Kawach Episode 1–2 Update on Tuesday 22nd January 2019

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The serial starts with darshan of temples. Rajasthan’s famous Balaji temple is seen where bad evils are controlled. Isha travels in car and her car beraks down near temple. She looks at temple on cliff and asks her driver to get car ready soon as she has to reach her engagement venue soon. She goes to temple and gets afraid seeing ghost on a girl and pandit trying to control it. Ghost says girl in whose body he is on is his wife and will take her along at any cost. Pandit orders his disciples to control ghost, they all catch girl but ghosts pushes them all and says he will punish pandit now. Pandit throws holy water on girl’s body and ghost escapes from wall. Girl gets afraid seeing all this. Pandit asks who is she. She says she is Isha and is getting engaged today. Pandit asks her to take hanumanji’s blessing and go. Isha says some other day as she has to hurry up and leaves. Storm starts. Pandit thinks this is abshagun and is a sign of something bad. Isha then gets into car and travels again. Car breaks down again. Isha then sees haveli at a distance and walks towards it. Manjula, the ghost, does black magic and calls her. Blood drops falls on Isha from tree. She looks up and is shocked to see driver’s deadbody hanging. She panics and runs towards car. Car starts automaticaly by itself and crushes her. Ghost in haveli laughs that nobody should marry in Bundela family.
After four years, Paridhi with her friend Minty travels in car. Minty asks Paridhi that she must be excited to marry Rajveer Bundela. Paridhi says she met Rajveer 4 years ago when he was shattered after his fiance got missing, soon they became friends and he proposed her to marry. She further tells that they are going to Balaji temple and since she is an archeologist and will examine old stones while Minty records temple. They reach temple and Pari gets busy evaluating stone. Minty sees ghost on girl and pandit freeing the girl off ghost. She goes and tells Pari who says it is just superstition, there is nothing like evil spirit. A lady hears their conversation and says when there is god, ther is evil; when there is white, there is white, there is black. She continues explaining. Pari says she does not believe in evil and walks away from there. She then takes hanumanji’s blessings and turns to see lady standing and says she prayed good energy here. She and Minty then rush towards hotel in a car, which is 50 km away.
At Rajveer’s house, his family is busy practicing dance for engagement. Daadi is shown who prays god that nothing bad happens as Rajveer and Pari’s engagement broke thrice already. She goes to store room and sees old photo which changes colors and gets afraid and starts chanting hanuman chalisa. Her son comes and asks why did she come here. She shows painting and he says how did it come back here, he will burn it. She says not to burn as eveil spirit will get free and trouble them. He dorns white cloth on painting and takes her out.
Pari and Minty are on the way to hotel. Rajveer’s mom calls her and requests to reach her mansions safely and wear blue suit for engagement. Pari asks if her mom asked her to tell this and says her mom is dramebaz. She says she will go to hotel, get ready and come to mansion. Mom says she would have come direclty to mansion. Pari reaches hotel and gets ready in blue dress.
Rajveer is introduced where his neice sits on him and he does pushups. She counts 200 and says enough now. He says he is exercising and she is getting tired. His sister comes and jokes that she is 90 kg and has to eat a lot to maintain her weight. She asks what he bought for bhabhi. He shows old necklace and says one more is on the way. Jeweller calls him and says his necklace is ready. He asks jeweller to send it to his home. Manjulika comes there and steals necklace silently. She then is seen wearing it in her cave and adding stones in box instead. Rajveer goes to take bath. Pari calls Rajveer from hotel on Ipad. Neice picks call and calls Rajveer. Rajveer comes from wearing towel and hearing Pari’s voice thinks he is really in love as he is hearing her voice. Pari says she is here. Rajveer sees her on Ipad and his towel falls down. Pari says no no no and closes eyes and says she will call him later. She gets Rajveer’ gift box from jeweller and opens to see stones in it. Minty says Rajveer should have sent diamond necklace instead of stones. Pari says these stones are more precious than diamonds and Rajveer knows her choice. Minty takes her to get her ready. Manjula does black magic and stones start moving on floor. She discusses about her family. Daadi walks in hotel corridor and falls down. Family picks her and mom gets worried that already 4 times Pari’s engagemnet got cancelled and even now it will be canceled. Daadi says she is fine and they will all attend engagment.
Rajveer gets ready in sherwani and whole famly and guests gather for engagement. They all wait for Pari. Dadi hopes nothing bad happens and prays god. Rajveer gets a call from inspector that Pari’s car met with an accident and fell from cliff. He worriedly informs family. Whole family panics an daadi cries that she sensed wrong will happen and it happened. Pari comes with her friends and every one get happy. Rajveer runs and hugs her and thanks god that she is safe. Somone comments that Rajveer got a call that her car fell from cliff. She says that means girl who was traveling in her car met with an accident and reminisces a girl requesting to drop her to Bikaner as her mother is in hospital and needs urgent surgery. Pari sends girl in her car and herself travels in her friend’s car. Daadi thanks god for saving Pari. Engagement happens in an unique way with engagement ring falling from balloon.
After engagment, Pari goes to store room in search of Rajveer. Manjulika operates painting from her den and via black magic painting’s dancer’s ghungroo fall on floor. Pari picks it and gets happy seeing age old ghungroo. Rajveer comes and takes her from there. They both sit on garden bench. Pari is still looking at old ghungroo and praising its details. Rajveer says now they are engaged, they should kiss. Pari’s daadi nammo and Rajveer’s daadi Kammo who are childhood friends see them from a room. Nammo looks via binocular and mimicks Rajveer’s lips and repeats what he says. She enjoys alcohol and asks Kammo to take a peg, Kammo resists. Nammo sees Pari saying that she does not want to hurry and wait till their marriage. She gets dissappointed and tels Kammo that if Rajveer goes in this speed, she will not get her great grandchildren. Kammo says she broke many jodis during their college days and still continues. Nammo says she did not break her joi though. Kammo thanks her and says let us leave children alone now. Rajveer and Pari’s romantic moments continue.
Rajveer with his cousin tries to leave haveil for some important work. Old maid stops him and says he has shine on his face and some people are jealous of his shine, so his nazar should be performed. Rajveer says he does not believe in all this and walks out without nazar. Maid gets worried for him. He goes out and asks his cousin to start bike. Cousin starts bike and sees Manjulika standing behind tree. He tells Rajveer that a hot girl is tanding behind tree. Rajveer says he is already engaged to Pari now and cannot help him in his imagination. Manjulika hides. Cousin says girl was here. Rajveer says let us go. They both leave. Manjulika from behind tree thinks Rajveer’s shine is hers.
Precap: Daadi says family they all will go to hanuman temple and get kavach. Rajveer and Pari’s car breaks down. Villager informs not go near haveil as there is black magician who can make human dogs. Daadi says she has come back and will destroy Rajveer and Pari’s life. Manjulika disguised as village girl requests Rajveer to drop her home and takes him to her cave instead. She lures him with her harm when Pari’s kavach activates and magician jumps and shouts in pain. Rajveer gains consciousness. 

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Pari is sound asleep at night. Maid Saroj brings milk for her and sees her sleeping, so she keeps it on table. She sees ghungroo on table and imagines Manjulika dancing wearing it. She tries to wear it and dance. Kammo daadi sees her and asks why she wants to dance at night, if she does not know ghosts dance at night. She shakes Saroj and Saroj gains consciousness and asks what happened to her, she found this ghungroo in Pari’s room and it must be Manjulika’s ghungroo, she should burn it. Daadi takes ghungroo to kitchen and burns it on gas stove. Manjula writhes in pain. Dancing lady emerges from ghungroo and gas switches off. Manjulika shouts that she cannot burn her. Daadi keeps ghungroo in cupboard and says she knows Manjulika came back.
In the morning, Daadi insists family and Pari to go to hanuman temple for her sake. Pari agrees and says all youngsters they will go to temple. Manjulika’s mother from suitcase says they are all going to temple and today is amavasya, she should stop them. Pari with Rajbeer and other family youngsters travel in tempo traveler/TT towards temple. Manjulika blocks road with stones and fixes work in progress board. They use other road. An old man stops their TT and warns them not to go further as there is black magician’s haveli on the way and she will make human into animals. Pari says they don’t believe in all this and are going to hanuman temple. Others joke on old man. Old man says if they are going, they should remember 3 things, one they should not turn back, should not go anyone’s behind, and if tey meet someone, they should say ram ram and if person replies, he/she is human else ghost. They ingore old man and continue traveling. Their TT’s tyre bursts, they all come out and see it is already dark outside, think it was afternoon and suddenly turned dark.
Rajbeer and his uncle walk into jungle in search of mechanic. Sand storm starts and they both separate. Rajbeer walks further in and sees a beautiful woman bathing under water fall singing Ang lagade re….song… He then sees girl missing and someone shouting for help. He turns and sees Manjulika disguised as village girl and holding veil on he face asking her to help her. He asks what happened. She says someone is following her and asks to drop her till her haveli. He breaks old man’s said first rule. He walks with her till haveli and steps on thorn by mistake. He starts bleeding and blood falls on leaf. Manjulika takes blood to haveli and reminisces her mother’s words that if she gets Rajbeer’s blood, hair, or cloth, she can control him. She does black magic and controls Rajbeer. She goes out and gets Rajbeer inside haveli and starts romancing him. Pari also walks into jungle in search of water. A dog falls behind her and she starts running and reaches hanuman temple and falls on idol’s feet unknowingly. She is blessed and Manjulika’s black magic evades. She is thrown in air and shouts in pain. It gets sunny again. Rajveer gets conscious and sees himself in a weird place. He walks out back into jungle thinking how did he come there. Manjulika sees Rajbeer’s hair and smiles. Lady who met Pari earlier meets her again and says she knew she would come back and says she needs kavach/protection. Pari says she came here for god’s blessings and not kavach and walks from there. Lady thinks she has kavach already. She meets Rajbeer in jungle and says this jungle is weird, it gets dark and sunny in minutes, she got Minty’s call that TT is ready, says temple is near by and they should go there. He says no, it is already late. She says daadi asked them to go to temple. He says no and takes her back.
Pari’s mehandi ceremony starts. Rajbeer gets ready in sherwani and looks himself in mirror. Manjulika pulls hair and Rajbeer feels pain. She injures his doll’s face with hair and Rajbeer starts bleeding from mouth. He gets confused what is happening to him and goes out. Mehandi artist applies mehandi on Pari’s hands. Natasha who TV soap actress comes and starts showing tantrums and asks to let her get mehandi first. Pari agrees. Rajbeer comes and sits next to Pari. Manjulika controls his brain. He yells at Pari why she wore such bad dress. She says she will change and shows his name in her mehandi. He shouts so what. She gets sad why is he shouting at her. He walks away from there thinking how can he misbehave with Pari, passes by a window and starts staring at moon. Saroj sees him staring at moon and realizes that he is controlled by black magic.
Kammo sees Nammo drinking alcohol and asks her to not drink at least today. Nammo says even she should celebrate and keep god aside at least today. Kammo says no.. Manjulika eners mansion and Kammo gets afriad hearing ghungroo sound. Manjulika looks at chandalier and power goes off. Kammo rushes to her room and sees her cupboard open and ghungroo on floor. Ghungroo turns into 1000s and covers whole place. Kammo chants hanuman chalisa and ghungroos vanish. She picks original ghungroo and keeps it under hanuman photo. Rajbeer goes to check electric fuse. Manjulika comes there and lights match stick. He turns and gets under her control. Pari’s kavach activates and Manjulika’s black magic vanishes. Power comes back and Manjulika escapes from there. Manjulika then goes back inside haveli and sees Pari standing under chandalier. She chants black magic mantras and chandelier falls on Pari. Pari sees hanuman idol falling, bends and holds it. Chandalier falls just inches away from her. Manjulika fumes in anger. Whole family runs to check Pari. Rajbeer shouts at Pari what if chandlier fallen on her and she died. She says how can he shout at her. He shouts mad woman and walks away. Pari is shocked. Mom says Rajbeer loves Pari, so he is worried about her. Saroji realizes that evil spirit is around and she has seen people doing anything to control someone, either they die or kill others.
Kammo Daadi sees Manjulika and asks who is she, she is from bride or groom’s side. She gets tensed. Rajbeer comes ands says she is his friend and he called her. Pari sees them together. Rajbeer asks when did they meet. She says 2 days ago. He says within 2 days of friendship, he called her for engagement. She says yes.. He looks at Pari and says she is his fiance. He says she is not beautiful, she did not like her. Rajbeer says why so. She says she is more beautiful and asks to look into her eyes. He looks into her eyes and says he loves his fiance, then asks if he really loves her. She says no, she loves her instead. She sees Pari watching them and asks him to introduce his fiance. He takes her and tells Pari that she is his friend from 2 years. Pari asks is it. Manjulika says she knows Rajbeer since she was 4 year old, then says she is joking. She shakes hands with Pari and her blood smears on Pari’s hand. Niece sees blood on Pari’s hand and says she is bleeding. Mom hears that and says she must have got injured with chandlier glass. Pari says it is not her blood. Manjulika says it is her blood. Rajbeer sucks her blood and asks if she is fine. Manjulika thinks she wanted her blood in Rajbeer’s body. Rajbeer’s brother interferes and says it is time for dance. Manjulika walks away. Rajbeer shouts at Pari again and leaves. His elder brother Shakti sees that and says his wife Natasha how can Rajbeer misbheave with Pari, he will speak to him. Natasha stops him and says it is their personal matter and he should not interfere.
Dance party starts. Rajbeer’s cousins dance mimicking Rajbeer and Pari. Kammo and Nammo daadi’s performance starts next. They dance jovially and everyone clap for them. Manjulika thinks she will make Rajbeer her dog.
Precap: Manjulika dances sensously with Rajbeer. Pari feels embarrassed. Manjulika says she will control Rajbeer now. Saroj tells Pari that there is black spirit haunting this house. Manjulika controls Rajbeer’s body and tortures him. Rajbeer shouts in pain and Pari cries.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Kawach Episode 1–2 Update on Tuesday 22nd January 2019

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