Kundali Bhagya Episode 155 Update on Sunday 9th September 2018

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Rishab sends his manager away while he speaks to Sherlin. He warns her not to hide anything from him, he had seen her in the mirror. He could notice the reaction that she stared at him angrily. Sherlin was speechless. Rishab says he realizes he was shouting at his employer, she must be tensed watching her temper. Rishab says he is with Karan in matter of Prithvi, it feels there is something wrong about Prithvi. He doesn’t appear to be a good match for Preeta. He says in Kumkum Bhagya fire incident he didn’t come to save Preeta once. Sherlin thinks if Rishab thinks Prithvi is zero and only he and his brother are heroes.
Shrishti thanks Kratika for helping her. She says that Sherlin ruined her decoration. Kratika says she must be cautious that next time she doesn’t get caught and winks
at Shrishti. Sameer also comes appreciating Shrishti for what she did. Shrishti asks if they three of them think alike. They cheer. Sameer stares at Shrishti for a while and smiles; Shrishti shies.
Rishab discuss with Sherlin about his concerns regarding Prithvi. He confirms if Sherlin agrees to him. She replies positively and was happy that Rishab holds her opinion as important. Rishab goes to get ready and points some more paint on her hair.
Karan thinks about calling Preeta, then thinks she would again begin her lecture. Preeta comes into her room then, she was guilty and says she isn’t happy about whatever happened in the mall. She was helpless there because Rishab was there, she says Karan is grown up and Rishab shouldn’t have slapped him, she will speak to him about it. Karan enjoys it, then innocently says his cheek is even painful. Preeta places her hand over his cheek, he holds it while they share an eye lock. Rishab was passing by the room and comes in the meet Preeta. Preeta tells Rishab he didn’t do anything right, he shouldn’t have slapped Karan as he is grown up. His younger brother is so broken. Karan laughs at Rishab and makes faces. Rishab tells Preeta to look behind her once, but Karan poses innocent. Preeta insists on Rishab to make him a little up. Rishab tells Preeta that he came to Karan’s room and apologized him; but he wouldn’t have told Preeta about it. Karan turns his face around this time, Preeta fumes while Rishab enjoys this time. Preeta curses Karan and says she has cursed herself since morning out of guilt. She leaves the room annoyed. Rishab scolds Karan while Karan calls Preeta as a dumbo. He thinks Rishab would fume if he knows how they held each other’s hands.
Sherlin tells Prithvi about Rishab’s consent regarding him. She calls him helpless person not good for anything; this is what Rishab thinks. Prithvi was furious and says Sherlin must have appreciated him in front of Rishab. Sherlin says he was helpless there. She tells him to prove himself good in front of Rishab, else he will get his and Preeta’s marriage broken. He will tell Sarla that Prithvi might not be able to protect Preeta. Prithvi calls her nonsense, as no one breaks a proposal for such insane reason. Prithvi asks Preeta if she also thinks the same for him as Rishab.
Preeta walks past the hall and slips over the decoration clothes. Shrishti comes to her, Preeta shouts and curses herself for being an idiot. Shrishti mentions Karan, but Preeta shouts at her that it seems she likes Karan a lot these days. She may tie a Rakhi at his hand this time. Shrishti tells Preeta to go aside. Preeta was shouting furiously and says Shrishti would only call Karan as nice and handsome and would never agree him as an idiot. She leaves still fuming. Kratika comes from behind and discuss with Shrishti that something is there between Karan and Preeta. Both were happy about the thought of getting rid of Prithvi.
Prithvi discusses with Sherlin that he must show some heroism to Preeta to prove himself. Sherlin says he must stake his life and save Preeta.
PRECAP: Karan tells Rishab and Kratika that there is a time to propose every girl when he can’t even deny you. Rishab confirms even if a girl is engaged?

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