Madhubala Episode 261 Update on Thursday 30th August 2018


Part 1
Dips challenges Madhu ..about how much she can tell truth or lie.. before God.. compliments her on her beauty n heads off
The ladies assimilate at the hall for the puja.. Radha greets them.. introes to Dips.. n asks Dips about Madhu Dips says… Madhu has deep faith in God n will come for sure
Dips self thought.. so badly stuck Madhu..u wont come Radha asks for Madhu n before Dips can answer ..she arrives
Radha introes Madhu as Rishus PATNI All greet her..! Radha says.. by Gods grace.. her daughter has returned home!
Radha talks of celebrating holidays in future with Madhu n dreams of a tiny Rishu or Madhu in future! Madhu excuses herself. . n Dips comes n offers her water to relax.. but she shrugs Dips offer n walks off!
The puja begins… Madhu is called to sit in the puja Pandit explains how a woman is a form of purity. .n is away from all deceit .n being the cornerstone of a family…
He explains how Parvati had earned Shivs respect ..n love.. Madhu too will earn her familys love n respect..! The puja begins..! Madhu recollects Paddos words.. of not crossing her limit n pours Water on the havan kund instead of ghee!
All are shocked .. as the fire extinguishes..! Radha asks to restart but Pandit says its a bad omen! Radha asks Madhu how can she mess up? Dips fumes on her too .. Madhu says.. not feeling well n Radha asks her to rest!
Madhu comes in her room n cries.. about what happened n rues that cant lie before God n Radha… n says sorry..! All guests leave..!
Dips tries to scare Radha .. n says.. Madhu looked weird.. during Puja… Radha asks her to spill out.. n Dips says.. felt as if Madhu din wanna show the world.. that she is back with RK n doesnt look happy… Weird.. Madhu messed up a PUJA…!
Radha asks what? Dips says.. Madhu never made such mistakes.. when she was forced to stay here.. n now despite her own consent..her behaviour.. is weird..! Dips asks.. if Madhu has returned as RKs wife n Radhas D-I-L or is it all a big lie..!
Part 2
Radha fumes on Dips for insinuating such things about Madhu
She says .. Dips words are hurting her.. n being elder D-I-L ..she should mend things.. n not gossip about things going wrong!
Dips tries to defend.. herself.. but Radha says.. MADHU is a PART of the FAMILY..!!
Part 3
Sikky asks Dips .. the matter… since she looks like someone SLAPPED her hard n her ears are ringing n offers her some sweet
Dips says.. upcoming days are gonna be peaceful … as she still has the trump card.. SULTAN n the day she uses it.. Chawl bala will be out of RKs life!
RK questions why Radhajee is angry on Madhu . Radhajee says its btwn her n Madhu then RK says that Madhu’s his thus he cannot see anything belonging to him upset . Radhajee narrates the Puja incident

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Madhubala Episode 261 Update on Thursday 30th August 2018

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