Kundali Bhagya Episode 182 Update on Sunday 11th November 2018

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Karan tells Preeta that while removing the fake blood off her face he felt something. He pulls her closer saying the feeling happened for the first time in Karan Luthra’s life. He now bursts into a laughter. Preeta was annoyed and forbids him cross his limits again. He says he didn’t invite her here for the lecture.

Preeta was furious that she only came to call him for tea. Karan complains she isn’t courteous enough to thank him for saving her grace. Preeta says she only wanted them to tell the truth, no matter what had happened then.

Rakhi was in the kitchen preparing the tea. Shrishti comes offering her some help. Rakhi says it seems there would be storm all over if she works in the kitchen. Shrishti boasts she will one day show Rakhi her ‘Shrishti special tarka’. Rakhi hugs Shrishti

saying she also awaits the same day. At the kitchen door, Shrishti comes across Sameer and recalls his talk with Kritika in the garden. She was annoyed and leaves replying him curtly. Sameer thinks they both love each other still he never understands Sameer.

Karan tells Preeta he told Prithvi all the truth already. Preeta was worried. Karan says Prithvi didn’t believe his story. Preeta leaves the room annoyed and hits Prithvi in the corridor. He asks why she came out of the room alone. Karan peeks through the door. Preeta was silent over his questions.

Prithvi says he came to call her for tea, everyone is waiting. Karan goes into his room again while Preeta goes behind Prithvi.

At night, after having fed Janki Sarla was upset that she might have broken the engagement today. Shrishti says it was Karan who saved them from a disgrace. She tells Preeta Karan became her favorite inspiration. It was Prithvi who blamed them, Karan made him to apologize.

Preeta turns to sleep. Sarla scolds Shrishti for speaking thoughtlessly and takes her to help in kitchen. Janki thinks Preeta didn’t face any good because of Karan’s help today. She wish she could tell them Prithvi’s truth but is so helpless.

In the room, Karan recalls Preeta’s lecture and justifies his lie for her. There in the room, Preeta accepts that its only Karan who could dare so much to save her. Karan wonders why Preeta agreed to marry Prithvi, he isn’t worth her still she has to marry him.

Preeta can look around for his friends, suggesting his friend Vishal; then rejects him, Siddarth; but he is too smart, Mayank; but he already ditched someone. Karan wonders what happened to him, he doesn’t like anyone for Preeta. There, Preeta wonders why she feels so strange about him, at one moment she is angry at him while at the other she melts for him.

Karan thinks Preeta is only a nice girl who sometimes irritates him. He also gives enough attitude to her. They fume over each other.

Late at night, Rishab and Rakhi come to Karan’s room. Rishab says Rakhi has been speaking on the same topic for past an hour. It’s now Karan’s turn. Rakhi brings laddu to Karan and was boastful for what Karan did today. Karan says it was only the truth. Rakhi appreciates his effort to save Preeta’s name.

Karan was curt that she didn’t help her. Karan asks why she prepared fresh laddu for him. Rishab mocks Rakhi for being jealous as Karan demanded Sarla for laddu. Karan lay into Rakhi’s lap.

Rakhi was happy that Karan kept Sarla’s faith over Sarla as well, and saved a relation from breaking. Karan was shocked to hear the engagement wasn’t broken.

Rakhi tells him that Sarla considered Prithvi wasn’t the right person for Preeta as he accused Preeta pointlessly.

Rishab and Karan agree. Karan was happy about it that Sarla was about to break the proposal. Rakhi says she suggested Sarla not to break this engagement, else Preeta would be heartbroken and the society might also not accept Preeta.

They must forgive Prithvi and give him another chance. Rishab and Karan say whatever she did was… Rakhi accepts it was good.

Karan and Rishab say she did completely wrong, Prithvi isn’t the right person for Preeta. Rakhi says he was a little possessive for Preeta and was angry, still he could be given a chance.

Rishab says his gut feeling says Prithvi isn’t a good person. Karan was annoyed with Rakhi as Prithvi isn’t worth Preeta.

PRECAP: Prithvi tells Sherlin he would give Karan a shock tomorrow. The next day, Sarla looks for the Kundli as Prithvi and his parents came for fixing engagement date. Janki tries to speak to Prithvi by making a sound.

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