Meri Aashiqui Episode 176 Update on Tuesday 15th January 2019

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Amba defends Ranveer saying her son called the girl home in front of everyone, and Ishaani went alone to Chiraag’s home. Sharman stops Baa, Derwash asks him to be quiet as he doesn’t know what Ranveer does to her. Parul, Baa, Amba and everyone fights. Ranveer stops them all, he says he will sort all his problems and hopes they get divorce soon. He tells Ishaani to not call anyone here until divorce, and leaves.

Ishaani, Derwash, Pratik and Parul laugh together about the drama.
Baa tells Amba that divorce will take place after Sharman and Ritika’s wedding, she must not mingle in that matter.

Lakshmi stops Ranveer, Ranveer was frustrated and says he doesn’t talk to her about Ishaani. Lakshmi says she wants to talk about Amba who stays really tensed because of him. He must meet some guests she has invited today and asks him to stay home. Ranveer looks at the group peeking, then agrees. Ranveer smiles that he will get some more time with Ishaani. Lakshmi tells Amba she has called a girl and her family for Ranveer. Amba asks her to send them back. Lakshmi says Ishaani’s family will think that they are fixing Ranveer’s proposal somewhere else, and they will get a chance for Ritika and Ranveer’s wedding.

Disha was worried about the drama, that only she didn’t know. Baa comes to her and tells her about Sharman’s wedding preparations, but Disha takes leave for her friend’s place.

Baa choose Saree, Amba and Lakshmi come there. Amba announces to Mala to clean the house as they will have guests at home. Ishaani comes there, Baa offers her to buy one for herself. Ishaani asks Amba and Lakshmi to come and chose one too, they don’t bother her. She asks the vendor to show a saree that is unique, with heavy and broad border. Lakshmi says to Amba this is her choice. The vendor gives Ishaani a saree, and says even Karina Kapoor and Aishwariya Rai don’t have this piece. Ishaani takes it, and buys another saree. Lakshmi says to Amba that she must wear this saree. Ishaani brings the saree to Amba, she offers to leave this piece for her as her son did so much for her. Amba says she doesn’t want this, Lakshmi says she must take it. Amba asks why is she doing so, she wants her divorce. Ishaani says the decision of divorce is hers, why blame anyone else for this. They all must let the other relations in their places, she doesn’t want the family’s to get apart, nor she wants her to ruin her relations with Mr. Javeri. Ranveer hears this. Amba turns around, Ishaani places her saree and gives Lakshmi hers who readily accepts it.
Lakshmi says to Amba that she must keep this saree, what if someone else takes the saree. Amba accepts it saying it is only for her. The ladies go to try the saree. Ranveer thinks we will win this fight of hatred with love. Ishaani thinks she will get respect for her and Ranveer’s relation.
Parul comes to Ranveer and teases him for looking at Ishaani. She says this is a unique love story where married people are so distantly doing romance. He says it is about a few days, after which they will be one. Parul asks him to help his girlfriend in choosing saree, and challenge him in doing this. Parul brings Amba and Lakshmi to choose sarees. Ranveer comes to stairs with a mirror in hand. He reflects it into Ishaani’s eyes, she notices him there. Both smile. Parul watches them both, she thinks she won’t let him loose this easily. She calls him here to help them. Amba calls him here. Amba asks Ranveer about sarees, Baa notices Ishaani and gets her attention asking her to choose sarees for herself. Amba asks for one, Ranveer tells Ishaani not this one. Amba asks why, Ranveer says it won’t suit you. Ishaani takes another, Ranveer approves it. Ishaani asks Baa to keep that one for her, Baa says she had disliked it sometime ago. Ishaani says these days she has been liked this and like annoying people these days even. Ranveer thinks she is calling him annoying.
A parcel comes home, Ishaani says she did some online shopping it must be for that. She goes to receive it. Baa stops it, Ishaani says she did online shopping so she has to check if the piece has some defect. Ishaani runs to her room and opens a wind chime piece.
Baa says she has selected her saaree, he must also keep 100 sarees aside as gift. Parul notices Ranveer leave.
Ishaani thinks that this sound of chime told her about his presence, now they will show him their love’s feel. Ranveer peeks through the door, Ishaani was happily playing with her new order. Ranveer hides as she goes to replace the old wind chime with the new one. Ranveer watches her enjoy with them. He opens his room door, she cheers and opens the door immediately. Both look at each other and head to go towards each other when Lakshmi comes to him and asks him to come down as guests are here. She takes Ranveer downstairs, both keep on looking at each other.

PRECAP: Ishaani watches Ranveer flirting with the girl in lawn. He was saying she has beautiful eyes, soft hands and sweet voice. He liked her in the first glance. Ishaani watches them.. 

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