Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1095 Update on Saturday 25th August 2018


The Episode starts with Kiara telling Abhi that she is his daughter. She says my mum will not make such a bad pony even when sleeping. Abhi says you shall thank me for making such a good pony. Kiara says it is ok ok. Abhi asks her to stop behaving like a princess. Kiara says I am a princess. He gets Dasi’s call and she tells him that Suwarni Dadi missed the flight and she will come by tomorrow morning flight. Kiara asks him not to miss her and says she is tired of hiccups as many people miss her. She calls him driver. Driver comes and says you don’t look like driver. Abhi says I am not a driver and says she called me by many names. He says never. Kiara says you also called me by many names, first princess and then moody. She says I am more cute than you, as my papa needed a daughter. Abhi recalls
telling Pragya that he needs daughter like her. She asks him to come closer and kisses on his cheeks, says although my mum asked me not to kiss anyone, but then also..She says you are my photo copy. Abhi gets emotional and kisses on her forehead.
Driver takes Kiara to Pragya. Abhi gets Purab’s call. Kiara tells Pragya that Mr. Blaster was lovely. Abhi drives the car and looks at Kiara while leaving. King, Pragya and Kiara come to the hotel. Pragya says we will stay here till Dada searches house for us. Kiara says I love India. They check in the room. Kiara asks where is his luggage? King says in my room. Kiara asks why they stay in different rooms when they are family. Kiara goes to check her bathroom. Room service guy asks for selfie. Kiara comes and asks for selfie. Pragya takes their selfie with the room service guy.
Kiara asks Pragya where is cookie? Pragya says rockie is here. Kiara says that driver must have stolen my cookie, he wouldn’t have seen such a doll before and calls him thief. Abhi reaches home. He thinks of Kiara and sees cookie in his car. He thinks when she meets him again, he will return it to her. She sees cookie toy and reminisces Pragya. He says kids represent future, but that girl took me to my past 7 years back. Pragya says he will return your doll and if he don’t then I will scold him and asks him to steal his own daughter’s doll.
Abhi is in his room and thinks of Kiara. Tanu comes there and calls him. Abhi says I need a daughter. Tanu is surprised and asks do you want baby with me. Abhi says I didn’t mean that and says we are married, but we have nothing between us. She asks why did you think of this. He says I want to adopt a girl. Tanu says she is concentrating of Mrs. India’s contest and her career will end now. If she wins then she will participate in Mrs. Universe contest. Abhi says I will take care of the girl and says I am telling you as I need you to adopt a baby. Tanu says sorry and says she wants to rebuild her career which ended years ago, and don’t want to do any mistake. Abhi gets upset. Tanu thinks who told him this.
Kiara is in her sleep and asks cookie to return. Pragya thinks she shall bring doll for her and goes out. Purab is in the bar and drinking. He thinks about Kiara and Tanu’s refusal. Purab comes there and says I have searched you in many places. Abhi asks him to let him drink and says I am putting ointment on my wounds. He says I asked Tanu’s signatures on the adoption papers, but she refused as she wants to be model and not a mother. He says I have nothing to do with her, and says why can’t I have a baby. He says I want someone to hug me when I return home, and relieve my tiredness. He says I have done so much for Tanu, and even gave Pragya’s place to her. Purab says she got it forcibly. He says Sunny is like your son. Abhi says Sunny is my jaan, and I get happy when he calls me Chachu. He says to tell you truth, I want my own baby who calls me papa, daddy etc and says Tanu refused, she is my wife infront of everyone, and she would have helped me as a friend.
He says when he went to airport, he met a girl and says he wanted same daughter like her. He says she was fighting with me and then she kissed me. He says I felt like she is my daughter, and after 8 years, I felt Pragya is near me in the airport. He says I felt like she touched me today, and says I am telling truth. He says I did all that which I haven’t done since 8 years. I took Pragya’s name. Purab is surprised.
Abhi says I felt seeing that girl that Pragya has won and I have lost. He says if Pragya had a son then he would have been like me, but we parted ways.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1095 Update on Saturday 25th August 2018

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