Kundali Bhagya Episode 153 Update on Sunday 2nd September 2018


Prithvi promises Preeta not to tell Sarla on the condition that she would never mistrust him. Inside, Sarla notices that Preeta was tensed but she lies of being tired. Preeta tells Sarla about all the expensive shopping. Sarla brings him a glass of water and tells Preeta that Rakhi came and met Janki. Janki even replied to her questions by nodding and blinking her eyes. She knows who ignited fire in Kumkum Bhagya and is the same person who hit Janki. Sarla and Bee ji were furious over that person. Prithvi drops a glass of water and sweats heavily. Sarla goes to arrange for meal while Preeta and Dadi were going to meet Janki. They offer Prithvi to join but his phone bell rings with Sherlin’s call. He hides Sherlin’s photo at once and goes outside to get the call. He was about to tell her about
Janki when Shrishti comes there. She tells Prithvi that she is suspicious about him, and he better be clear with her. Preeta comes to hear this. Prithvi takes a leave for some urgent work. Preeta angrily scolds Shrishti for misbehaving with Prithvi. Sherlin notices she is angry and inquires the reason. Preeta lies to Shrishti that in the mall Karan had a fight… and he isn’t talking to her anymore. Shrishti tries to know more about it but Preeta doesn’t share with her. Sarla calls Preeta into the kitchen. Shrishti decides to speak to Karan about it.
Karan takes Shrishti’s call. She asks how can he be so stone hearted, Preeta is really sad here because he isn’t talking to her. Karan confirms if she is sad because he won’t speak to her, or is missing him. Shrishti calls him home, after all she is his best friend. Karan thinks she is right, he has no reason to be angry at Preeta. Shrishti tells him to come from window not door, else their mother would wonder what he is doing so late. Karan cheers that Preeta is thinking about him. Shrishti was boastful of her genius. Preeta brings food for herself. Shrishti thinks Preeta need to change as Karan is coming to meet her. She spots a chutney bowl and tries to stuff a spoon into Preeta’s mouth deliberately spilling it over Preeta. Shrishti goes to bring a new dress and tells her to hurry and change.
Preeta comes out of the washroom to see the room decorated with candles and rose petals. She compliments Preeta. Preeta asks what Shrishti needs from her. Soon there was a knock at the window, Shrishti opens it for Karan. Preeta was shocked to see him there. Shrishti leaves Preeta’s hand into Karan’s hand and leaves the room. Preeta tries to withdraw her hand but Karan doesn’t leave it. He asks if she missed him. Preeta drags her hand asking who said this. Karan says Shrishti told him and it wasn’t a lie. He jumps onto Preeta’s bed. She feels disgusted about the idea of sharing bed with him. He qualifies he said this only because there was no other place to sit, how could she think about his ill character. He tries to flirt with Preeta but she was annoyed. She calls herself crazy for being worried when she couldn’t speak to him. She tries to push him away but Karan holds her by waist and asks why was she worried for him? What’s their relation? They share an eye lock. Preeta tries to get back but Karan presents her with a gift box. Preeta asks why for her? He says she deserves it. As she unlocks the door a punching heart pops out saying I love you. Preeta was shocked to see this.

PRECAP: Rakhi says it’s a mehndi function in their house tomorrow. They must keep close eyes over every guest, Janki will be there and may signal about whoever their enemy is. Prithvi and Sherlin were happy that their plan is close to being accomplished; as Sherlin’s wedding functions are starting from tomorrow.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Kundali Bhagya Episode 153 Update on Sunday 2nd September 2018

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