Kundali Bhagya Episode 154 Update on Saturday 8th September 2018


Karan was happy that atleast Preeta cares for him, then thinks all this teasing is acceptable in friendship at least. There, Preeta was also thinking about Karan and says he is really sweet and caring and has innocence of children. Karan thinks Preeta will fill the house she will go to. Preeta says Karan is daring and dashing both.
Kareena decides to teach good lesson to Shrishti.
Sameer insists on Shrishti to accept she did the wrong calculation. Shrishti was irritated and tells him to leave. She warns to throw some decoration over him. Kratika comes to save Sameer, then teams with Shrishti and tickles Sameer. Sameer finally leaves while the girls work with the decoration together. Kareena watches Kratika helping Shrishti and thinks her own daughter has forgotten her status. She must
break the friendship between Kratika and Shrishti and even disgrace Shrishti in front of Sameer. Only then Sameer would realize his mistake as well. She goes to ask Sherlin be friends with Kratika.
Preeta spots laddu in the kitchen and thinks about Karan. She was upset that Karan wasn’t speaking to her, she thinks Rishab shouldn’t have slapped him. She decides to speak to him on call and dial his number again; it goes un attended once again. Preeta thinks Karan must be really upset, and was curt that Prithvi was happy to see him slapped. She dials the number again.
Kratika asks for Sherlin’s consent for some mehndi decoration. Shrishti notices Kareena staring at them, she murmurs to Kratika that Kareena holds fire in her eye while staring at them. Kratika says Shrishti never gave her a chance to like her. Sherlin comes to Kareena then. Kareena curtly shows her the friendship between Shrishti and Kratika. Sherlin was determined to teach Shrishti a lesson and tells Kareena to go in her room and only wait for a scream.
Kratika watches Sherlin walk to a corner and pull a wire. The decoration fell off. Shrishti insults Shrishti for using this third class decoration style. What if it fell over her? Shrishti listens for a while, then moves a stand and the paint bucket spill over Sherlin. Kareena hears the scream and goes out to see the drama. Everyone come out to see Sherlin bathed in paint all over. They try to hide their laughter but can’t resist much. Kareena was annoyed and asks if they don’t care about the bride to be. Shrishti says she completely looks like a ghost, everyone break into laughter. Kareena says it must be a deliberate act by Shrishti. She doesn’t allow Kratika to interfere and dismiss Shrishti from work. Kratika tells everyone that Shrishti didn’t spill the paint deliberately. It only increased mess for Shrishti. Dadi forbids Kareena to disturb Shrishti more, she already suffered great loss of work. Kareena takes Sherlin to freshen up at Rishab’s washroom.
At home, Preeta thinks Karan is suspicious over Prithvi only because he cares for her. She doesn’t eat a bite from her food and leaves to meet Karan.
Rishab’s secretary gets him information regarding Prithvi. Sherlin hears this from the room. Rishab was angry at his secretary for not being able to find anything against Prithvi. He says its about the life of Preeta, and he wants to break her engagement with Prithvi. He recognize Prithvi very well and sense something is wrong. Sherlin decides to go out of washroom and pose she didn’t hear anything. She records Rishab’s video in her cell phone. Rishab turns around at once and asks what is Sherlin doing here? She hides her cell phone at once and apologizes for using his washroom, her hair got the cake. Rishab says he had seen her in the mirror and wants to talk to her. Sherlin wonders if he would check her cell phone now.
PRECAP: Karan tells Preeta that Rishab had slapped him really hard on face. She holds the side of his face while he places his hand over hers.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Kundali Bhagya Episode 154 Update on Saturday 8th September 2018

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