Kuch Rang Episode 311 Update on Tuesday 6th November 2018

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Dev tells Sona that he will drive. She says okay. They both pick Soha. Dev drives. Soha tells about her classmate and Sona says just like his old Kolkota classmate. Soha says Ravinder. Dev says Soha shares everything with mamma. Sona and Soha says that is why they both are perfect. Soha says mamma also shares everything with Asha. Sona says not when she loved Dev and says by the way Asha had come home to meet her. Soha insists to meet Asha. Dev says they will go home. Soha insists. Dev agrees. Soha thanks him.
They all 3 reach Bose house. Asha gets happy seeing Soha. She then sees Dev and asks they also came. Soha says papa brought them. Asha says she will bring tea for them and chocolate milk for Soha. She goes to kitchen and Sona follows. Soha says Dev let us

play and forcefully takes him along. Sona asks Asha why did she come to Dev’s house. Asha says Sourav was passing by, so she also dropped in, but she will not from hereon. Asha says whatever she and Elena are thinking is wrong, she just helped Dev like he helped us during Sourav’s marriage. She continues that they are just trying to be Soha’s parents and keep her happy.

Dev jumps on window and peeps in. Sona says Dev and Soha get along very well and she realized what Soha was missing. Dev falls from window. Asha says must be a cat and asks what is Dev’s problem. Sona changes topic. She says a big dog must have fallen, she knows how to teach him a lesson and walks back side of house.

She sees Dev on floor and asks what is it. Dev asks her to lift him up. She says he fell like a dog. He says she is a cat. She asks why was he hearing mom and her conversation. He says no. She says he wants to know if she told about aunty’s truth. Their argument continues. Dev asks Sona to lift him up. She holds hand and falls on him.

Asha comes and gets shy seeing him. Sona gets up. Asha says if the dog has gone, they can come in and have tea when they like, Sona has slept. She leaves. Sona blabbers in Bengali. Dev says not again and asks to lift him.

He gets is aide’s call and tells Sona that he is trying to find out about the family whose money his mom stole, but did not get any clue. Sona says they should go back to the area and try to find out clue. They both leave.

Dev and Sona go to Dev’s old area and enquire about that family. A neighbor serves them juice and says she is happy to see Ishwari’s Devrath here. Dev says even he is happy. Sona tells nobody knows anything about this family.

They both then go to a restaurant for lunch and start chatting. Sona says she felt today like they are couple again. Dev says couple. Their conversation continues. Vicky follows them and sitting on another table informs GKB that love birds are leaving.

Sona and Dev reach home. GKB starts buttery talks and serves them juice. They resist, but she insists. GKB reminisces mixing tablets in juice to extract truth from them.

Dev finishes juice. Sona sees pill powder in her glass. Golu throws cricket ball in and it falls next to her. She picks it and acts as ball falling on glass and drops glass. GKB yells angrily if she cannot hold glass properly. Sona says Golu threw ball.

GKB tries to walk out to scold Golu when Elena stops her noticing everything. Dev feels drowsy. Sona silently takes him to room and locks door. She tells Dev that maamiji added some tablets in juice, checks his temperature and pulse and find them normal. She tries to leave. Dev holds her hand and asks not to go.

Precap: Dev tells Sona that he just wants to look at her. He asks him to sleep and pushes on bed. He sleeps murmuring Sonakshi you are beautiful.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Kuch Rang Episode 311 Update on Tuesday 6th November 2018

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