Meri Aashiqui 368 Update on Tuesday 11th June 2019

Sharman is shocked to see a red shirt man through the window but it was someone else. He leaves finally.The girl removed Milan’s shirt. Milan thinks about Ishaani’s words of love and trust on him. He pushes the girl away. She asks what happened to him, if it came as an electric shock to him. He jerks her away. She asks what happened to him. He says that he has seen real life love. He asks her if there came someone not to ask for her rate and only to inquire how she is. If anyone has come for offer her not the wine but put in food in his mouth. If someone ever came to not see her dancing body but her soul. He asks if she has ever seen this happening. The girl says yes, this happens but to very lucky ones. Those who really love each other, who doesn’t want to spend only a night but a whole life together. She says that she wanted someone to love her this much, but it wasn’t in her fate. Milan thinks about Ranveer’s words that he has family, love and care in life, but Milan has nothing in life, people like Milan are born to be hated. The girl asks Milan if he has fallen in love. Milan says if she has gone crazy, he doesn’t believe in love. He takes the wine bottle and leaves the house. A torn clothed man asks Milan some money to feed his wife. Milan asks if he needs to drink he can buy him a wine bottle. The man cries, pleads and says he loves his wife a lot. He is addicted to his wife’s love, she hasn’t eaten anything for last three days. He tells him to understand him, as only the ones who have ever love can know about it. Milan finally gives him money.Ishaani was setting the wardrobe. Milan comes at the door of the room, thinks about Ranveer’s words that Ishaani will come to him one day and Milan will be defeated. He takes his jacket’s button off. Ishaani watches him there and asks why he is standing out. Milan comes to hold Ishaani, she says he is hurting her. Milan realizes at once, he says that his jacket’s button came off. He has to go out and has no time to change. Ishaani observes him for a while, Milan hands her the button. Ishaani gets sewing kit and tucks the button on his jacket. Milan keeps his eyes on her, recalling her confession of love and trust on him. She tries to break the thread, Milan touches her hair. She says it is done, he says thankyou. Ishaani watches something on his jacket and is upset. She says I am sorry, it was tucked wrong. She cries that she is useless, she can’t even tuck a button correctly. Milan says it isn’t like that, she had bandaged him so well. He tells her not to cry, he says he married her only because she is good at heart. She is innocent at heart, and even cried when he was hurt. Ishaani asks if he really thinks this way. Ishaani smiles, as she was about to hold his hand he withdraws it. He says he just recalled some urgent work and leaves. Ishaani thinks he had just come home, he left so soon.The next morning, Parul tells the event manager to complete all the arrangements in time. Disha stood in the hall, she says to Parul that Manas told her that she will say no to wedding when Ranveer will announce their marriage in evening. Parul says she is doing what is right. Disha says that only good with happen to her, a girl only gets happiness when a husband and child is her owns. She qualifies that this is good she understood it in time. Parul says that had she not left her son and husband, she would have understood it really early. Disha prays that evening passes away.Ishaani was in kitchen, Sharman comes in and asks Ishaani where is Ranveer. Ishaani says he has something urgent to do, he has left early. He asks where he has gone. She says she doesn’t know, he doesn’t tell him where he goes these days. Sharman heads to leave. Ishaani asks if he wants to tell her something. Sharman says he is behaving awkward these days, he was eating non-veg then denied. He left home, he had gone to some old place but couldn’t be found. Ishaani says she also thinks so, she thinks it is because of the wrong medicines he had taken. She says that they need to consult a specialist, she will meet one today for him. Sharman assures her not to discuss the matter with anyone at home.The doctor observes the files of Ranveer. He says that medicine is effecting on the patient as reverse. Ishaani tells him that he behaves really awkward, his speaking way has changed, he has started to eat non-veg at once. Sometimes she feels there is some other man in front of her. The doctor is shocked.Milan comes home and asks about Ishaani. Baa and Amba say that she has gone out, she will be back. Milan calls her, Ishaani’s phone was on silent. Amba asks who is he calling. Baa says he must be calling Ishaani. Milan was curt.The doctor listens to Ishaani, he tells her to relax and says that these may be related to his past. She must observe keenly what changes his personality has gone through.Milan was angry and asks Amba and Kailash why they didn’t ask where she has gone, she isn’t even picking up the call.
PRECAP: Milan asks Ishaani where she had gone, she won’t leave the house without telling him. Ishaani tells him to relax and promises she will never leave him and will always take care of him.
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