Madhubala Episode 541 Update on Friday 14th June 2019

The Episode starts with Abhay and RK going. Madhu tries to stop them. Abhay waves bye. Madhu sees Abhay took Rk to the terrace and says why did he take him there and runs through the stairs. Abhay asks RK will you do what i say. RK says yes. Abhay asks him will you jump from here. RK says yes, I will. Abhay says come and takes him to the railing. RK says I will stand on it and jump. He stands on the railing. Madhu is coming through the stairs. Abhay says careful RK, you are my hero. Abhay says Madhu will come caring for RK. Madhu comes and sees RK standing on the railing. She is shocked. Abhay asks him to jump and fly like a bird. RK is about to jump. Madhu looks on and calls him. RK stops. Abhay stops her and says don’t scare him. Madhu asks him to come down.
Abhay says RK you are a hero, show it to your doll how brave you are. Madhu requests Abhay to ask RK to come down. Abhay says RK, see your doll is so afraid, she thinks you will fall. RK says I m hero, I won’t fall. Madhu says lets go to our room. RK says I will jump from here and show to Abhay how brave I m. Abhay asks are you ready to jump, then jump on 5. He counts. Madhu brings RK down. RK says I m hero, I m jump. Madhu says its dangerous, you will fall and get hurt. Abhay says let it be, your doll does not want you to become a hero, we will play this game tomorrrow when we are alone. RK leaves annoyed. Abhay threatens Madhu and taunts her. He says I will not let him die alone, you both will die together.
Abhay says lets see how long you will protect him from me. Madhu leaves. Dolly talks to Bebe and says don’t worry, she will take care of anything, and we are here, we worry about Abhay. She sees some girl’s photos for Abhay. A woman comes to talk to the matchmaker and argues with her. Dolly looks on hearing this matchmaker is a blunder. RK is annoyed with Madhu. Madhu explains him that no one can jump like that, if anyone jumps, he will be very much hurt. RK says you are lying. She says you could have got hurt and had to take medicines and injections. She says I m saying the truth, even Abhay can’t  do this. RK says no, Abhay is my hero and can do anything, I will go and ask him. He leaves. Madhu looks at his drawing.
RK comes to Abhay and asks are you not a hero. Abhay asks why, what happened. RK tells him what all Madhu said and asks did she lie. You are my super hero. Abhay says she is lying. RK says show this liar doll, by jumping from there that you are a hero. Abhay looks at the first floor. RK says my hero will jump from there. Abhay gets tensed. Madhu smiles. Abhay walks the stairs to jump. Ananya tries to stop her, but Abhay does not listen to her. Abhay looks at Madhu and goes to first floor. He stands there and Ananya says are you mad, what is wrong with you. RK says hero jump, show it to this liar doll, jump.
Abhay jumps from there and is safe and fine. RK claps for him. Madhu is shocked. Ananya asks are you ok. RK hugs him saying my hero, very good. He says my hero jumped like a super hero. Abhay says are you happy now, go to your room. RK calls Madhu a liar and says did you see my hero jumped, I will never talk to you now. Abhay gets hurt. Ananya says what was the need to do this. Abhay says there was a need, he is a kid, I could have explained him easily, but its needed to explain Madhu, that I can go to any level to take the revenge of my dad’s death.
Precap:Madhu asks RK to have food. RK is angry on her. Madhu holds her ears and says I m sorry. RK says come with me and say sorry to my hero.
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