Kuch Rang Episode 221–222 Update on Monday 3rd September 2018


The episode begins with GKB lamenting where her Jiji might have gone. She taunts Bijoy and Asha that they had arrived here after all this nautanki lshe accuses them that their daughter had lied to every one, that they have given terrible sanskaar to their beti She has destroyed the family GKB accuses that if Anything happened to Ishwari they would be responsible. Bijoy says this is exactly what he feared would happen, the would blame his innocent daughter only. Bijoy says ishwari was bhaving childish manner. Who leaves their house in this situation ?? Dev comes
and asks Baba not to speak about his Maa this way Bijoy dev have angry confrontation and accuse each other.
As GKB is speaking against Bose family Elena confronts her and asks her not to speak about her family
like this. Vicky to asks maa to stop. Vicky remembers his dad and wishes he was here to stop his maa tha atom bomb
Sona locates Maa at Shiva temple, she is happy and relieved to see her at last. She pleads her to come back home. Ishwari accuses sona of lying, accuses her of winning her affection by false means her trust, misleading her. Sona says she was not at fault , but Ishwari refuses to believe her. Ishwari says she herself heard Sona saying that maa would be hurt with the truth that is why Dev gave in to sona’s demands and hid facts from Maa. Sona had crushed her trust, affections, hopes and beliefs on her bahu . She had opnd put her heart to sona thinking she was about to make her a grandmother but Sona has given her heart break.Ishwari says she had started considering sona her fourth daughter. She whet against her son for taking Sona’s side. Sona asks if she loved her only because of the baby ?? Sona weeps so does Ishwari, she refuses to go with her anywhere.
Later GKB is drawing a kiddish pic of Jiji for giving to police. Vilena make fun of her, they accuse her of interfering in Devakshi matter. Bilena accuse GKB of blabbering about the report to ishwair thats why she was gone now. GKB says she thought jiji would throw Bangalan , but she never thought Jiji would go off herself.
GKB says her brain was working now if sona could not have a baby this was golden chance for Vilena to have baby and give a heir to this house. Elena refuses to listen to GKB ,
At shiva temple Ishwair Sona emotional confrontation continues , both are shedding copious tears. Sona starts walking out of temple heart broken, she weeps at the base of the stairs and then is seen going back home in Auto … Weeping all the way.. She remembers how happy ishwari was when her pregnancy news broke.
At Home GKB is doing drama before the God , trying to impress Dev but he gets irritated and walks off , Vicky asks his maa to stop all this drama.
Dev sees sona returning home in auto, sonanis in bad shape with al the crying. She tels dev that maa was at shiva temple, she was refusing to come home. She tried to pleade her, convince her but maa refused to return. Dev rushes to temple to get back maa. Dev reaches temple amd starts pleading her, reprimanding her for this kind of irresponsible behaviour.
At Dixit house GKB is Shouting at sona, blabbering and spouting poison at her. Elena asks maa not to accuse sona di , GKB asks Sona not to spoil her Bahu , and make elena like her
Elena then says sona di is quiet because she can never do anything wrong and she would never tach elena any wrong thing , elena is sure sona di has nothing to do in this current matter too. She knew her sister very well. GKB gets disappointed amd walks off
At shiva temple Ishwar refuses to return home as at home there was no one for her , her own beta had not become his wife’s , he was taking his wife’s side, he was lying to his mother for saving his wife.
Dev explains that all this was his doing Sona had nothing to do with this , dev Reveals to maa that he knew about Sona’s infertility before marriage. Sona had only 7% chances of getting pregnant.He did not want sona’s condition to come between their marriage , he even hid it from sona, and her family too. Her pregnancy report too was hidden from Sona , He had lied to every one.
Sona came to know about her reports only yesterday. Ever since then Sona wanted to tell everything to mee , dev himself was stopping her. Dev says he was at fault m he was now standing before his maa with bowed head.
Precap: Ma says she would return only if he did what she asked him to Dev agrees to do what ever she wished , he just wanted ehr to return home.
Ishwari asks him to fulfill the dream he had shown her…(To make her a grandmother …)
Dev informs Ishwari that he came to know about Sona’s infertility issue much before marriage when Sona was hospitalized due to stomach ache. He informed Sona just yesterday and Sona insisted to inform maa, but he was afraid Sona and maa’s relationship will spoil again. Ishwari is shocked and asks why did he lie just for a girl. He should return back to his wife and she will not return to his house.
At Bose house, Bejoy fumes that Dev misbehaved with him and asked to get out, everyone wants him to get out of that house. Asha says that is happening as he goes there often. Bejoy says he is worried about Sona. Asha says Dev is much worried about Sona and asks him to calm down.
Dev tells Ishwari that she is his god and how can he live without her, he
cannot think of a life without his mother, etc.. Ishwari says as he told there are 7% changes of Sona to conceive and if Sona agrees to try infertility treatments and pregnant. She needs her heir at any cost and will come back with him only if Sona agrees to this condition. Dev rushes home.
Sona cries in her room and Elena tries to console her. Dev enters and tells Sona that mom will return home only if Sona agrees to try infertility treatments and conceive. Sona asks what if she does not conceive. Dev says they will hire best specialists annd will try their best. Sona nods okay. Dev thanks her and leaves to bring Ishwari. Sona thinks Dev is thinking of short term solution and is doing same mistakes repeatedly.
Asha calls Elena and asks if Sona is fine now, if Ishwari came back home. Elena tells Ishwari is in a temple and has imposed a condition to return only if Sona agrees for infertility treatment. Bejoy hears that and researches on infertility treatments and tells treatments are very painful for women and there are lots of side effects, so he will not let Sona undergo such a pain. Asha says if Sona gets her own baby, pain is worth. She calls Sona and asks to come there.
Dev reaches temple and brings Ishwari back home. Ishwari asks about Sona. GKB starts her drama and yells that Sona went to her parents house to seek their opinion, she thinks we are all illiterate fools. Dev calls Sona and asks if she is fine. Sona says yes. Dev asks to return home soon.
At Bose house, Bejoy tells Sona that she should not go through severe pain for infertility treatment and reject Dev and his mother’s request. Sourav confronts him and asks why he is against Dev always, Dev also loves Sona like he does. Bose shouts it is his right to worry about his daughter and shouts reveals that Sourav took 5 crores from Dev for his business, so he is taking Dev’s side. Sona is shocked and asks Sourav to explain. Sourav says when he was searching for investor, Dev came to know abou it from somwhere, called him to his office and looked at his ideas and gave his own input and willingness to fund. Sona thinks Dev hid a lot from her.

Precap: Ishwari asks Sona if she is ready for infertility. Sona says yes, but if she fails, will she consider as her family member. Ishwari stands silently.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Kuch Rang Episode 221–222 Update on Monday 3rd September 2018

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