Madhubala Episode 277–278 Update on Tuesday 18th September 2018

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Part 1
Dips watches as Sultan enters the hall of RK mansion..n is asked by a servant what he is here for?..! Sultan says.. to give jewelery to Madhu! Madhus make up person.. tells Madhu .. ITS DONE …n that she is gonna break a thousand hearts.. RKs fans love him for real..! Madhu smiles ..! The servant asks Dips about jeweler and Dips gives permission n tells the servant to give Sultan directions to RK-Madhus bedroom!!
Dips smirks that.. second hero is here. .now if first hero comes..this film will become a complete Action oriented drama.. !! Madhu is looking at herself in the mirror when the wall pic of her n RK ..falls n breaks..! Madhu touches the pic and suddenly her finger is cut …coz of the broken glass ..! She recollects RKs words of no prem game .. n her own promise to Paddo to face RK.. n her convo with Sultan about punishing RK..for his mistakes..! Madhu recollects sending RK away …and self thot… Ur wrong RK.. this time ..ur wrong..! RK proposing Madhi n the chawl..! She puts the portrait on the table..! She recollects the jump from the terrace.. RK saving her..! RK telling Madhu how he cant sleep till she comes near him! Paddo asking her what she wants to do with RK n Madhu saying..teach him a lesson! She is praying to Bappa.. when Sultan enters the room and locks it from inside!
Madhu tells to Bappa that he knows..she has changed her mind and that..he knows.. Rishbala love each other very much..! Madhu tells Bappa that this is cheating.. with RK … .as in ..starting a new relation. by hiding the truth..! She will she tell before God that she wants to be of RKs fully without telling the truth first..?? Madhu tells Bappa that she has to tell RK everything.. !!
Sultan is walking inside the bedroom and Madhu asks Bappa if she is right?? Madhu asks if she should tell full truth to RK?? Yes?? Madhu calls RK on the moby ..! Sultan walks towards Madhu in the bedroom ..! Madhu hears footsteps and turns thinking its RK but its Sultan..! Madhu tells Sultan that she was about to do something wrong..n she cant do this..! She is hyper..! She says..she din wanna cheat on RK! Dips watches the scene .. of Sultan comforting Madhu n comments..’Oh Madhubala ..what have u done’! .Dips smirks.. n rushes.. to her room panting! Sikky asks the matter..?? N why she is scared..?? Did she see any ghost? Dips says..there is a thief in Madhus room n they have to do something..! Sikky asks..what to do? Dips says.. if the thief did something with Madhu?? She asks Sikky to call .. someone..but Sikky comforts Dips …and goes to face the thief.. ! Dips asks him not to do all this.. n Sikky decides to call cops! Dips asks him to call RK as he wont trust her. .n she will call cops..! Sikky calls RK … n Dips calls cops..!
Sultan assures Madhu nothing will happen n that RK wont be able to do anything.. ! Madhu is panic stricken n asks him what he is doing there?
At the temple .. RK asks for his phone.. ! Bittu says.. lots of missed calls from Sikky n one from Madhu too! Sikky says.. RK is not receiving the calls n Dips suggests to call Radha n he does! Sikky tells Radha that some random person has entered Madhus room..! RK asks Radha.. who? Sikky says..dunno..n then RK talks to him..n Sikky replies that.. he is a guy who is there to steal..! RK drops the phone n rushes into the car! Bittu asks if he did anything.. ?? Sikky says..yes..called RK so now they better do something! They all rush towards home..! Bittu offers to call Madhu but RK ..stops him saying Madhu could be in danger..!
Sultan tells Madhu that he had to talk to her! Madhu asks talk about what? Sultan says..she is not weak …but there is a difference between being brave n walking into trouble..! He says.. RK wont spare her.. nor would she be able to live with herself after hurting someone! He says…she can fight with him.. but not do all this! Madhu smiles.. Sultan asks why is she smiling? Madhu says..her heart said that too ..n that she doesnt wanna take any revenge from RK …n doesnt wanna do anything of that sort..! Sultan says..thank God . .expected this..! Sultan tells Madhu that he is here to take her back home! Madhu says..she wants to stay back..! Sultan is surprised!
Madhu says..that she has to stay to tell RK what she was gonna do to him..! Madhu says..that when RK came in front of her.. n accepted his love for her … a part of her heart.. was happy coz she could hurt him .. but now RK needs to know all this! Sultan is surprised n tells her.. ok ..if she has a burden .then she can take it off..! He says..he will stay back to ensure that RK wont be able to hurt her.. n he can drop her back home! Madhu says.. no ..he wont stay back.. n it is she who will tell RK the whole truth. .n she will stay there..with RK…! She says..nothing will end between Rishbala n it will be a new start to their relation! She says..she will tell RK the whole truth..! Sultan is shocked..! Madhu says..she will sit in her wedding mandap …n will become RK’s ..forever..! Madhu tells Sultan she will be RKs …forever..! Sultan is stunned..!
Part 2
RK reaches the mansion..n screams.. Madhu..! Madhu is shocked hearing RKs voice.. n she asks Sultan to leave .. ! She says dunno ..what RK will do when he sees Sultan with her..! Sultan asks Madhu that she is staying back coz… n Madhu tells Sultan that she loves RK.. with all her heart n wants to marry him! RK tells all to stay back…and he rushes to Madhu ..saying her life is in danger! Sultan asks Madhu that.. if she wants to marry him means.. .n Madhu says…that she loves RK n wants to marry him…!
Part 3
RK rushes to Madhus room ..! Madhu says..its not a love of today.. its a love that …never left her heart..since the day it entered..! RK steps inside the bedroom..! He notices.. Sultans glasses.. ! Sultan asks Madhu ..where this love was..when she swore to teach RK a lesson n hurt him? Madhu says..she had sworn to hurt RK .. n take revenge.. ..break his trust at last moment! RK overhears the whole thing..!
Precap —- Sultan tells Madhu that she had sworn that..she wont change her decision n not fall weak! Madhu tells Sultan that..she has not fallen weak..! She says… its her love that got new strength.. ! Madhu says…she wanted to hurt RK ..coz ..she used to love him ..n still does..! RK listens the whole thing! Madhu holds Sultans arm n tells Sultan to leave..saying that if RK comes.. everything will be ruined.. n if he sees Sulbala it will be over..! Suddenly Sulbala turn n see RK standing.. ! RK looks hurt at Madhu..!
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Part 1
Sultan asks where her love was when she swore to hurt RK n take revenge? Madhu says..she had sworn to hurt him .. to break his trust.. at last moment.. to make him realise how much a broken heart hurts how much humiliated one feels…
RK is shocked n fumes…
Madhu says.. in past few days..she realised the importance of her n her RKs life n his importance in her life..!
Madhu says..his heart beats… Madhu Madhu .. n that RK is not wrong..!! Sultan fumes! RK is hurt..!
Sultan reminds Madhu that she swore not to fall weak n Madhu says..her love got a new strength n life..!
Madhu says..her love is bigger that this revenge..! Madhu says..she wanted to take revenge ..coz ..she loved him. .n still does!
Madhu tells Sultan that.. its Rishbala ka Ishq.. kuch aisa hi hai.. Dard se Bhara.. Zakhmi .. its touf.. but they have chosen this.. n this is their destination ..
Sultan lowers his gaze..! She says.. Rishbala are nothing without their love..!
She says she doesnt wanna hurt RK … n wants to see him n herself happy..!!
Madhu thanks Sultan..for caring n worrying for her.. n supporting her..!! Madhu says.. from here on..she has to talk to RK… ! RK is zapped…
Madhu asks Sultan to leave..holding her hand.. n says..if he comes.. things will be ruined.. n as they turn.. they see RK standing..!
Madhu comes to RK n RK stops her.. with his hand.. takes off the sehra .. n throws it on the floor… turns n leaves…! Madhu follows..!!
RK closes the door Madhu bangs at the door… Dips wonders the matter..! Sultan comes down…! All turn n see Sultan .. Madhu asks him to leave..screams on him.. ! Sultan turns n leaves…!
Radha asks the matter. .but Madhu keeps screaming.. RK is in tears. .remembering ..Madhus confession …
RK breaks things in the room .. recollects his proposal in chawl.. all the ceremonies… breaks all the things inside..!
Madhu keeps asking RK to talk to her..! RK slides down the door .. BG- Kyun nahi chahte ye puri hai..! Madhu slides down the door on the other side too..!
Madhu asks if he is here. n listening? RK cries..! Madhu asks for another chance.! He keeps recollecting her words to Sultan..! RK opens the door and glares .. drags her with him…! All watch shocked.. n Dips smirks..!
Part 2
Radha asks..what is going on?? How come Sultan in Madhus room??
Do anyone know anything?? Dips says. .know all n warned before. .but no one trusted told that Sulbala were fooling the family . .n now truth is in front of all..!
Dips asks what was Madhus partner doing in her room before wedding n when no one was around..
Radha says.. faith is stronger than facts at times..! Dips says. .heights..! Bittu taunts Dips for casting evil eye on all the happiness in the family ..
He tells Dips that..she is involved in all this.. n asks to keep off..!
Part 3
RK is driving. .n Madhu tells him that ..she loves him n asks him to give her a chance..! She sees his hand bleeding. but he stops her..! Madhu asks to drive slow..but he drives past ..n suddenly breaks. but before Madhus face hits the deck..he puts his hand!
He brings her to their dream home .. to the SR nite bed..!
Madhu looks around n has tears in her eyes..!

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