Madhubala Episode 263 Update on Monday 3rd September 2018


Part 1
Sikky is yapping with Dips about being excited about Party n says.. Madhu isnt playing games
Dips asks him not to exert pressure on his KNEES…
Dips says.. Madhu is playing games… so kept party where she can lie.. n not puja.. where she cant..!
Dips gives Sikky idea to do some PR in the party.. n gets busy in working on guest list!
He insists to go out to eat ..!
Radha – Madhu – Dips waiting for car. .when Sikky comes decked up in hippie avtar.. Dips fumse on him as Madhu-Radha smile
Sikky says.. planning to go for party in Retro…n no one will find out who he is.. n Dips advises against it saying the guards hardly know him ..
Trish calls Madhu … n she moves aside!
Sultan arrives with Aryan to watch a movie Sultan-Aryan see Madhu n Aryan screams out to her n runs to her Madhu..hugs him.!
Aryan tells its Sultans budday! Aryan says how he made biscuit cake.. n Madhu wishes Sultan.. Dips watches as Sulbala shake hands! Dips says.. ‘Ise kehte hain kismat.. meri aachi. .tumhair kachchi Chawl bala’ …she decides to get Radha to see this moment!
Aryan invites Madhu along but she defers n says.. will go on her budday..! Dips rushes Radha to Sulbala..!
Madhu asks ur budday? Sultan says. .not today.. as dunno when is it..! Madhu asks about childhood n Sultan says..after his dad passed away. nothing left to celebrate..!
Sultan says.. his budday is known to his mom. .but once Aryan grew.. he had to give a reasonable date as his budday!
Sikky rushes off car.. n Madhu sees n rushes but her dupatta .blows .. n she sees Radha-Dips coming to her . n ends up running into them..!
Dips wonders where Sultan is.. Madhu asks..what she was planning to show? SHOW? Sultan-Aryan are buying balloons..! Sikky comes n asks them to board the car..!
Radha asks about dupatta.. Madhu says.. fell somewhere…!
Part 2
Aryan sees the dupatta n asks Sultan to keep.. n return to Madhu .. next time!
Dips excuses herself n Sikky.. from returning .. with Radha-Madhu..!
Dips asks Sikky to come with her to tail Sultan! Sikky is freaked out!
Sikky tails Sultan with the invitation card.. n Sultan gets suspicious..n catches Sikky!
Part 3
Sikky gives Sultan. .the invite. .saying Madhu sent!
He says..he is Madhus servant n says.. its Bollywood theme so dress up as HERO n come..!
Dips watches Sultan reading the invite n says… its a special invite.. for the NEW HERO … its to be seen ..’ye naya hero kitni jaldi.. purane hero ki chutti karta hai’
Precap — RK says..people will see them n understand..! Madhu tells RK that..she has kept party for RK …to show how much she loves him.. n RK corrects.. loves ONLY ME…n to show that Sultan lost n RK won! [RK in bodyguard costume of Salman Khan]

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Madhubala Episode 263 Update on Monday 3rd September 2018

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