feeling suffocated, and notices smoke arising from the curtain that has caught a flame and the room breaking into a fire. she tries to open the door and come out, but finds that its closed and is unable to come outside.
Ranvir meets chirag. Chirag thanks him for telling him about Ishaani being nervous. Ranvir asks about Ishaani. Chirag says he doesn’t know, may be she wanted to be alone for some time so she left. Ranvir understands she must be in store room.
A servant sees smoke and goes to get keys. Ranvir meets him and he informs him about fire. Ishaani picks up a heavy object to break the door, but she faints. Ranvir sees her shadow and gets worried.
Precap: Ranvir breaks into ishaani’s room, braving the fire and the glass shards, and is shocked to find ishaani lying unconscious on the floor. he takes her in his arms and saves her from the fire. He comes out with Ishaani and seeing her unconscious, he hands her over to Chirag. Ishaani wakes up and finds chirag in front of her, and gets the assumption that he saved her. before chirag can answer, she again doses into unconsciousness. ranvir is tensed.

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