Meri Aashiqui Episode 189–190 Update on Friday 25th January 2019

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Chiraag follows Ranveer on the bike as Ranveer drives relaxes. He plays music in the car, smiles, looks out. He remembers his moments with Ishaani, he smiles thinking about worry in her voice when she had called him. He at once realizes that Ishaani was really afraid and now she couldn’t have connect to him. He thinks he can’t leave her like that, no work is bigger that her. Chiraag watches him turn the car back. Ranveer says she will be happy when he will reach surprisingly, then he will make his announcement as well. He smiles. Chiraag was driving ahead of Ranveer.
Derwash announces about Chaitali’s performance. Chaitali dances on Baby Doll. Amba and everyone is shocked to see her. Falguni was still waiting on the main door for someone. Ritika comes to Sharman, he was upset but she says his mom is so cool and she likes surprises so she is loving it. Chaitali hugs Ritesh at the end of performance.
Ishaani goes driving on highway, she says she hopes Ranveer is alright; nothing must happen to him. She thinks about calling his assistant, and asks Puneet if Ranveer has reached. He says RV hasn’t reached, he is waiting for him. She asks him that if RV reach here, he must tell him to call her. She stops the car, worried and is about to cry praying for Ranveer to be safe. She composes herself that nothing can happen to him, no one can set him apart her. She thinks he must be in the way and drives the car again.
Ranveer comes to take a turn, and notices a biker lying on the road. He gets worried and urgently goes to pick him up. As he removes the cloth above his face, it was Chiraag. He says Hello to Ranveer, and throws a handful of dirt in RV’s eyes. He gets unstable, Chiraag gets up. RV rolls over his car and fell on ground. Chiraag says he must take God’s name, as he is going to him now. Ranveer was in severe pain, Chiraag says finish Ranveer!
In the Sangeet, Derwash was about to make an announcement. Ritika says she has a special request . Derwash says why not it is her Sangeet. She says thanks for reminding me about my Sangeet, and says she wants that today those people dance because of whom this day has come in her life. She asks Amba and Baa to dance together. Amba is reluctant but Baba says if she is getting an opportunity she must dance. Derwash and Pratik send Baa, Sharman also say that when Ritika wants this, should he deny her saying they aren’t on friendly terms. Amba and Baa come in between. Lakshmi bucks Amba up, while Chaitali says lets beat her. Baa says she will not let her succeed. Amba says she must win for the last time, then see what she can do. Both dance at an old song.
The dance ends. Ritika thinks she has a strange feeling, if she has eaten something wrong. He asks if she is alright. She says it feels like acidity, he calls lemon water for her, and hands her the glass. She feels nauseatic.
Ishaani drove worried saying Ranveer is nowhere to be seen and hopes he had gone from the same way. She passes the stall and come running to it. She asks the stall man about him, showing his photo. The man says he passed half an hour ago. Ishaani reconfirms, prays he must be alright and gets into the car again.
Parul comes to the bar, Derwash gets her the glass. He says he is… She completes he wants to impress her, he would say she looks beautiful. He says he hasn’t come here to say this all. She asks why has she come here for then, he knows she is from a village but not an idiot. He says he flirts but isn’t a liar, and she must let her dance with him, he must atleast know this. She says if he is challenging, it is accepted. They dance. Falguni, still worried goes to the door. Amba tells Lakshmi not to say anything now, Ritika is also Mr. Javeri’s daughter. Ritika feels nauseatic and goes inside. Falguni calls Ishaani, Ishaani was worried and says she doesn’t know where is Ranveer and she doesn’t want to make her tense for no reason. Falguni watches the call being disconnected. She calls Ranveer’s assistant, he tells Ishaani that RV hasn’t yet come and asks if he can do something. Ishaani says she is just a bit worried, he must let her talk to him if he comes.
Ritika goes to washroom, and pukes. Mr. Javeri comes behind her, knocks at the door and asks if she if fine. Ritika says she is fine, just give her a minute. She is worried what is happening to her, it never happened before. She remembers at Valentine’s day Sharman asked her that she didn’t like pasta, Ritika had said she has started to like it at once. She calls a friend and says she gave a test for swine flu, and asks for her reports. Mr. Javeri calls her if he should call a doctor. Ritika says she will just come out in a while. Neha tells Ritika that she downloaded her files, she doesn’t have swine flu but she is pregnant.
PRECAP: Ishaani finds blood stained number plate of Ranveer’s car.

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Ishaani stops her car on a turn with a jerk as she watches a number plate torn on a car. She get off the car and watch her number plate thinking she has gone crazy. She turns to see whose number plate is it, she reads the number and is shocked as it is Ranveer’s number plate. She runs and picks it up, it was blood stained. She is in shock, the number plate fell off her hand.
Ritika gets a call, and is shocked as she hears she is pregnant. Mr. Javeri knocks the door again, she says she is coming papa. She washes her face and then comes out. Mr. Javeri was worried outside. Sharman asks about Ritika from Derwash and Pratik. Pratik says she must be nervous about their dance, Sharman says she was unwell. Pratik says there will no excuse, Sharman goes to bring her. Ritika comes out, Mr. Javeri asks why she looks so pale, she has to get better till tomorrow. She says she is pregnant, she got test for swine flu and the report says that she is pregnant. Mr. Javeri was shocked. She says she will just tell everything to Sharman. Mr. Javeri stops her and says she won’t do any such thing. She says Sharman should be the first one to know this. He says it isn’t the right time, she must tell this after wedding. She says she has to tell this to Sharman, she can’t keep him in dark. Mr. Javeri says he isn’t asking her to keep him in dark, but just wait for the right time. She must tell him after wedding, she says alright she won’t tell Sharman anything about pregnancy now. Sharman had just come and hear this all. He clenches his fists.
He leaves the place. Mr. Javeri tells Ritika they will talk about it later as everyone is waiting right now.
Ishaani shouts Ranveer’s name, searching for him. She runs to each corner of the turn to find him and finds his bullet chain also blood stained on a nearby rock. She picks the chain up which was blood stained too. She denies the possibility, in disbelief.
She runs shouting his name again, panting badly now. She cries badly shouting her name as a maniac. She sits on the road crying badly. She gets up, thinks nothing would have happened to him. She goes back calling his name and searches for him again.
She watches blood stains on a path to a cleavage, and thinks he must have gone this way. She comes down the road.
Sharman comes to the hall upset. Pratik and Derwash asks about Ritika, Ritika also comes there. Boys ask them to go on dance floor, Sharman looks at her enraged then takes her hand. Both dances together with tension in between, mechanically. Sharman recalls all her times when he had spot her with Ranveer.
Sharman whispers in her ear, are you pregnant. Everyone was clapping for the dance. Ritika says this place isn’t right and takes him inside. Baa asks what has happened, Chaitali asks Baa to come and see what has happened. Amba, Falguni and Mr. Javeri also go with them.
Ishaani was running, while a cyclist stops her. He says the way is much dangerous. She says she has to find her husband, there are the tyre prints of his car. He says she must complaint in police. She says it will be late till the police comes, and asks for his help. He says this short cut comes to a place where there can be robbers, thieves as well as wild animals. She asks did he see a white car, he says yes but he isn’t sure. She says she doesn’t care about her life now. The sign board shows Prohibited Area.
In the room, everyone was there. Sharman asks he had questioned her. Ritika says yes, she is pregnanat. Sharman asks whose child is this, who is the father to the kid. Ritika asks what kind of question is this, it is his child.
She holds his hand and says yes, she is going to be his child’s mother; the day he was drunk and she brought him home. He says they never met like this, she is trying to lie. She says this is his, he doesn’t remember but she does. She notices the family’s presence, then asks him to look at her and says this child is his; will she lie. He says what would she do if not lie, she has relation with someone else and she has tried to betray him always; the child is someone else’s.
Ishika runs on the way.
Baa comes to Sharman and asks what he is doing. Is he mad, or has he gone crazy. Amba smiles. Baa says he is going to marry Ritika, she loves him and why he is letting such things into his mind. Only a mother can tell who is the father of a child, why doesn’t he listen to what she is saying. Chaitali says to Sharman that he may not remember. Sharman shouts that this isn’t his child, it isn’t possible he wouldn’t remember. She is trying to put someone’s sin into his head. He tells Ritika she couldn’t betray the one he is going to marry, she always loved Ranveer and this is the sign of her love to Ranveer. He says she isn’t ready to accept her, he is ashamed of himself today to keep a relation with him. Ritika wept silently. Sharman says he breaks his relation with her, he can’t marry a liar and a characterless girl like her.
Ishaani ran calling Ranveer. Her dupatta is held by a man who moves towards her. She was afraid and says he must not come to her. He was a drunk man and asks if she is looking for that white car. She asks did he see this. He says it went that way, two men were fighting badly and the way they drove seemed they will go straight down the cleavage.
PRECAP: Chiraag drove the car. Ranveer was on the passenger’s car, badly beaten his face beaten. Chiraag says with his name his aashqui will also end.

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