Meri Aashiqui Episode 19–20 Update on Tuesday 18th September 2018

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Sharman gives to gifts to everyone. All siblings love the gifts while Ishani is standing quietly on a side. His parents come and he gives his dad books which made him what he is today. His dad is proud of him. He gives weight scale to his mum. His parents leave and Ranvir enters with juice. Sharman asks Ranvir whether Ishani is upset because what happened in evening. Ranvir nods yes. Sharman goes to Ishani and gives her a heart pillow saying she is only girl at home whose got heart. Ishani hugs and thanks him. He then gives shoes to Ranvir. Ranvir thanks him but he says it’s Ishani who told him so he should thank her. Ranvir is happy.
Chirag’s mum asks him why he wants to marry Ishani. She is not Harshad’s real daughter. Chirag’s dad says she is not his blood, that is why she will bring a lot with her as Harshad will want to set an example. He tells Chirag well done, but Chirag still says he made decision because of his feelings.
Ranvir is checking the shoes and his dad goes crazy thinking he spent money behind it when they have so much debt. Ranvir tells him it’s a gift. His dad wishes he had given some tip instead. He leaves. Ranvir gets sad and puts the shoes away.
Chaitali makes Mitesh stand on the weight scale and asks him to diet properly like her so he doesn’t gain weight. She then stands and he tells her lower number so she doesn’t lecture him for lying. She gets all happy.
Falguni doesn’t see bangle in Ishani’s hand and takes her to her room. She tells her she won’t give her 30 days like Harshad. When she’s getting such a good rishta then why is she refusing. All girls die to marry Chirag and she wants time. Ishani asks her not to get mad and she puts the bangle in her hand. Falguni explains to her that there’s nothing like love. She has always worried who will marry Ishani as she is illegitimate child in end. She doesn’t have any proof of marrying Ishani’s real father because it was a simple marriage in temple. Ishani tells her she doesn’t want to become like her. She wants to become like Harshad who married his love and today he’s happy. She asks Falguni whether she is happy and she doesn’t have answer. Ishani puts bangle there and leaves crying.
Ranvir sees Ishani sleeping in the store room with books. He remembers from his childhood she told him when she gets upset she comes to the store room. There is a candle beside Ishani. She turns to that side. Ranvir runs and puts his hand between her face and the candle. He gets burned, but he still doesn’t take his hand away. He then gives her support and takes her to her room. Chanchal sees it and gets shocked.
Baa tells Harshad she is not liking closeness between Ishani and Ranvir. Even though Ishani must be a servant or driver’s daughter, this is affecting their house reputation. Harshad gets angry. Baa tells him this is the bitter truth. One day, Ishani will leave him and run away with a driver or servant and he won’t be able to show his face to anyone. Harshad says enough, if you say one more word against Ishani then.. Baa stares at him.
Precap: At late night, Chirag secretly gets into Ishani’s room from window. She asks who is this? He covers her mouth and asks not to scream.

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
As baa hints at ishaani’s infidelity and her increasing poroximity with ranvir, harshad asks her to shut up and not say anything against ishaani anymore. He says that one day,uld show her why ishaani is his ego. baa says that she would true colors one day when she runs away with ranvir. harshad tells her what he told ranvir to do and why is he getting close. harshad says that ranvir cant look at her like that and he trusts him more than himself. Baa is tensed.
meanwhile, ranvir lays ishaani down on the bed, while she lies on his hand, which pains him, but he bears it silently, just to see her sleep peacefully. He eyes her romantically but then remembers harshad’s promise and detaches himseld away. He eyes the bangles and is filled with remorse. He finds her sleeping peacefully, on his hand and isnt able to take his eyes away, even though it pains a lot.
Later, at night, ishaani finds chirag’s silhouette, and is about to shout, when he puts his hand over her mouth. he says that he came here for sherman. She is surprised, while he shuts her mouth, to prevent her from screaming, she asks why does he want to meet sherman. As he inches in closer, she tries to shoo him awy with perfume, but he distracts her and gets the chance as he drags her closer to himself, and then taunts her for her irritation at his presence. ishaani says that she cant wait till one month and that ranvir wopuld help her escape from him. She is going out, when chirag walks in. he lies down on her bed and taunts her, but then says that he is searching for his car keys. he begins searching, when she picks up the blowwer. Chirag finds the keys and is about to go out of the window, when she stops him. he teases her again and leaves, while she is frustrated and irritated with him. Chanchal sees this and is shocked at ishaani;s behaviour. She instigates baa about it, and she gets furious and knocks on harshad’s door. As he comes out surprised, baa tells him about what ishaani has started doing just like her mother. he asks what happened. she tells him what chanchal saw. He and falguni are surprised. she asks what can this mean. she asks him to stop this drama and tell iushaani to say yes, and leave, so that others dont learn the wrong things due to her, as if she comes down to teaching her, he wont like it. she leaves in fury. falguni offers to talk o her. He says that questioning her would mean doubting her, and he trusts ishaani completely. he decides to talk to ishaani tomorrow.
On the roof, ishaani tells ranvir what she faced with chirag and how she doesnt want to get married to chirag and instantly thought about him. He eyes her emotionally, while she asks him whats the matter. he makes a joke out of her irritation and reminds her again that she must meet chirag. he says that harshad wants her to meet and undertsnad him. she asks him to do something. He gets a call and says that he would come rightaway. she asks whats the matter. he diverest the topic and asks her to go to sleep, as they too cant be seen together, and also gives her rose water to soothe the eyes. She thanks him commenting that he takes dear care of her. She leaves while he is emotional.
The next morning, baa is told by devarsh’s mother that she eyes the bangles that ishaani got as they are the latest. Baa grees and asks chanchal to get those bangles from ishaani. Ishaani is surprised to know that baa wants them. She says that she would just give them. She goes onto search for them, while chanchal waits. ishaani isnt able to find those bangles. ishaani thinks that she didnt want those bangles, but how did they disappear. chanchal expresses her shock and leaves.
Downstairs, baa reprimands and insults her about the fact that she has misplaced the bangles. Chanchal instigates her that ranvir went last night. baa asks for ranvir to be called straightaway. ishaani tries to speak but falguni shuts her up. ishaani hopes that ranvir is out somewhere. But to her shock, ranvir walks in surprised that he has been called and is being talked so rudely to. Baa asks him where was he the last night. ranvir is speechless. Baa asks him where he sold the bangles. he is shocked, while she asks him not to be innocent and says that since he went in ishaani;s room, the bangles have been misisng. she asks him again. he protests, while chanchal instigates that he must have hidden it. she sends chanchal to search his room. She leaves. Ishaani tries to soeak again, but falguni and ranvir both signal her to keep quiet. She leaves. She calls harshad and asks him to come asap.
chanchal enters ranvir’s room and much to his mother’s horror, she starts searching for the bangles accusing ranvir for thievery. She is shocked when chanchal tells her what ranvir is being accused of. She says that ranvir cant do this. But chanchal refuses to believe it, while she keeps protesting ranvir’s innocence vehemently. Downstairs, baa continues to insult ranvir about his status as a servant and says that she would again leash him back. Baa says that today she would expose his truth. She asks devarsh and prateik to take her upstairs and take off all the clothes and then search if the bangles are hidden. All are tensed. ishaani comes in asking baa not to do this as ranvir isnt a thief. Baa asks her to stop as she would deal with her later, while she deals with ranvir first. ishaani continues to protest, while falguni asks her to keep quiet and go to her room. baa again orders the boys to go and do what they have been ordered to do. Ranvir too asks them to do so. They take ranvir away. Ishaani continues to protest, but silences when baa shows her the eyes. the screen freezes on ishaani’s tensed face.
Precap: Baa asks harshad that if according to him, ranvir isnt the servant then why are 50000 rs. found in his room, as he obviously isnt paying 25000 each to the father and son for their services. ranvir and his family are embarassed while all others are tensed, as baa continues to insult them.

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