Kuch Rang Episode 251–252 on Monday 24th September 2018

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Sona fumes after fighting with Arjun. Jatin consoles her that she cannot waste her energy on unnecessary issues. She calms down and asks how does he calm her down. He says he has to as she is his business partner. He cheers her up and they both leave for home.
Dev’s manager asks him who was the man with Sona. Dev says he does not know, his name is Jatin and asks to find out Jatin’s details.
Bejoy excitedly waits for Jatin and asks Asha if she prepare Dhoi mach as it is Jatin’s favorite. He asks about other dishes. Asha says yes and asks him not to pester Jatin more, he is coming after a long time. Jatin comes. Bejoy excitedly greets and hugs him. Jatin touches Asha’s feet and Daadi feet. Daadi says he can hug her. Bejoy asks her not to pester him and
asks how as his trip. He says he was coming early, but Sona took time, asks Asha to serve him dhoi mach soon. Bejoy asks him to stay here. Sona says she already told him. Bejoy says he considers him as his son, though he is not round like Sourav, laughs.. Asha gets angry.. Bejoy’s jokes continue and he takes Jatin to show his room.
Ishwari tells Mamaji that she finally told Dev what is in her mind, she told he is punishing her by living alone. Mamaji asks what did Dev say. Ishwari asks if she is wrong thinking of her son’s happiness. Mamaji says Dev will marry whenever he likes, he is her son and will not punish her.
Asha scolds Bejoy that the way he was behaving Jatin, he willunderstand his intention. Bejoy tells Asha that he will talk to Jatin about his and Sona’s alliance. Asha says he cannot force his decision on Sona. Bejoy says he just wants his daughter’s happiness.
Dev enters his room and sees Golu sleeping, says he came to a wrong room. Golu says it is his room and his bed. Dev enters and seeing Suhana’s drawing says it is very nice. Golu shouts not to praise Suhana’s drawing. Dev says father’s essay and his kind of drawing, says he feels like meeting this girl, and asks Golu if he will let him meet his friend. Golu is already sound asleep.
Jatin asks Sona to tell about Suhana to Dev. Sourav says Jatin is right. Sona says she already gave a choice to Suhana, but she chose to not meet her father. She is worried Dev will snatch Suha. Sourav says nothing will happen.
In the morning, Ishwari comes out searching Dev. Mamaji says Dev went to Golu’s school to give his report and says looks like Dev is Golu’s father and not Vicky, he is always happy when he is with Golu. Ishwari says yes.
Dev gives Golu/Ronak Tripathi’s report to peon and asks him to submit it. He hears Suhana reciting her essay about papa and stands smiling. Golu signals he is here, but Dev continues looking at Suhana. Suhana tells her imagination about her father, how he will meet her and will never go away. Teacher greets Dev. Dev gets employee’s message, smiles and signals at Suhana and leaves. Suhana also smiles.
Ishwari gets out baby clothes from suitcase and says Dev is fond of children and he started to believe in god when he heard Sona is pregnant, then Sona left them. If Sona was present, Dev would have been very happy. Sona took away Dev’s happiness.
Employee gets Jatin’s info and asks Dev to check it on laptop. Dev checks pics. Employee says Jatin is from Kolkota, 32, widower, successful businessman, and is thinking of remarrying. Dev asks about his girlfriends. Employee says he is not involved with anyone and is fond of Sona, he has booked a whole restaurant for a lunch with Sona.
Bejoy gets coffee for Asha and asks if she got an idea for her novel. Asha says no… Sourav comes and expresses his views about love. Bejoy taunts how will he know about know. Sourav says gentleman never tells about his girlfriend. Bejoy asks if his girlfriend’s name is chowmein or noodle.
Ishwari says Mamaji he always tells Dev forgets everything when he is with Golu and reminds a day when Dev brings Golu home for the first time excitedly and does not give him to even GKB, names him junior. Elena takes him to feed. Dev asks to be careful with neck. Elena asks how does he know all this. He says he knows..then says he has held Vickie in childhood. Out of flashback, Ishwari says mamaji she will go and meet Dev.
Dev watches clip and sees Sona and Jatin’s lunch date, gets very jealous and asks employee why this restaurant is empty. Employee says Jatin booked whole restaurant for Sona. Dev reminisces booking whole restaurant when Sona went on a date with her ex-fiance. He angrily breaks laptop.
Precap: Sona and Jatin hear sounds from Dev’s cabin. Ishwari reaches Dev’s office. Vickie asks why did she come here. Ishwari says she came to meet Dev. Sona and Ishwari knock Dev’s cabin at once and call him. Dev comes out shouting he told…stops seeing Ishwari..
Dev angrily breaks items in his cabin seeing Sona and Jatin together. Staff discuss they cannot face Dev’s anger. Vicky asks what happened. Staff says Dev is breaking things in his cabin. Sona angrily tries to open Dev’s cabin door, but Jatin stops her and says she should not bother. Vicky notices their proximity. Ishwari comes and Vicky asks why did she come here. She says she came to meet and knocks door calling Dev. Sona knocks door same time. ishwari fumes seeing her.
Golu fumes reminiscing Dev ignoring him for Suhana and waits for her to come out of class. Once she comes, he pushes her and she falls down and injured her forehead and knees. Teacher notices it and calls Dev.
Ishwari in Dev’s cabin asks why did he break things, what happened to him.
Dev gets teacher’s call that Golu injured his classmate and he should come there right now. Dev tells Ishwari that he will take to her later and leaves. Ishwari stands yelling that Dev does not want to talk to her now. Vicky says he knows why Dev is fuming and shows her Sona and Jatin’s restaurant clip. Ishwari yells even now Sona did not get out of Dev’s life and pestering him.
Dev walks towards school when a girl tries to sell him rose. He says he does not need it. She says for the one whom he loves. He says he does not love anyone. She insists and he buys a rose. He reaches school and asks Golu why did he do injure his classmate. Golu says he ignored him and paid attention to Suhana, so he got angry. Dev asks him to apologize Suhana and behave in front of teacher. Teacher calls him to principal’s cabin. Dev gives rose to Suhana and says he and Golu are really apologetic. Suhana smiles and says she already forgave Golu. Dev’s smiles and takes her out with Golu.
Bejoy returns home and shows Asha that he morphed Sourav’s pic and made him slim. Sourav sees pic and fumes. Their nok jhok sarts.
Dev buys ice cream for Suhana and Golu. Suhana says she cannot have it as she gets sore throat. She gives it to another child and his mother gives her a pen in return. She gives it to Dev as a return gift for his rose. Dev asks when are his parents coming. She says they may be stuck in traffic. Dev gets a call and goes aside. Jatin comes and takes Suhana. Dev fumes seeing Jatin.
Sona finishes her meeting with client and calls Jatin. Jatin tells about Suhana’s injury and tells she was busy with client, so he did not disturb her and came to receive Suhana. Sona says she is coming and walks toward lift. Ishwari comes and starts yelling that she did not spare Dev yet even after divorcing him. Sona thinks where is she stuck. Ishwari says she will not listen to her as she is selfish and just looks at her happiness, etc. Sona says she cannot talk to her like this as she is not her son’s wife now. Ishwari continues her yelling and shows Jatin and Sona’s restaurant meeting pendrive and says she got another man, so she should get away from Dev at least now. Sona asks if she spied on her. Ishwari says it is not important. Sona says Jatin is her friend and business partner and she is related to anyone now. She gives Ishwari a nice ear and leaves. Ishwari stands with her usual weird bechari type face.
Precap: Sona asks Suhana who injured her, she will complain against the boy. Suhana says she is fine. Dev sees Sona with Suhana and is surprised.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Kuch Rang Episode 251–252 on Monday 24th September 2018

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