Kuch Rang Episode 211–212 Update on Monday 27th August 2018


Dev asks doc not to bother about Sona’s words and to continue treatment. Doc says it is obvious for Sona to react, she cannot hide truth from Sona for long. She gives him consent form and asks him get it signed by Sona or else find another doctor.
Elena and Vicky bring back GKB home after she stumbles seeing nonveg at Bose house. Elena asks if she wants to have something. GKB says kichdi with masala and ghee. Elena says she will inform Kichu. Vicky asks her to sit with maa, he will inform Kichu.
Sona reaches home. Neha gets happy that maa will scold Sona. Ishwari asks if she had gone to her mom’s house, she had informed her, she should have taken fruit to munch while traveling at least and shows more concern. Neha fumes in jealousy and yells
how can she go to her parent’s house disobeying maa. GKB jobs her and they both yell. Sona tells Ishwari that she did not go to her parent’s house and had gone behind Ayan and Khushi, she does not want to hide anything. Neha and GKB yell why she wants to spoil Riya’s happiness, Ayan and Kushin are cousins. Sona says she hope it was true, but they are having an affair and she has proof and opens her mobile. Riya comes and asks what proof. Ishwari asks Sona to hide it. Riya snatches mobile and is shocked to see Ayan touching Riya. She shatters. Ishwari sees Vidya next followed by Neha and GKB. Riya falls down shattered. Neha yells at Sona why she ruined Riya’s happiness, what was the need for this. Ishwari says Sona did right and saved Riya on time. Neha fumes in jealousy more.
Ishwari with Sona reachs Ayan’s house and informs Ayan’s parents that Ayan and Riya’s marriage cannot happen. Father says they are well respected family, so she cannot break alliance like this. Ishwari says she took decision earlier without much think and has tought well this time. Father alleges that he knows about their family, about Neha, Sona’s alliance already broken earlier, etc. Sona says he cannot allege them like this and misbehave with mom and shows them Ayan and Khushi’s video. They both stand in a shock. Ayan and Khushi enter and ask what are they doing here. Sona says they are exposed now. They both see video and allege that Sona was behind to break alliance as she is not happy in her marriage. Sona asks to shut up. Khushi says Ayan was consoling her like a brother and nothing else and Sona is wronglly alleging. Sona asks to show her mobile then, let everyone know what she messsages Ayan.
Riya continues crying and Neha acts as consoling her. Dev enters home and asks Kichu where are Sona and Ishwari. Kichu says must be in room and asks if he should call them. Dev says he will go up and passes by Riya’s room. He sees Riya crying and Neha consoling her and asks what happened. Neha yells bhabi told everything. Dev gets tensed that Sona informed about pregnancy complications and says Riya it is a simple issue and he will handle it. Neha yells why bhabhi was behind Ayan and Riya’s alliance from before and broke it via mom now. He realilzes she is talking about Ayan and Khushi’s relationship and says then Sona’s doubt was right. Neha yells he knew it from before and hid it. Dev calls Ishwari and asks her what is happening there, if he should come there. Ishwari asks not to tell anything to Ayan, she is hanndling issues here. Dev says but… Ishwari gives her promise
Sona tries to snatch Khushi’s mobile and tries to read message. Khushi pushes her and she falls down and writhes in pain. Ishwari tells Ayan’s parents that Sona is pregnant and to help them. They say there is a nursing home nearby and get Sona in car. Dev hears everything and asks Ishwari what is happening. Ishwari says Sona fell and Ayan’s parents are taking her to nursing home nearby. Dev gets tensed looking at consent form and Sona’s negative pregnancy.
Precap: Dev rushes in car towards nursing home. His mobile falls in car, car breaks down and he runs on street.
Dev rushes towards hospital in his car and shouts at people coming on the way. Sona in a waiting area writhes in pain and tells Ishwari she cannot tolerate pain. Ishwari consoles her. Dev calls her and asks how is Sona. Someone shouts at Dev to drive carefully. Khushi panics that Sona exposed them. Ayan asks her to calm down and scolds that because of her foolishness, Sona captured video. He calls Riya and tries to speak. Riya scolds him and asks to never call him. Khushi asks what they will do now. Ayan says he wil do something, Sonakshi started this game and he will end it on her. She asks what he will do. He says he does not know and leaves.
Two goons start yelling at Dev for ramming car on to their jeep. Dev says accident happened by mistake and
he will pay for it. They yell he is showing his money power. Dev holds collar and warns they don’t know who he is and what he can do, so they should take money and get lost. He then gets into car, but car does not start. He starts runnning. Doc checks Sona. Ishwari asks if everything is fine. Doc asks Ishwari to go out and let her check. Ishwari asks Sona not to worry and leaves. Doc checks Sona’s tummy for baby’s heart beat. Sona asks if everything is fine. Doc asks her to relax and goes out.
Ayan reaches hospital and tells Ishwari that he made a big mistake, but Sona has mistaken him. Ishwari warns him if anything happens to Sona or her child, Dev will not spare him. He hears Dev’s voice and hides. He thinks if something happens, Dev will really not spare him. He goes to doc and tells he is with Sona and asks if she is fine. Doc turns and identifies him as her friend. Ayan says it has been a long time since they met and asks how is baby. Doc says baby… Dev tells nurse that he needs to talk to doc. Nurse says doc is busy reading reports. Ishwari asks Dev what did doc say. Dev says doc is checking reports. Ishwari says they will go to their regular doc from there. Dev says there is no need for that. Ishwari says for a mother, child is most important and he cannot understand mother’s feelings. Ayan hears their conversation and smirks.
Elena looks at bangle designs on laptop. Vicky comes and gets romantic. GKB enters without knocking and tells Sona exposed Ayan’s lie. Vicky scolds to knock door before entering. Elena asks him why did not he lock door. GKB tells again Sona did a sting operation on Ayan and exposed him. Elena walks out. Vicky scolds her she should keep her mouth shut and not pester them like this.
Dev walks towards doc’s room when Ayan stops him and calls Dev bhaiya. Dev warns not to call him that. Ayan mimics Ishwari and says she is worried about Dev’s child which is not present at all and tells him what doc told. Dev angrily holds his collar. Ayan says like Sona exposed him, he will expose this truth to Ishwari. Dev asks what he wants. Ayan says he wants to marry Riya. Dev warns not to take his sister’s name from his dirty tongue and says he will protect his family from evils like him. He walks towards Ishwari and Sona thinking of telling them truth, but stops seeing a man happily holding newborn baby. Ishwari says this happiness is world’s best happiness and when Sona will give her grandson, she does not know how will she react, even Dev will be very happy. Sona says she will let Ishwari pamper and spoil child. Dev feels shattered.
Sona sees Dev and asks why is he looking stressed, if he spoke to doc, is there any problem. Doc comes and says Sona that she read her report, there is nothing to worry, her baby is normal and she can go home. Ayan standing behind smirks and reminisces asking doc a favor. Dev looks at him. Ishwari tells Dev that she has broken Ayan and Riya’s alliance, rest she will speak at home. Ayan messages Dev that he fulfilled his promise and it is his turn now.
Precap: Dev asks Sona if she trusts him. Sona says more than herself. Dev asks to go to mom and convince her for Ayan and Riya’s marriage. Sona asks what….

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