Kundali Bhagya Episode 160 Update on Saturday 22nd September 2018

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Shrishti asks Janki to signal her if she can see their enemy. Prithvi comes out of the hiding behind Shrishti, Janki blinks her eyes. Shrishti was alert and looks around, but he had run into the room.
Preeta was now irritated by Karan’s hide and seek and turns to go inside. Karan jumps out into the corridor, and holds Preeta in a close hug. He says none of the girls ever chased him like she is doing. Preeta requests him to stay for a while and listen to her. Karan tells her that he doesn’t want any appreciation of that monkey from her anymore. Preeta and Karan argue about Prithvi. Karan insists Prithvi isn’t as heroistic as she calls him to be while Preeta calls Karan senseless who hurt Prithvi physically.
Janki stares towards Prithvi. Shrishti goes into the room and looks around.
Prithvi hides himself behind the curtain. Shrishti had reached him with a vase in hand, but Sarla calls her in time and Prithvi gets a chance to move out of the window. Shrishti tells Sarla that Janki had seen their enemy and was staring towards the room. Sarla was worried, Shrsihti says she couldn’t find the man. Janki feels helpless in front of Prithvi. Prithvi was boastful of his luck again and await the goons to be a hero in front of the family today.
The goons arrive at Luthra house. Their head instruct them to open fire at anyone who tries to resist. Sarla tells Bee ji that Janki has seen their enemy, they must keep an eye over Janki. She was afraid what he if hurts Janki again. Bee ji promises to keep a good look towards Janki. Preeta and Karan join them. Sarla asks where had she been, Karan boasts about being his hero. He tells Bee ji that it was only a slip of tongue, he wanted to say Zero, meaning Prithvi. Preeta tells Karan to go and attend his girlfriends. Karan says he is with his girlfriend, and hugs around Bee ji. He flirts Bee ji leaving everyone in smile. Sarla asks them not to fight today at least, Karan poses to be innocent and puts all the blame over Preeta.
Sameer watches Shrishti and comes to her. He asks why is she avoiding him since he called her a shy girl. Shrishti doesn’t accept being shy and says she isn’t that kind of girl. Sameer says she looked beautiful and shyness is the ornament for every girl; but teases Shrishti for not being that type. The conversation end in a friendly argument.
Prithvi finds the goon come into the corridor upstairs. He comes towards them but was held at gun points.

PRECAP: Rishab warns everyone specially Kareena that if someone says another word to Preeta again he would break this marriage with Sherlin.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Kundali Bhagya Episode 160 Update on Saturday 22nd September 2018

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