Madhubala Episode 266 Update on Monday 10th September 2018


Part 1
Sultan is on the phone..n asks Kaka to come back early…
Theres a knock at the door n its Paddo
He asks about Madhu … n Paddo says. ..till now .. yes. .but after what she is planning to do.. dunno what will happen
Paddo says.. RK did everything Madhu asked him to. .but when she turned RK down.. she saw the anger n rage of the OLD RK
Paddo says.. this time.. RK really . .n Sultan says. .loves Madhu ..! Paddo says.. even if its fake.. when he finds out Madhu played him… its scary the consequences..
Paddo tells Sultan ..she cant see Madhu break again.. as RK can do anything.. ! Sultan calms Paddo… She begs Sultan to protect Madhu ..
RK brings Madhu to Sitara Studio n says.. he never entered inside the gates.. coz he was alone..
He tells Madhu ..he understands. her state of mind after Paddo left.. as it feels like all is gone.. after parents leave..!
RK tells Madhu that now she wont be lonely ever in her life.. n he is with her.. forever..! He says.. his every word to Paddo was true…
He rues that he culdn control his anger.. n Paddo walked off…
RK says.. he knows..she thinks he had shared about his dad.. but all that became lie ..after he dumped her.. but the pain was not fake..!!
He shows Madhu … ‘another darkness of his life’ n asks her to accompany n Madhu holds his hand…
Sultan Paddo says. .no idea.. but u have to stop Madhu all cost..! Paddo says.. to forcefully bring Madhu from RKs place.. n take her to some place where she is safe..!
Sultan hesitates but Paddo says.. he has to save Madhu.. just like Madhu has saved him always…!! She orders Sultan to do as told..!
RK brings Madhu inside a dark room ..its a hall .. n Madhu is scared so he lights his lighter..! RK shows his dads rocking chair.. his dads pic… old gramaphone..
Madhu reads a note .. left by RKs dad for him..on a record of Mr. India..n the note reads about how magic is in small things in life… RK says.. some things are connected..
RK says..he used to sneak in to listen to the gramaphone…! He asks her if it will run? He asks Madhu to pray n tries to run the gramaphone..n it runs …
RK makes funny faces… ‘Karte hain hum pyaar Mr. India’ … Madhu is in tears n RK makes ..funny poses.. n expressions … Rishbala lauf… The record stops n RK says.. I LOVE U MADHU n hugs her..!
Part 2
RK tells Madhu that he never thot he would come there.. n share this part of his life with someone…
RK says… in this whole wide world.. she is the only front of whom he can be just HIMSELF …
He says..he loves her.. he loved her when he hurt her.. .forced her..n even loved her…
Part 3
RK says.. the studio is of his dad… n he feels his presence.!
He says.. he never lied about loving her.. n that he only lied to himself.. but he loves her.. n will keep loving her..!!
Precap — RK tells Madhu that his Madhu has returned to him .. n Madhu moves away from him . .n then runs back into his arms..n says.. yes.. ur Madhu is back…!
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Credit: TelenovelaGH | Madhubala Episode 266 Update on Monday 10th September 2018

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