Madhubala Episode 409–410 on Friday 21st December 2018


Rishbala are shooting the romantic sequence..! Its passionate and all are happy with the chemistry..! In the shot, Madhu asks RK to take his hands away and he says why scared? Madhu has her arms around RKs neck and they are dancing..! Bittu tries to alert Mehul but he doesnt listen! Pabho and Radha barge in the shoot..!
The duo move in for a kiss and Pabho is shocked..! Rishbala back hug and are dancing intimately..! RK touching Madhu all over and Dips takes clicks and shoots an MMS of it..! Pabho tells Radha yesterday Madhu was so shy but not today! RK removes Madhus blouse dori and Pabho and Radha are appalled..! Radha walks off..! Dips and Pabho smirk..!
RK picks up Madhu and puts her on the bed and Mehul says cut it.. brilliant.. superb..! Mehul smirks.. was worried..if they are hubby wife or not? This is called Ishq-Ek Junoon.. what fire what chemistry! Next shot being prepared! RK tells Madhu for a while lost focus on Anamika.. n thanks her and Madhu says lets leave!
RK-Madhu return together and Radha calls Madhu aside..! She asks for tea for Madhu n then asks if Madhu talked to RK about the scene? Madhu says yes! Radha asks if scene went as per Madhus desire? Madhu says talked. but for the film n director this scene is important.. ! RK taught me and so i did it easily..! Radha tells Madhu to never forget her identity ..first RKs wife..then daughter in law of this house and then heroine.! Madhu says i know. .but why telling today?
Radha says know RK is short tempered ..but marriage is like a series of flowers in garland.. tied by faith n trust.. if its broken.. marriage will be ripped off..! Madhu is the thread of Rishbala marriage! She says.. woman has more patience and maturity than man so have expectations from u to handle this home. .RK and relations! Radha walks off!
Next day morning … Dips takes newspaper from servant and shows RK- Madhus intimate pics on front page.. with title that RK is using Madhu for success! Pabho says this is not news..this will break things deep within! Madhu comes to offer to make breakfast but Radha says RK said she doesnt need to do go ..! Madhu is zapped..!
Pabho asks Dips to hide the papers in front of Radha n she asks why? Radha sees the paper and is shocked..! Radha walks off to confront Madhu ..!!
Part 2
Madhu asks Radha what is the matter? Radha says figure it out urself ..then we will talk! RK calls Madhu n she goes..! At the shoot .. whole set is abuzz..! RK asks whats the matter?
Part 3
Bittu takes RK aside but Madhu sees the papers..! She is shocked.! RK is surprised! RK asks to find out who leaked the pics? Madhu says he promised all will be din wanna shoot! Madhu says all will tease us..! Madhu walks off..! RK calls out to her..! Mehul asks the matter? He is shown the papers .. !
Precap — Mehul tells RK that if he doesnt get back his heroine back he will walk off and wont return! Madhu asks RK to understand.. RK says what?? If she leaves like this.. whole film will be affected and i wont tolerate that!
Part 1
Mehul throws the papers away and tells RK if they are gonna shoot or its packup? RK starts to explain and Mehul says here real life is more spicy than movie! Mehul says from mahurat to now not one day is without drama! Mehul says that Madhu is a good artist.. i respect her..! But is she gonna shoot? Everyday we wait for her.. on dance day..she injured her feet.. and today read few lines in paper and walked off! Mehul says.. be a bit more professional!
Give u 24 hours time.. explain to ur wife how movie is being made! Will tolerate her tantrums but not this duty of a wife..! Mehul says that if RK cannot bring his heroine instead of RKs wife back on set..he will walk off like RK and never return! Mehul says till now RK has managed all as Actora nd Producer now manage as Writer and Director! Mehul says.. Producers Association has abnned u. .am ur last hope..! What i want.. i should get it.. asking for one shot..! Go get another director.. if u wanna shoot and cook ..! I dun care! Mehul says i dun care..! He says now who will say pack up? RK fumes and walks off! Mehul says pack up and get out to all!
At mansion, Pabho comes to Radha ..! She says i know ur troubled..and why not..when familys repute is being tarnished in front of world! Pabho says.. tomorrow its KarwaChauth. but seeing the whole development..we should not keep any such funtion as.. RK has said.. Madhu wont take aprt in KC! radha says tradition wont change for anyone! She maye be movies heroine. but she is wife first.. its her duty to keep fast first! Radha says.. tarditioin wont be changed for Rishbala! She goes to prepare for KC! Pabho smikrs..and says.. now all si well..what i wanted happening, Radha has left her way..and is following my guidane! Radha is instructing servants about KC preps! Madhu comes to Radha..! Radha says am busy..! Madhu says the pics.. i wanted to talk about it. i know ur upset! Radha says..why? She says.. u all are not kids.. u understand.. right from wrong..! Madhu says give me a chance to explain! Radha says.. my own son doesnt believe in giving explanation to me.. so what to expect from u? Madhu calls out.. to her.. saying gimme a chance!
RK arrives..! Dips says perfect entry..! RK tells Madhu what is this? UR fave saas.. got upset.. and she let shoot? ITs not a bhajan kirtan that she walked out of it! Madhu says lemme explain! RK says.. the 3 people she kille di feel guiltty for her.. throw off cap of being wife RK says my family has seen hotter pics of mine. .we are not making a dharmik feel.. if they have a problem..its theirs issue.. not our problme! Madhu tries to explain RK ..1 RK says.what? Scene is important part of movie. .kept u comfy as much as i can and i and crew liked the scene.. but if she acts like kid reading papers.. wont tolerate this! Its affects movie! Madhu says i understand but! RK says.. u are seeing all this as daughter in law.. but most impsortant is to see as heroine! Its our home produciton .. u know what all is at stake.. keep emotions aside and keep priority in front! Madhu says. .RK is a man his mistake can be looked away ..but not her! AM hurt! RK says. .forget all this and move on! Madhu says easy for him to say coz he is RK .. whatever mistake RK makes..he can be forgiven .. but she cant ! RK says. that if she is so weak..better not step in this world.. the day.. he was being ruined.. she sould not have stepped on stage.. isntead of being ruined in isntallment! U mad ea commitment..! Madhu says. remember.. that but i have commitment otwars this home..n family ..which i cant forget! MAdhu says..will coem with u to studio and compmlete shoot but dun have on off buttong to switch off one role..! Madhu says am human and have to live like one! She walks off! RK follows..! Pabho tells Dips that seems Diwali .is before KC its fireworks all around!
At night. Madhu is setting bed.. RK comes but stays mum! They both sit facing opp directions but steal glances .! There is knock on the bedroom door..! RK asks to come in..! Its servant.. and says Pabho has sent food for u both.. Radha has made ..! Rishbala say not hungry..! Both look at each other. .! Servant leaves from there! RK says.. din hear what i said? Not hungry ..take it from here! Madhu lies on the bed .! RK says all this is strange ..we should talk! Madhu stays mum ..! RK puts the pillow wall back …! Madhu asks what is he doing? RK says can we talk? Madhu asks can he try to understand her? RK too lies on the bed and closes the light! Madhu is anxious..! RK switches light on..!
Part 2
Radha is in the kitchen and asks Mangesh if RK din eat? She rues that i made all his fave dishes..! She asks Mangesh to keep the food in fridge. and later when RK is hungry, Mangesh can heat it up and give to him! Madhu comes there..! She is decked up in red! Madhu asks to give her the sargi. .Radha says its mine and Dips! Madhu says will take my own! Radha says din keep sargi for u as thot u wont be able to keep KC fast! Madhu asks how did u think..i wont keep fast. u know! Radha says that she is a heroine..and nothing is more important than shooting and so thot it wont be possible for her to fast while shooting! Madhu says nothing is more important to me than this family and RK .. and i know am working but RKs long life is most important! Radha says.. saying is easy. .implementing is touf.. whole day she cant sip one drop of water! Madhu says have neither forgotten the KC tradition nor have changed ..! Madhu says will observe the KC fast.. and also fufill it..! Radha walks out of the kitchen! Madhu says wont eat anything expect the food Radha cooked and consider it as sargi! Madhu takes the plate of food kept in fridge and eats from it.!
Part 3
Madhu comes to the bedroom and finds that RK is not in bed..! RK comes after freshening up and says Maa forgive me.. and Maa said..cant be upset with u for long..ur so sweet..and Madhu says gimme sargi..coz getting a hubby like RK is not possible by keeping even 7 KC fasts..will keep Karvapanth. .n so on! Madhu says stop it! RK says.. its the scene that played out downstairs..! Madhu again says stop it..! RK asks what happened? In bad mood? Wanna eat chicken tikka? Din like sargi? Madhu says.. din eat sargi..! RK asks so not keeping KC fast? Madhu says will keep KC fast! RK says then wont shoot? Madhu says know that i have dual responsibility at shoot and at home! I know shoot was cancelled coz of me. .am not careless! RK says fine..lets see what drama unfolds ahead..!
At the breakfast table, Dips asks Sikky not to eat so much! Sikky says.. Paratha is yummy .. u also eat! Dips fumes! Sikky teases saying forgot its her vrat..kept for elongating the elastic of my life! Dips fumes..! Madhu comes..! Pabho asks to join for breakfast! Madhu says wont eat anything today.. as its KC fast..and will open it after seeing the moon and by drinking water fed by my hubby! RK looks at her and Radha is shocked..! BG- Hauslo se veer ho..!

Precap — Dips tells Pabho that have good news.. theres a great match going on between RK and Madhu..! She says RK is upset with Madhu for keeping the fast and he is trying his best to ensure that Madhu doesnt keep the fast..!

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Madhubala Episode 409–410 on Friday 21st December 2018

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