Kundali Bhagya Episode 149 Update on Saturday 25th August 2018


Preeta tells Karan that she and Prithvi have an engagement. Karan asks why so early, even Rishab and Sherlin are having mehndi tomorrow. He tells Preeta to deny for this engagement.
Prithvi was waiting outside the ladies changing room. A sales girl asks him to wait at the other side, this is ladies changing room. Prithvi wonders where Sherlin has been. Rishab comes to take his attention, Prithvi was shocked to see him. Rishab explains why he was smiling? He says he read a joke in his cell phone. Sherlin comes to greet them, Prithvi says his wife to be called him here. Rishab asks if Preeta is here as well? Prithvi tells him their engagement has been fixed. Sherlin congratulates him, and signals Rishab to congratulate him too. Rishab says he thought he must do it when Preeta is also here.
Karan tells Preeta to try the dresses. When they play cricket, everyone change in the same room and he promises not to even look towards her. Preeta says friendships have their limitations, and during cricket there are only boys. Karan says normally his girlfriends are elated to get a chance with him in the changing room. Karan peeks outside and teases Preeta that Prithvi is outside, she gets the joke by his smile and finally pushes him outside. Karan turns around finds Prithvi in front of him. Prithvi was about to question Karan but Karan in turn blames Prithvi to be shameless. Prithvi tells Karan that Preeta is inside the changing room trying her dress. Karan goes to knock the door to tell Preeta how disgusted Prithvi is and says he must get their proposal broken. Prithvi wonders if he has gone crazy. Karan laughs that it was only a joke. He asks if Prithvi wanted to know what he was doing in the girl’s changing room. It’s simple, he came for an affair with Preeta. Prithvi wasn’t ready to accept the joke this time. Preeta comes outside the changing room and finds them confronting each other. Before Prithvi gave his consent, Karan says its not looking good at all. Prithvi says it looks really good; after all he selected the dress. Preeta agrees over the dress. Prithvi tells Karan that his was an un-invited opinion. Karan gets a call from Rishab, Preeta also comes out of changing room and confirms the dress. Karan tells her to go and meet Rishab for a while. Prithvi goes ahead. Karan asks for Preeta’s hand but she shows an attitude and walks away.
Rakhi comes at Sarla’s place. Bee ji complains to Rakhi about Sarla for not sharing about the accident with her. She promises Bee ji to inform her if something happens again. Rakhi then calls Giresh to bring a wheel-chair. She invites Sarla and Bee ji and specially to bring Janki in the Rishab and Sherlin’s mehndi. She shares with Sarla that Sherlin’s aunt had objections about delay in weddings otherwise she didn’t want to hold a function in such situations. Sarla tells her about fixing Preeta and Prithvi’s engagement and wedding as well.
Preeta and Prithvi come to Rishab and Sherlin. Rishab complements Preeta to be looking really pretty. Preeta smiles that these are her own clothes. Rishab says the complement was for her. Prithvi asks him to congratulate her and explains Rishab wanted to congratulate them for engagement. Sherlin invites Preeta for their mehndi function with family and asks her consent about the dress. Sherlin says it is outstanding, as its Rishab’s choice and goes to try it. Prithvi tells Rishab about another good news. He and Preeta will soon marry and he will send Rishab the first invitation. Rishab smiles saying he will take the invitation himself. Prithvi’s friend waves him from a distance, he goes to meet him. Preeta asks Rishab he wants to say something? Rishab asks if she doesn’t think it’s too early for her to get married. Preeta says even Karan was saying so. She says wedding had to take place, it’s not about any hurry. She tries to explain about Prithvi’s visit abroad. Karan comes there and asks Rishab if he has congratulated her and its totally a waste of time. Preeta and Karan have an argument, while Rishab goes to take a call.

PRECAP: Sherlin and Prithvi were together in the changing room. Karan passes by and calls Sherlin from outside.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Kundali Bhagya Episode 149 Update on Saturday 25th August 2018

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