Kundali Bhagya Episode 161 Update on Sunday 23rd September 2018


Prithvi sends the goons to Rakhi’s room to loot on the jewelry, and then come downstairs to fake the fight with him. The goons didn’t recognize Prithvi but were happy that they knew where the jewelry is.
Prithvi comes to the hall and calls Sherlin aside. He informs her about the goons and asks if she has done for him as promised. Sherlin shows him the P in her mehndi. Rishab finds Prithvi holding her hands happily and comes to question Prithvi why he held her hands. Both were speechless for a while. Sherlin tells Rishab that Prithvi didn’t know there is a ritual of writing groom’s name in bride’s henna. She asks Rishab if he wants to see the name. Rishab asks her to show now. Prithvi forbids Sherlin as it’s a bad omen according to his mother. Rishab asks why he just said he didn’t
know about the ritual then. Prithvi tries to change the topic to Karan. He mentions in front of Rishab that Sarla and Preeta thinks him to be their best life partners, and he is happy about it. Sherlin at once begin to feel nervous and her hand shiver, she takes a leave. Rishab was suspicious.
Rakhi and Kareena bring jewelry sets to gift Sherlin. Dadi brings Rishab to sit beside her on stage for the gifts ritual and calls for Sarla, Janki, Mahesh and others. Sherlin sends a message to Prithvi to stop Janki come here, else she might react after watching her.
Rakhi and Kareena present Sherlin with the jewelry. Dadi goes to bring the bangles from the room. Kareena shows the set to Preeta and asks her consent about the necklace. Preeta says it’s beautiful, she hasn’t seen anything like this before. Kareena insults that it’s beyond Preeta’s standards. Mahesh stops Kareena, Rakhi tells Kareena that Preeta is more precious than the jewelry, she recognized the worth of the necklace and even accepted it. Rishab was furious and clarifies to everyone specially Kareena that if anyone insults Preeta again he will break this marriage. Rakhi calms him down and asks for the gift. Rishab goes upstairs to get the gift. Shrishti takes Janki aside, Sameer follows her. She asks Sameer to play loud music to avoid anything else said by Kareena.
The robbers decide to loot the jewelry in the wardrobe as well and play a sixer here. Dadi reaches the room and finds the jewelry boxes empty. She hears some disturbance in the room and calls who is there.
Karan comes behind Preeta in the hall and asks for some missing thing. Preeta was irritated and asks what it is. She gives him a chance to say it in two words, else she is going. Karan complains that first it left, and now she is also going. He is looking for her smile. Preeta smiles.

PRECAP: The goons enter the hall with guns. Rishab and Karan watch them hold Rakhi hostage.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Kundali Bhagya Episode 161 Update on Sunday 23rd September 2018

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