Kundali Bhagya Episode 148 Update on Friday 24th August 2018


Srishti tells Preeta that she finds Prithvi villain. Preeta says that might be because he’s taking her away from the house. Srishti takes tea for Prithvi to make friendship with him. Preeta wonders whether she really meant that. Sarla gets happy seeing Srishti bringing tea. She thinks this way Srishti wants to apologise to Prithvi. She brings tea to Prithvi. He tells her to give to Dadi first. Dadi says Prithvi first. In that, Srishti purposely drops tea on his hand and blames him for not taking when she offered first. Prithvi gets angry at her. Sarla and others are shocked at his behaviour. Dadi asks him to calm down. Prithvi realises he said too much and apologises to everyone saying he lost his cool as hot tea fell on his hand. After that, he asks Sarla whether he can take Preeta with him
to a mall to buy her a gift as his mom wanted him to give her a gift once engagement date is fixed. They leave. Sarla scolds Srishti for dropping tea on Prithvi’s hand. Srishti says in her mind that she hates Prithvi. It would be something if Karan or Rishabh had become her jija. She hopes it really happens.
Both brothers are in a showroom with Sherlyn. Karan tells Rishabh he didn’t want to be here, he doesn’t know anything about shopping. Rishabh says he needs his expert advice. He at least knows latest trends, what girls like, etc. Karan says he will help but in return he has to promise that he won’t scold him in front of Preeta. Rishabh teases him. Karan was leaving. Rishabh says he was just joking. Prithvi and Preeta also come to same place. Preeta hesitates to go inside as it’s an expensive shop. Prithvi says their marriage matters most to him. He can at least spend few lakhs for his wife. This is just a small gift. For their marriage, they will do a lot of shopping. He asks Preeta to choose her dress. She goes in. He says in his mind, he will give what Preeta she deserves later, but for now, he is more interested in Rishabh’s crore of rupees. For that, he can spend small amounts.
Rishabh is confused what dress to pick. He asks Karan to help. Karan sees a dress and says it will look very good on her. Rishabh asks on Sherlyn? He says no, on his girlfriend. Rishabh asks what girlfriend? He called him there to help him. Karan puts dress on side and says let’s select for Sherlyn first.
Preeta picks up same dress and she likes it. Prithvi doesn’t like it. He asks her to look for something else. He picks some cheap dress and asks her to try it out. If it fits, then they will get that. Preeta says ok and goes.
Other hand, Karan picks up a small dress for Sherlyn. Rishabh says it doesn’t look good for family function. Karan suggests him to give Sherlyn a surprise, she will like because Rishabh will give. Rishabh doesn’t like it and says he will put it back. Karan says fine, he won’t help him then. Rishabh tells him if he’s saying, then he will try. Karan says in his mind that he purposely chose bad dress for Sherlyn.
Karan buys something for him as well and goes to try it out. Preeta was also going in changing room. Prithvi brings another dress and asks her to try that too. Preeta comes in changing room and Karan was changing, he had just taken his pants off. Preeta screams. Prithvi asks if everything okay. Karan says nothing in girls voice. Prithvi asks what happened to her voice. Preeta asks Karan why he said in girls voice. He says he came in ladies changing room, so thought to try ladies voice too. Preeta is irritated. Karan says if he speaks in his voice then what will Prithvi think seeing them together in changing room. Prithvi asks if everything okay. Preeta says she is okay. Something had stuck in her throat. He tells her to change, he is waiting outside. Karan teases her that she will have to stay with him now because Prithvi is outside. They argue they don’t have manners. Karan tells Preeta couldn’t she knock. She asks him to put his shirt on first. He refuses. Preeta asks him to sit and then puts his shirt on him. Both have eye lock. Sajdaa song plays.. Preeta then asks him to leave. He asks what she is doing with Prithvi. She says they are going to get engaged…
Precap: Karan challenges Prithvi that he will break his and Preeta’s alliance.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Kundali Bhagya Episode 148 Update on Friday 24th August 2018

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