Kuch Rang Episode 223–224 Update on Tuesday 4th September 2018


Dev informs Ishwari that he came to know about Sona’s infertility issue much before marriage when Sona was hospitalized due to stomach ache. He informed Sona just yesterday and Sona insisted to inform maa, but he was afraid Sona and maa’s relationship will spoil again. Ishwari is shocked and asks why did he lie just for a girl. He should return back to his wife and she will not return to his house.
At Bose house, Bejoy fumes that Dev misbehaved with him and asked to get out, everyone wants him to get out of that house. Asha says that is happening as he goes there often. Bejoy says he is worried about Sona. Asha says Dev is much worried about Sona and asks him to calm down.
Dev tells Ishwari that she is his god and how can he live without her, he
cannot think of a life without his mother, etc.. Ishwari says as he told there are 7% changes of Sona to conceive and if Sona agrees to try infertility treatments and pregnant. She needs her heir at any cost and will come back with him only if Sona agrees to this condition. Dev rushes home.
Sona cries in her room and Elena tries to console her. Dev enters and tells Sona that mom will return home only if Sona agrees to try infertility treatments and conceive. Sona asks what if she does not conceive. Dev says they will hire best specialists annd will try their best. Sona nods okay. Dev thanks her and leaves to bring Ishwari. Sona thinks Dev is thinking of short term solution and is doing same mistakes repeatedly.
Asha calls Elena and asks if Sona is fine now, if Ishwari came back home. Elena tells Ishwari is in a temple and has imposed a condition to return only if Sona agrees for infertility treatment. Bejoy hears that and researches on infertility treatments and tells treatments are very painful for women and there are lots of side effects, so he will not let Sona undergo such a pain. Asha says if Sona gets her own baby, pain is worth. She calls Sona and asks to come there.
Dev reaches temple and brings Ishwari back home. Ishwari asks about Sona. GKB starts her drama and yells that Sona went to her parents house to seek their opinion, she thinks we are all illiterate fools. Dev calls Sona and asks if she is fine. Sona says yes. Dev asks to return home soon.
At Bose house, Bejoy tells Sona that she should not go through severe pain for infertility treatment and reject Dev and his mother’s request. Sourav confronts him and asks why he is against Dev always, Dev also loves Sona like he does. Bose shouts it is his right to worry about his daughter and shouts reveals that Sourav took 5 crores from Dev for his business, so he is taking Dev’s side. Sona is shocked and asks Sourav to explain. Sourav says when he was searching for investor, Dev came to know abou it from somwhere, called him to his office and looked at his ideas and gave his own input and willingness to fund. Sona thinks Dev hid a lot from her.
Precap: Ishwari asks Sona if she is ready for infertility. Sona says yes, but if she fails, will she consider as her family member. Ishwari stands silently.
Dev eagerly waits for Sona to return. Sona tells Bejoy that she needs to go as maa and Dev must have returned home. Asha asks to rethink about infertility treatment as it is very painful. Sona says she will leave now and walks out. Dev eagerly continues waiting outside. Sona reaches. Dev says let us go in, mom has returned. Sona asks if he is sure about treatment. He asks what happened. She says even earlier everyone were eager about her pregnancy and if their hope shatters again. Dev says we will try our best and will think aout results later.
Inside home, GKB tries to brainwash Ishwari that bengali baba/Bejoy must be brainwashing Sona. Elena says even they are worried. Sona enter with Dev. Neha yells Ishwari that her bahu came. Ishwari says whoever
must have done mistake, the truth is her dream is shattered and she is deeply hurt, she just needs a heir of her house. Dev says Sona agreed for treatment and they will consult this city’s best fertility treatment clinic. Ishwari says she will fast for 16 mondays then and asks Sona if she is ready. Sona says she needs to talk to her. GKB murmurs herself that Sona is hitting her leg with an axe herself. Sona tells Ishwari that she is ready to do anything and tells her childhood story where she likes a doll and her parents did not have money, when her baba got salary and they reached shop, doll was already sold, she did not get what she needed for the firs time. If she had got that doll that time, she would not have remembered that incident. Sona asks what she wants to say. Sona says she is ready to undergo any treatment, but if she fails, will she consider her as family member again. Ishwari says she is right, this is our family and she asked her to undergo treatment for this family’s sake, her child is whole family’s child and she has to try her best to fulfill her promise and stop thinking negative, she just have to think about 7% success rate.
At night, Dev comes out of washroom and Sona in front of mirror. He thanks her for accepting mom’s request. Sona says mom is right, they are all a family and she is doing this for family, if the result is positive, she will get same happiness as mom will. Dev says he told everything to mom that she did not know anything and he hid it even from her. Sona asks if he told everything. He says yes. She asks what about 5 crores he gave to dada/Sourav. He says she considers his family as hers, but what about him, he just did a business, Sourav described his idea and he liked it and invested. Their chatting continues.
GKB sees Elena applying nail polish and insists to apply it on her fingers also. Elena says she will apply on herself first and then will apply on her fingers. GKB thinks her fingers will look good, Vicky got a dusky wife, if it was in her control, she would hav got a fair bahu. Vicky comes and asks to get him hot milk. Elena asks GKB to get him milk as her fingers are still wet. GKB thinks these 2 tota maina/love birds are pestering her a lot.
In the morning, Dev joins family for breakfast and tells Ishwari his child would be naughty like her. After breakfast, Dev with Sona and Ishwari meets doc. Ishwari says she needs her ahu’s treatment ASAP. Doc says they need to perform tests for 2-3 days and then start treatment. Ishwari asks why 2-3 days. Doc says she will do Sona and Dev’s stress test first and asks her to go out. Ishwari asks why, she came with them. Doc says she has to go out.
GKB yells in front of Vicky that she tried hard to brainwash Ishwari and kick Sona out of house, but her plan failed and Ishwari instead reaccepted Sona and took her to doc. Vicky says she is too eager and makes mistakes and should wait and watch.
After performing stress test, doc tells Ishwari that Dev and Sona are under a lot of stress and once they are tension-free, 7% chances may work and Sona may get pregnant soon. Ishwari asks to treat her bahu well.
Asha serves tea to Bejoy and Sourav and asks Bejoy to have it. Bejoy says he does not want Sona to go through pain, so he will ask her not to undergo treatment. Asha says what is wrong if they get happiness. Sourav says same. Asha asks Bejoy to relax and concentrate on his secretary job.
Sona returns home and finds Shimla tickets on bed. Dev comes and asks her if she started reading immediately after returning home. Sona shows Shimla tickets and asks if he booked them. He says no. Ishwari enters and says she booked tickets as doc suggested them to be tension-free. They should enjoy trip and even visit temple there as wishes come true there.
Precap: Sona enjoy their Shimal vacation. Vicky finds file in which he finds that Dev has invested 5 crores in Sourav and Sona’s file and hatches a plan.

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