Kundali Bhagya Episode 176 Update on Sunday 28th October 2018

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Preeta smiles as he cleans the marks of blood closely. He says she attempted to terrify him but he isn’t afraid. Preeta boasts about being successful in her attempt, he was horrified and even asked her help to save his life. She teases he was already a loser, now she realized he is fearful as well.

Shrishti questions what he is saying about Preeta. Prithvi apologizes for being rude, but he has noticed that Preeta spends more time with Karan than she does with him. He allows Sarla to scold him even slap if he is wrong, he also apologizes Shrishti and others for saying anything wrong. He asks for food, and goes to call Karan as well. Rishab comes to the hall and inquires where he was, he didn’t inform anyone and his cell phone was also off. He says he is really ashamed of what he has done.

He asks for having a meal, and asks for Preeta to be called while he himself goes to bring Karan. Rishab says Karan isn’t here.

Karan chases Preeta as she runs across the house. He finally gets her holding her through her waist. Preeta realizes the intimacy and backs up but fell over the straw bed, Karan over her. They share a close eye lock. Karan stands up while Preeta leaves aside.

Rishab tells Prithvi that Preeta and Karan went outside to look for him. Prithvi asks if they left in the middle of night. Rishab asks so? Prithvi says he was in a state of fear, but Karan and Preeta were in their senses while leaving at this time. Did they inform anyone, he is sure their phones must be off or not connecting? Rishab tells him to be clear and speak to him, not spice up his talks every time. Prithvi says Karan and Preeta share a lot of time together.

Rishab qualifies they are friends, what’s wrong if they went together. Prithvi says he doesn’t digest how much time Preeta and Karan spend together. Rishab clarifies to Prithvi that Karan won’t cross his limits ever, his phone is dead and Preeta left in a hurry because she was worried for him and forgot her phone at home. He must look into himself before blaming others. Prithvi asks if Rishab can guarantee him that in the middle of night they….

Rishab shouts, ‘dare he say a single word against his brother or Preeta!’ He tells Sameer to take the cars, they will leave for Mumbai now. Mahesh tells everyone to pack their bags. When the family had left the hall, Prithvi thinks his plan has been ruined by Rishab’s decision. Rishab tells Prithvi he isn’t good for anyone. Prithvi wish Preeta and Karan don’t reach Mumbai, Rishab will have to pay for each word he just said.

Preeta wonders what she just felt right now. Karan comes to stand close behind her and silently asks if she also felt the same he did. The path felt as if filled by flowers, the surroundings were moon lit, there were fragrant breeze around. He holds her face and says if she also felt everything like this, he confess she was alone in all these feelings.

He isn’t an idiot like her. Preeta was initially shocked, then calls Karan a loser flirt. She will prove herself to be honest with any single person, unlike him. Karan says he will never feel romantically for Preeta, and Preeta will always love that Prithvi who cried over his jaw injury. Preeta now joked about his choice of girlfriends who would change their partners.

Karan now stand close to Preeta and asks her to be a part of his life, he will change completely. He then laughs over Preeta’s expressions. Preeta chases Karan to beat him for such jokes and throws a shoe over him.

Prithvi drove the car to Mumbai. Rishab asks him to go from by pass road, but Prithvi says the road is broken there. He thinks Karan’s car is there on by pass road; he must not let them know Karan’s car is out of order. He won’t let anyone ruin his plan against Preeta this time.

Preeta tells Karan to leave this place now else there must be a lot of problem. Karan tells her to wait for a while, they can take a lift from any truck in the morning.

Preeta was worried as they hadn’t informed anyone. Karan was sure everyone must have slept except that Prithvi, he must be having nightmares of broken jaw.

Preeta felt bad for Karan for enjoying after hurting someone. Karan was sure Prithvi must be doubtful over them already.

He tells Preeta that everyone must have left for Mumbai, Rishab has an important meeting; Mahesh has to see some clients from France and Dadi has an important appointment tomorrow.

They wonder how they will leave now. They hear a car stopping nearby.

PRECAP: Prithvi blames the character of Preeta and Karan as both must be celebrating their company in some hotel.

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