Madhubala Episode 266 Update on Friday 7th September 2018

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Part 1
Madhu asks RK why is he not letting her apply medicine on her wound n wants to live in pain? RK says.. correction. .wanna live with this pain. .n that he deserves it for hurting her.. for breaking her heart. .for cheating her..! He says its his punishment! Madhu asks RK not to be so good to her and not to love her so much! RK says .. my sweet.. bichari biwi.. must be wondering where she is stuck n wondering how he is talking so sweetly to her? Madhu asks why is it important for him that she should trust him? RK says..coz he loves her..n Madhu asks why does he love her? RK cups Madhus face .. n Madhu cups RKs face ! BG- Tum hi ho ..! Rishbala eyelocks..! They both caress each others cheeks..! Madhu in tears..!
Bittu comes screaming ..Chief n the Rishbala moment ends..! RK asks what? Bittu says Paddo is here..! Rishbala are both shocked..! They rush downstairs..!
Dips comes smirking to her room and Sikky asks where had she gone? Dips chawl n Sikky asks.. to find them a new house? Dips calls him.. stupid n says..she went to find out Madhus plan and also instill fear in Paddos heart ..! Sikky asks what did she find out? Dips says that Madhu wants to avenge her heartbreak by breaking RKs heart. .n that the cat is out of the bag..GAME OVER ! Sikky asks why did she scare Paddo? Dips says.. to see Paddo come to stop Madhu .. to see her remind Madhu of the consequences..n that by this..Madhus plan will all come out in front of Radha-RK ..! Sikky asks what will she get by this? Dips says.. when truth comes out.. the truth diggers name will be out too n she will be inside RK mansion n Madhu will be outside..! Radha greets Paddo ..! Rishbala come down and greet Paddo! RK asks come suddenly Paddo is here? All well?
Paddo and Trish both are present! Paddo remains quiet..! Radha asks Paddo to take a seat but she refuses..! Dips tells Sikky ..’Laut ke RK ghar ko aya’! Sikky will be fun to watch..! Dips says.. it will be fun when the whole live telecast happens here.. as live is better than repeat! Sikky says whenever Dips does such giri hui harkat..she looks cute! Paddo says..she wants to talk to her daughter alone..for a few minutes.. if Radha is ok about it? Radha agrees..! Dips worries about Paddo brain washing Madhu. .n stopping her..! Dips asks Sikky what to do? Sikky says Dips is the vamp..she has to think of a better plan if this one fails.. n she looks cute ..jab bhi her plans fail as in plan ki pungi bajti hai..! Dips says its not funny! Paddo goes upstairs with Madhu …!
In Rishbala bedroom .. Madhu tells Paddo glad u came..! Paddo asks Madhu when is she getting married? Madhu says. .in two days! Paddo tells Madhu that in chawl she could not react coz she was shaken …but now she is scared n worried for Madhu..! She tells Madhu that she is against what Madhu is doing. .n doesnt want her to do all this.. especially after knowing the consequences..! Paddo tells Madhu she wont let her do this.. she tells Madhu she is not RK ..she cannot be happy by hurting RK or anyone..! She tells Madhu that if she tries to break RK ..she will get broken herself.. then what? Will she be able to live..will she be able to look at herself in the eye? Madhu is quiet..! Paddo asks Madhu if she has thot what all RK do after this? Will this revenge drama end? She says.. as a girl Madhu will win but her daughter will lose.. she will break..and she wont let this happen!
Paddo asks Madhu not to do this..! Paddo tells Madhu that she has raised Madhu with lot of difficulty.. she says she din kill Ballu for all this..! She asks Madhu to forget all this.. and says that today RK wants to marry her.. but all this is his zidd..! She reminds Madhu that if he can all this for avenging 4 slaps.. what will he do if she will break his heart? Paddo tells Madhu that for RK his pride is his life.. n she wont let Madhu break like this n asks Madhu to come with her! RK comes n says NO…! Dips-Sikky eavesdrop the convo! RK asks Madhu to listen to Paddo..! RK says.. he doesnt wanna come between them.. but Paddo being scared is legitimate.. n why not . .afterall RK broke her heart. .insulted her.. hurt her. . so she has every right to be scared.. ! He says…Paddo wont want Madhu-RK wedding..n she is gonna be scared of RK ..! RK says.. he did what he did. . in anger or hate or rage.. or madness but he cannot justify what he did..! He apologises to Paddo.!
Sikky-Dips keep overhearing.. the convo! RK says.. he wishes to apologise to everyone.. the whole Malik family .. for his every sin. .n crime..! He says he is a cheap.. disgusting person. .its a truth. .but the bigger truth is that he loves Madhu .. a lot..! Madhu is quiet..! RK says that its a matter of surprise that afterall that has happened Paddos daughter loves him just as much..! RK says that the problem is he cant live without Madhu ..she is his oxygen.. his heartbeat ..his life saving drug..! RK begs Paddo for Madhu ..his life.. n asks her not to tell Madhu to step back.. n not to tell Madhu ..not to marry him…! RK tells Paddo that he knows he is not worthy in her eye for marrying Madhu n that there is no pressure on her. .but he only can beg for Madhu from Paddo..! Paddo ignores RK n tells Madhu that she said what she had to .. rest the decision is Madhus..! Paddo is about to leave n RK stops her n says. .this is not just Madhus decision its theirs.. Rishbalas decision.. that they are getting married n will stay together forever.. n he wont let anyone come between them.. no matter what he has to do.. ! RK glares at Paddo..! Paddo is freaked..n quickly walks out..! Madhu follows Paddo..!
Part 2
Paddo is walking down the stairs n Madhu keeps calling out to her! Radha asks if the convo between mom-daughter is over? Paddo asks Radha if words will matter when a Mother talks n a Daughter refuses to pay heed..?! Paddo turns to leave…! Madhu is emotional..! Radha stops Paddo n tells her about pre-wedding functions .. Mata ki Chowki .. Mehendi-Sangeet..! Paddo requests Radha not to ask her to be part of any of the functions..!
Part 3
All are shocked with Paddos request..! Paddo says..she just cant it! Radha calls out to her ..but Paddo leaves..! Radha looks at a distraught Madhu..! RK puts his hand on Madhus shoulder n comforts her..! He asks Madhu to come with him…! Madhu says. .not now..! RK says.. ‘Main hoon na’! He nods at Radha reassuringly n Rishbala leave..! All watch confused..!
Precap — RK n Madhu are in their nightwear n RK is holding Madhu n says..happily that his Madhu is back..! Madhu pushes RKs hands away n turns n walks away ..! She breaksdown n then runs to him n hugs him…! Madhu says.. ‘Yes.. i have come back to my RK … n FOREVER’! RK smiles..!

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Madhubala Episode 266 Update on Friday 7th September 2018

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