Kundali Bhagya Episode 184 Update on Saturday 19th November 2018

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Sarla asks Janki what she wants to tell. Janki signals through her eyes and tries to speak by making sounds through her mouths. She goes to give the birth chart to Prithvi and his mother and call the doctor later. She finds the Kundli in the drawer. Janki prays for help and save Preeta’s life miraculously. Pandit ji reads the Kundli while Prithvi’s mother takes Sarla’s permission for Prithvi to take Preeta for dinner.
In the room, Shrishti tells Preeta that Prithvi created a whole scenario of a petty matter. She sense that was Prithvi’s real face. Preeta says Prithvi was disturbed last night and accused her, he isn’t that way. Sarla asks Prithvi about the restaurant he would take Preeta. Prithvi says it’s a new hotel, and Preeta would like it. He goes to the room to take permission
from Preeta about it. Preeta says Prithvi cares for everyone in their house, and they can’t judge his nature in state of anger.
Prithvi comes to Janki’s room and feels happy about her helplessness. He gives her a good news about fixing of his and Preeta’s engagement date. He says Janki must be thinking not to let this happen, but she won’t be able to stop this. She could do nothing even after knowing about his and Sherlin’s affair. He says he bribed the Pandit, and would surely give them a close date. He was happy that they will get married in front of Janki and she would only feebly watch. He agrees that Janki is really good at heart, else she wouldn’t have mingle with him for Preeta. He says he would marry Preeta within five days after engagement, and afterwards he will torture Preeta. Preeta would fell weak in front of his rage and then after his plan is accomplished with Sherlin he would throw her out of the house. He can never forgive Preeta has an affair with that Karan. As he turns to leave, Janki kicks him from behind, he fells over the floor. Sarla comes in concerned and asks what happened. Preeta asks if Prithvi fall off. Shrishti says Janki must have kicked him (jokingly). Prithvi says Janki actually kicked him, she might be wanting to show him she can move her leg. Shrishti wonders still why she only kicked him? Prithvi says she must be happy as he met her after a lot of days.
Preeta was happy that Janki moved her leg. Sarla goes to bring sweet for everyone.
Karan was in the room when he gets Preeta’s call. She asks him to give phone to Dadi, she wants to speak to her. Karan says he isn’t a secretary, she must call Dadi herself. Preeta asks why he is so rude. Karan tells her he decided he won’t bother himself because of her. Preeta wonders why she create a heap of a petty matter. Karan tells Preeta to go and speak to that Prithvi. Preeta tells Karan that Janki moved her leg and kicked Prithvi hard. Karan enjoys laughing out loud. Preeta tells Karan she has an engagement with Prithvi in three days, she won’t be able to come to Dadi tonight because she has a date with him. Karan cuts the call curtly and thinks Prithvi deserves a wife like Preeta.
PRECAP: Rishab, Sherlin and Karan also sat with Prithvi and Preeta for dinner. Prithvi informs them about their engagement three days later. Karan taunts three days is too late. Rishab qualifies Sarla must need time to prepare. Karan asks if Prithvi demanded a lot from her?

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