Meri Aashiqui Episode 21–22 Update on Wednesday 19th September 2018

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Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
While ranvir is ready for being searched, devarsh and prateik refuse to do so. baa asks from outside, if they found anything. ishaani stands tensed. harshad comes asking what happened. He reprimands baa for doubting ranvir, while ranvir comes to baa’s defense. he explains how doubt on him is natural. harshad tells ranvir that he knows that he cant do this, and if he is branded a thief, then definitely he is also one, and credits him for making his business grow. Chanchal comes rushing to baa, saying that she found 50000 in ranvir’s room. His mother comes after her. harshad says that he wont question ranvir. Baa asks harshad that if according to him, ranvir isnt the servant then why are 50000 rs. found in his room, as he obviously isnt paying 25000 each to the father and son for their services. ranvir and his family are embarassed while all others are tensed, as baa continues to insult them. harshad says that he has full faith on ranvir, while baa makes it a prestige issue. chirag comes in saying that nothing like that would happen. all are shocked to hear this. He says that he came to talk to sherman but finding the confusion, he stops by to clarify that he came to meet sherman last night, and took the bangles as he didnt want the bangoles to blakcmail ishaani into saying yes. baa asks about the money as that isnt clarified yet. chirag tells them that its his savings, from all of his life, that he had taken out from the bank, to help gauri. all are surprised. A person comes in to clarify that he was helping gauri and her husband, who had been thrown out after being denied their share in the family property, and after they refused to seek help from baa. gauri and her husband come in. All are surprised to see them. Harshad shows baa the true face of ranvir and makes her guilty. He asks ranvir why didnt he say anything. ranvir says hat gauri had told her him not to tell this to anyone. His mother leaves in anger. baa asks them to think about gauri now, and her torment. ranvir leaves to get gauri’s stuff in their room. baa is tensed with this, as she eyes chanchal.
In his room, ranvir’s mother is furious at baa and says that she wont stay another second in this house, and that she cant see her son being humiliated, and that last time, she came, baa insulted her husband, and today her son. ranvir comes and asks her to see what harshad did, and increased his respect. His mother says that this is all a facade. the gents are tensed. ranvir asks his father to go. ranvir makes her sit down, but she continues to vent out her frustration asking him to think about her once. she tells him that he doesnt want to leave this house, but once they know why he isnt leaving the house, they would throw him out. He asks whats she talking about. Ranvir’s mother says that he knows everything about him, that in this house, more than the loyalty to this house, his love for ishaani is stopping him. He rubbishes her comment. she says that she she knows everything about him, but advises that he is just a servant, and she the daughter of the master and that they can never meet. she tells him that he is spoiling his life for a girl who’s ready to settle with someone else. she asks him to leave this house, and that that he can be an independant person able to earn and live well. she tells him that he would get a nice girl too, and not spoil his life for people who treat him like a dog. She asks him if he would ever be able to foprget ishaani. he gets tensed and says that he would get a nice job and girl, and everything would be right, but it doesnt feel right inthe heart. he says that he would do whatever she says, but he cant leave this house, or ishaani, knowing that he wont ever get her. He says that he is just concerned for ishani’s happiness. she asks him not to take such a huge risk. He says that whatever fate has decided for him, shall happen, and he maybe in peace with the fact that he is here only. He leaves. She is tensed.
harshad asks gauri and her husband in front of baa and others, why they didnt come to him. he says that he didnt want to bother them. Harshad says that they would talk to his family. Gauri’s husband says that they should be called after a couple of days. harshad makes them completely comfortable and asks them to be okay here. baa is tensed. harshad leaves asking them to rest. gauri and her husband come out. sherman asks gauri’s stuff to be shifted to his room. ranvir leaves to get to it. next ensues a hearty family banter among the cousins. ishaani doesnt come in front. as ranvir is passing by, ishaani drags him by the collar and gets him inside. She asks what does he think of himself and why didnt he tell baa, as he is always unaffected. She reprimands him for not thinking about him even once. Ishaani says to ranvir that if baa says something to her, she isnt affected, but she feels very bad when she says something to her. ranvir eyes her emotionally. She points at the heartless, selfish treatment that is meted out to him and his family. He gets emotional and wiping his tears, and tries to cheer him up, saying that ishaani does care for him, an everyone else except baa, who believed them. She asks him to stop drama as she knows that he is hurt and that she got sunny leone’s film for him to cheer him up. they get into a teasing banter with each other, as ishaani lays out samosas and cold drinks, and asks him to enjoy. She leaves, when he says thank you to her. she leaves saying that it isnt needed. The screen freezes on his face.
Precap: While harshad is a mute spectator, baa presents ranvir with the idea of his mother working here, in lieu of the money. ranvir is tensedand speechless, while his mother is furious..
Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Baa is shocked that harshad expects her to apologise to ranvir and says that she cant do this. He asks her to then atleast give ranvir the money that they need to pay off the loan in village, to help them. Baa hears intently. Baa calls ranvir and his family, and says that harshad wants her to apologise as she made a mistake, and does so, while ranvir is emabarassed. She asks about their loan in village. she gives ranvir the one lakh rupees, to pay off the debt. his father takes it, as baa insists. ranvir tells her that he would pay it off. While harshad is a mute spectator, baa presents ranvir with the idea of his mother working here, in lieu of the money. ranvir is tensed and speechless, while his mother is furious. Harshad gets tensed. Baa says that she must be staying alone and bored, and hence she can come her and serve her, and he wont have to pay off the money too. Baa asks his mother to get on work. ranvir thanks her saying that she solved all problems together, and baa says that only she can keep their care. ranvir takes his parents out, to show his mother the house. After they leave, harshad eyes baa tensedly.
In their room, chetali enters in to a verbal arguement with her husband, deeming him to be old fashioned, and leaves to be with the youngster crowd in the house. Sherman and chirag assure gauri and her husband that they would sort out all of their problems. Chetali comes in and tries to mix in with them, forcibly adding herself. ishaani distances herself, while chirag tries to initiate a chat with her. falguni coems in and asks ishaani to get cofee for chirag, while he teases her about it. She leaves to get it. she goes to the kitchen, and orders for really bitter coffee for chirag. She is too irritated with chirag and thinks that she doesnt want to talk to him at all, and hides herself in sherman’s room so that she can be at peace. she hides herself somewhere and when she hears the sound fo footsteps, she goes to the bathroom. She overhears gauri and her husband entering and commenting that they would have to make do in one room only. gauri says that what difference does it make as their relation is like strangers. As gauri goes to get her stuff, she sees ishaani in the bathroom. gauri sends her husband down while she goes to see ishaani. ishaani asks gauri whats going on. gauri tells her that their relation is just for namesake, and not just for her, from his side too. she remembesr her wedding night, as her husband came close to her, and while she is nervous, takes the pillow and lies down on the couch. She is shocked. gauri says that they didnt even talk after that night. Ishaani asks if he knows about pranav. Gauri denies it, and ishaani asks how long would they be like this. gauri says that what in fate would happen. but ishaani asks her to move on and try and make this relationship work, by trying to ask about his problems. she says that she did try, but he never answered. gauri says that before she could mix up with other members of the family, they were thrown out. Ishaani offers to talk to harshad, but gauri says that she would manage, and that she doesnt want to unnecessarily bother them. The maid comes in with chirag’s coffee, and ishaani excuses herself. she gives it to chirag, who again tries to tease her about Sunny’s cd being in her room. They enter into a verbal arguement, when Chirag gets a call from pranav, and she immediately gets shocked. ishaani remembers baa’s treatement with him, and enquires about who is pranav. Chirag says that pranav is his driver. ishaani hides the cd, as his cousins come in. Chirag talks about girls in abroad colleges. Chirag indirectly mentions that he was always chased by girls, barring some, hinting at ishaani. They continue to talk about chirag’s past flings, and he keeps throwing barbed comments at her. He throws it extra advise to ishaani indirectly, that the best way to escape the extra pressure of marriage, is to take an education abroad. Chirag again teases ishaani that he liked the taste of her coffee and her dvd collection too. As he leaves, ishaani starst thinking about Chirag’s advise.
In her room, ranvir’s mother reprimands him that there’s something going on in his mind. He discards it all off. she says that she feels sorry for them, but what hurts her most, is that he would see her marrying chirag and on top of that is wanting to make ishaani understand and agreee for it. ranvir’s mother reprimands him that he may talk of ishaani’s marriage with chirga, but isnt able to throw away ishaani’s pic, and says that if he cant get rid of his pic in the almirah, how would he get rid of her in his thoughts and heart. He eyes her emotionally tensed. She asks if he thinks that ishaani would understand someday and then she would sympathise with him and fall in love with him out of pity and tells him that nothing like that would happen. She again reminds him abou his status as a servant, and says that she feels sorry for him. he says that love isnt opnly achieving, and that he can make her happy by making her marry someone who would keep her happy always. She says that such bookish love doesnt exist. he says that he is the third party in this love story and knows that ishaani’s hero would be someone else, and he would make her meet him. She wipes his face. The screen freezes on his crying face.

Precap: Baa tells gauri that if she knows that they got to know that gauri ran away with her lover, pranav, ine day before her marriage and hence she got thrown out, she wouldnt leave ishaani. ishaani and gauri are tensed.

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