Madhubala Episode 259 Update on Tuesday 28th August 2018


Madhu tells RK that he has lost his heart n in turn won her heart. RK holds Madhus hand n takes her with him to the terrace. Madhu is confused. Madhu asks why they are there. RK asks if she has seen Baazigar n says planning to remake Bazigar n says his dialogue will be Kabhi na harne wale ko RK kehte hain.
RK asks her if she remembers the terrace scene in the movie? Madhu is skeptical. RK smirks n says dark humor n asks if she did not like it. Madhu watches on and smiles.
RK then climbs on top of the water tank on the building. Madhu is worried and asks him to get down. Madhu sees from top n gets scaried. She shouts for RK to get down. RK says he confused if he should be alive in this love or die. He says not to worry as he is too precious to die and to relax. Madhu asks to get down. He says beautiful night, you are here n death waiting down. he says its perfect setting madness.
RK asks Madhu to say she love him, only him, doesnt care for own mom bcoz he is her world, and she will choose to die than separate. RK asks Madhu to come to him n say all these lines
Dips is moving towards the mobile on table. Trish asks Sikky-Dips to sit but they refuse the offer n Trish takes away the mobile. Paddo promises that she will take care of Madhu. Dips spots another mobile in the kitchen n signals to Sikky to draw attention. Sikky screams out holding his stomach. he acts as if he has stomach-ache. All are worried. Dips goes to get water n takes the mobile. She intentionally drops the water jug n gets water for Sikky. Trish goes to clean. Paddo n Radha are busy with Sikky. Dips gets the number n returns the mobile. Sikky says they should go home. They all leave. Paddo tells Trish she is worried for Madhu n wonder what she is doing? She rues that its not fair Radha is pained in all this.
Madhubala gives her hand to RK n he pulls her up. She says she loves RK, only him, and can leave the whole world. RK says anyone can do anything just stand. She asks if he wants proof. RK says she risked herself to help Sultan then for her love she can give away her life. He asks if she jump off ? Madhu asks if he will trust her then ? RK says yes. Madhu confirms if he will trust her then n there will be no misunderstanding.
Madhu says – har dhadkan chali fana hona – har saas chali tabah hona – hamesha ke liye tumhari hone -lo main chali tumse juda hone
Madhu slowly walks back to the edge n drops herself off the terrace. RK screams n holds her arm n asks her not to leave or he will kill her. RK helps Madhu get back up.
Madhu n RK are on the terrace. RK hugs Madhu and asks if she is ok. Madhu is lifeless n asks if he trusts her? RK asks if she is fine n theres a limit to everything. Madhu says she has learnt from him to cross the limits n had no other choice. RK says not to dare to do such a thing ever again or he will push her again after lifting her. RK says what if she fell for real? Madhu says mistrusts beats love always!
Madhu says his movie climax would have changed. RK says the story is about Madhubala n RK and without Madhubala there is no RK. Madhu smiles that he has taken all her rights n now right on death too? RK says he got all right on her n she is living in other body is the only right she got.
Precap – RK asks MAdhu not to take any of his rights ever from him. RK hugs Madhu .. BG- Tere ishq pe bas haq hai ek mera. Madhu starts to hug back but stops.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Madhubala Episode 259 Update on Tuesday 28th August 2018

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