Kuch Rang Episode 227–228 Update on Thursday 6th September 2018


Sona confronts Dev that it is not a scootie accident, it is a medical condition and if she cannot become mother, what she can do. Dev says nobody is blaing her, she is stupid. She shouts he cannot understand her what a girl feels staying with a stranger’s family in a strange environment. He says she cannot understand how a boy feels when he gives so importance to a girl and wants to take care of her. Sona continues shouting and while moving slips. He holds her and asks if she is fine. She asks why is he worried. He says he is worried as he feels pain if she is injured. She pushes him shouts get lost. He pulls her and kisses. She pushes him again. He holds her. Saanson ko saanson se milne do zara…song..plays in the background. She gives up. He holds her
hand and kisses. Their romance starts. She smiles ands says I love you Dev. He picks her and rests her on bed looking into her eyes. He then kisses her feet. Song continues in the background. They consummate and relax.
In the morning, Sona gets and thinks Mr. Obodro is asleep. He wakes up and says when she is near him, how can he sleep. She says let us go home soon, she wants to hug mom and thank her. Ishwari gets engrasped in thought during breakfast. GKB starts brainwashing her. Dev calls Ishwari and tells they are on the way home. She says booking was for 3 days. He says they will reach home soon and calls disconnects. Ishwari tells she booked resort for 3 days, how can they come early. GKB continues brainwashing and asks to question bengalan/Sona.
Dev drives car. Sona kisses him and says she got her prince charming. Dev says she does romantic talk when he drives always, he is thinking of shifting to Shimla. She says once they are back home, all routine will start, baba’s questions, fertility treatment, etc. Dev says even for him, it is difficult, but they will sail through, she should relax.
Ishwari sits eagerly waiting for Dev and Sona. GKB asks why is she so eager. Bejoy and Asha enter. Elena goes and hugs them. GKB starts yelling at them and calls them selfish, money grabbers, etc. Asha asks Bejoy to not lose his cool. GKB continues. Bejoy asks what rubbish she is yelling. GKB says his son grabbed money from Dev and they have come here to teach their daughter how to take care of Dev so that Dev can continue giving them money. Bejoy says even he came to know about this around 2-3 days ago. GKB continues yelling and insulting him. Bejoy asks Ishwari why is she silent. Ishwari says GKB’s words are different, but she is right, why did Sourav grab money from Sourav. Bejoy confronts. Ishwari shouts he cannot shout on her in her house.
Dev with Sona returns and asks what happened. Bejoy tells Sona that they came here to meet them and not get insulted by Dev’s family. Dev asks what is the issue. GKB continues shouting and insulting. Bejoy asks Dev if Sourav force d him to give money. Dev says Sourav did not ask money from him, he invested instead. GKB continues yelling. Sona says she cannot insult baba like this. Ishwari murmurs that Dev gave money to Sona’s family on Sona’s orders and forgot his mother and family. Dev sees her murmuring and asks what is she murmuring, she should speak to him. Bejoy asks Ishwari now she know the truth. Dev asks him to wait, he is talking to maa. Bejoy continues shouting that Ishwari saw some money after getting rich and became so arrogant. Bejoy slaps him. Sona is shocked seeing this.
Precap: Dev apologizes Bejoy. Bejoy warns him to never call him baba and dare try to come to his house in life.
Dev gets worried seeing Ishwari murmuring herself. Bejoi continues confronting Ishwari that she knows the truth now, she forgot her moral values after becoming rich and forgot her old days. Dev shouts to shut up and turns. His hand falls on Bejoy’s cheek and Bejoy gets a slap. Bejoy yells that is what he needed. Dev says it is a mistake and apologizes. Bejoy angrily walks out and warns Dev to never call him baba or come to his house. Dev tells Sona she saw it was a mistake. Sona says she does not know, she will be with her baba for the time being and leaves with Bejoy and Asha.
Dev returns. Ishwari asks where is Sona. He asks she went with her parents for sometime and will return soon. GKB brainwashes Ishwari that Sona did not care about family and went
with parents. Ishwari says when dear ones don’t care about her, why will others care. Her son cares about his wife and family more than his mother and family. Dev says it is not like that. Ishwari says she has decided that Dev and Sona will shift to another house. GKB is shocked that her plan has backfired.
Bejoy returns home fuming, calls Sourav and shouts because of him Dev slapped him. Sourav says he cannot believe. Sona asks him to calm down, they will return Dev’s money. Bejoy says it is 5 crores. Sona says 5 or 50 crores, it is not bigger than their family’s self-respect.
Dev asks how can she think of separating him from her, his identity is because of her. Ishwari says even birds live their nest when they grow up. Dev says he will never thinking of separating from her. GKB eagerly hears their conversation.
Asha asks how will they arrange 5 crores. Sona says they will sell this house. Asha asks what. Sona says she knows they made this house with so many dreams and hard work, but family’s self-respect is more important. Bejoy says she can do whatever she wants, he trusts her.
Dev in his room thinks Sona was right, once they returned home, problems started. He calls Sona and asks how are baba and maa, don’t worry, they both will sort out situation, if he should come there. Sona says she cannot talk to him now and disconnects call. He calls repeatedly and she disconnects call. In the morning, he gets ready for office and looks at his and Sona’s portrait. HE calls Sona again, Sona s busy with property dealer and disconnects call. Dev returns home at night and calls her and she rejects call again.
In the morning, during breakfast, Nikki comments and Ishwari asks her to shut up. GKB says let her speak, anyways their house has become a wrestling ground. Door bell rings. Dev eagerly look at door. Kichu enters with groceries. Dev says she is not hungry and leaves for office. Ishwari says he will be fine soon. GKB yells how will Dev get well until bengalan returns, she has settled in her parent’s house and will not return soon. Neha says without bhabhi, bhai will not be fine. GKB continues her drama.
Mamaji returns home and asks Ishwari if Sona and child are fine, where is she. GKB shouts Sona burst so many bombs. Mamaji asks her to shut up, he is talking to his sister. Sona reaches Dev’s house on her scootie.

Precap: Sona gives money cheque to Ishwari. Dev sees 4.5 crores cheque, takes Sona aside and shouts she is insulting maa. Sona says her baba was insulted. He shouts he is talking about his maa. Their argument continues.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Kuch Rang Episode 227–228 Update on Thursday 6th September 2018

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