Madhubala Episode 265 Update on Thursday 6th September 2018


Part 1
Trish tells Paddo she will be a bit late to return… ! Right then Dips arrives..!
Trish asks her what she is doing n Dips says.. Madhu is fine.. or still fine
Trish is confused.. Paddo asks her what she wants to say? Speak out..
Dips tells them to ask Madhu to stop beating about the bush n do what she wants on their face..
Madhu looks at the bridal wear. smiles n puts the churni on her head..! She recollects RKs proposal
Suddenly she realises she is softening n says..that RK still loves her n he admitted it… but he is still RK ..n he said he cant profess in front of others. .but he still did!
Madhu says.. he is RK … he can go to any length to get his way
Madhu says.. there is truth in RKs eyes this time.. ! She asks herself.. that despite seeing truth in RKs eyes she got cheated… ! Madhu says.. feel like RK loves her…
Madhu says.. u Love RK.. n stops when she hears RKs voice..!
RK asks if they are playing statue.. she is sitting in same position he left her..!
Madhu asks if his work is done n RK says yes n she notices his bleeding hand.. n Madhu asks what is he doing? RK says.. he can buy anything for her but its not love.. so he is doing something that is a part of him!
RK takes Madhu to show something He says.. if she wont get ready in 2.5 mins.. he will carry her around forcefully ..!
Paddo asks Dips what is she saying.. Dips says.. saying the truth.. while they are hiding.. Trish asks her to leave..
Dips says..she thot.. they would stop Madhu .. from executing her plans.. they said.. Madhu has golden heart? Well she has lead heart with gold plating which is worn off now..
She says.. Madhu has crossed all limits… playing with everyones emotions.. Paddo asks her to stop n Dips asks her to tell Madhu to stop…
Trish says.. they wont.. n neither should they as Madhu is right.. they can see Madhus games . . but not RKs deeds… who breaks everyones heart..! RK deserves it… n he should be taught a lesson… n if his heart breaks. .. let it.!
Dips says.. RK hurt Madhu .. for just hurting his ego.. n now Madhu is playing with his emotions n breaking his heart… wonder what will happen to the novice player Madhu …!
Dips says.. RK is RK .. final victory is his. .n he wont let his record break..
Dips asks Paddo …what is Radhas fault? She loves Madhu so much. .n what will happen coz of Madhus deed? RK will have dual reasons to take revenge..! Dips warns that.. before throwing stones think..what will be returned? Something untolerable!
Paddo is shocked.. !! Dips smirks.. superb plan.. Madhu…break RKs heart.. not bad!
RK brings Madhu to the home… he has made for them! RK reminds her of the house plan he had shown to her.. before..
RK says.. din me 135 times..she wonders to trust RK after all this… he asks her to look into his eyes… they r true! He says.. no more drama.. only truth…
Part 2
RK says..there is no trick in this…
He says.. they are not gonna live here away from others.. they will come here when they need a change
RK says… it all looks like a dream… RK cups Madhus cheek n realises his wound touched her n he says sorry ..
Madhu asks why he din let bandage his wound… n RK says.. coz he likes the feeling.. n that it feels nice. n that this wound will remind him of the times he hurt her
RK caresses Madhus cheek
RK gets to build the house..n he asks her not to look like he has gone thru some torture… !! Madhu asks him to take her home…!
Part 3
Madhu .. pulls RK by his arm.. n he cribs .. for dragging him back..! Madhu brings bandage. n RK says.. dun wanna make u my nurse
Madhu says..she cant see his wounds.. as it hurts her… ! She says.. dun like what he is doing.. making a house… RK asks why? Madhu asks why he wanna live in pain? RK says.. wanna LIVE WITH pain… for hurting her! Its a punishment..!
Precap —- Madhu asks RK why does he think its important for her to trust him? RK says coz i love u . .n Madhu asks why? RK cups Madhus face n she cups his…! Rishbala emotional-romantic moment..!

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Madhubala Episode 265 Update on Thursday 6th September 2018

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