Madhubala Episode 262 Update on Friday 31st August 2018


Part 1
Dips self thot.. even if this trick failed..still have a trumpcard.. SULTAN ..
Sikky says…all are going bouncers.. n Dips tells Sikky…she isnt gonna b in his reach!
Madhu is all upset .. recollecting Radhas words.. Radha is asking servant to remove all the decorations n stuff when Madhu comes .. n addresses her as mom but Radha asks her not to call a kid shares all with its mom.. but Madhu is not sharing.!
Radha tells Madhu to call her Mom ..if she feels so but truly ..n as Madhu tries to explain.. Radha says.. not needed!
Radha says…she feels sad knowing that she is unable to figure out what Madhu is hiding n her inner turmoil..!
Kaka comes to Aryan ..n asks what he is doing n that its middle of the night n will be upset seeing him awake..! Doorbell rings..
Aryan switches off the light..
Madhu recollects Radhas words… RK comes to her .. n says.. its him..n asks if she is waiting for anyone? Madhu stays silent..! RK talks of hearing a script ..but Madhu doesnt react
RK asks why she is troubled n Madhu gets up to leave when RK pulls her n says.. he was happy ..n made her happy too.. told her he trusts her..then what is wrong?
Suna hai.. main tumhari jaan bankar.. nahi.. shaitan bankar aacha lagta hun..!! Madhu tells RK that Bittu had called n RK calls Bittu n tells name of new film AITBAR!
Sultan asks why so dark? Kaka says no idea.. ! Aryan switches on light n pulls him to the table.. n shows an assortment of biscuits.. n wishes Sultan Happy Budday n gives him a card!
Kaka says..he doesnt celebrate.. but Aryan says.but he did Holi.. so.. n asks Sultan to cut cake.. n Sultan does.! Aryan feeds biscuit to Sultan n he does same in turn!
At the dinner table.. Madhu offers Radha fruits.. n she refuses… RK asks Madhu to eat she was silent when she suspected Madhu added poison in RKs food
Radha chides RK for such an insinuation .. n RK asks her why upset with Madhu???? Radha averts …n RK says.. Madhu is HIS.. n he cant see anything happen to her..! Madhu chides RK!
Part 2
Radha tries to explain . .but RK asks her to forget all that n patch up..! Madhu interrupts RK .. n says she hurt Radha.. n she will invite all her friends.. n keep a party
RK tells Radha.. Tussi Maan Jao
She says.. on condition .. that she will wear what Radha gifts her..
RK announces party at Kamal studio at night n that Sikky will b joker n Dips joker-ian!
Dips suggests Theme party … Sikky suggests Fairy Party ..n Madhu to be Cinderella n Dips Ek thi Dayan
Sikky says Bollywood theme..!!
Part 3
Radha says..she cant manage so much .. but Dips says..they will manage!
Radha suggests to go to market n shop for Party… ! Madhu thanks Radha..all smile..!
Madhu says..this party will be special … for sure
Precap —- Madhu meetr Sultan in the market n gifts Sultan.. on his budday.. ! Dips watches n smirks that tonights party will be very special..!

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Madhubala Episode 262 Update on Friday 31st August 2018

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