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Ranveer Vaghela is a servant in Parekh household and is in love with Ishaani Parekh, the daughter of a rich businessman Harshad Parekh who is the employer of Ranveer’s family. He never expects more than friendship from her and never tells Ishani his true feelings for her because he knows that she can never love him back. Ranveer is also very close to Harshad who he considers his idol, and helps him invest in the right shares. When he asks Ranveer to find Ishani a husband, he agrees.
Eventually, Ishaani’s father, Harshad, finds a wealthy man named Chirag, who is secretly a gold digger and only wants to marry Ishaani for her money. Ranveer finds this out, however no one believes him because Ranveer is only a servant. One day, Ishaani’s sister, Disha, tempted by her infatuation for Ranveer and tries to seduce Ranveer but he rejects her so, advised by her grandmother Hansa, she accuses him of raping her because she doesn’t want anyone to know that she was rejected by a low class servant. Though Ishaani and Harshad don’t believe Disha, it is revealed that Ranveer loves Ishaani who misunderstands his love as lust and the entire household brutally beats Ranveer, kicks him and his family out and send him to a jail temporarily.

2 Years Later

Ranveer is free and has become a successful business tycoon under a new name, RV. Meanwhile, Ishaani’s family are facing a shortage of money due to her father Harshad’s death. Ishaani’s mother, Falguni is shown married to a man, Nitin Joshi after Harshad’s death. They fight for their former mansion when it is put up on auction and Ranveer eventually buys it when they lose their case that would have given them all their money back. When Chirag finds out, he abandons Ishaani on their wedding day when he realizes Ishaani will no longer be wealthy.
Ranveer comes to know that his mother, Amba Vaghela is the reason for the failure of the case. So, as Ishaani is alone on her wedding day, Ranveer volunteers to marry her to save their family even though Ranveer had previously committed to marry Ritika Zaaveri, the wealthy daughter of a jeweler Sanjeev Zaaveri. Ranveer is happy that his dream came true and he can finally be happy with his childhood love, Ishaani.
However, Ishaani still does not love him back and only marries him after her mother begs her to and realizes Ranveer is the only person who can save her family from poverty. Ranveer’s one sided love and respect for Ishaani make her realize that there is a chance they could at least be friends.
Chirag, who is now Ishanai’s ex-fiancé, returns after leaving Ishaani at her wedding. Chirag wants revenge from Ranveer so he manages to convince Ishaani that the true cause of her father Harshad’s death is Ranveer. Ishaani does not believe him initially but Chirag uses his many resources to convince her that Ranveer killed her father Harshad. Ishaani is heartbroken and because of this, on the day of karwa chauth, she spends the entire day with Chirag, trying to find more evidence.
That same day, Chirag runs over a girl and her brother vows to take revenge. Ranveer, thinking Ishaani was the culprit, takes the blame for her and causes the girl’s brother to think Ranveer put her in the hospital. Ranveer finds out Ishaani has gone out with her ex-fiancé and as he is about to confront Ishaani, he is shot by the girl’s brother and is taken to the hospital. As he lies in a coma, Ishaani expresses her love for him finally. When he wakes up, he has lost all trust in Ishaani. Ishaani wins back Ranveer’s love.
Ritika (now Ranveer’s ex-fiancée), is set to marry Ishaani’s cousin, Sharman, but he calls off their marriage, just as Ritika’s father Sanjeev Zaaveri dies, because his father comes to know that his daughter, Ritika is pregnant. Chirag and Ranveer fight in a secluded place and Ishaani, having followed the pair, arrives to find a confused Ranveer standing over Chirag’s dead body. Believing Ranveer to be the murderer, she takes the blame and goes to jail, sentenced to be executed.

6 Months Later

Ishaani is assumed to be dead. Advocate Shikhar Mehra, Ritika and Ranveer’s friend, saves Ishaani’s life. Ritika is living with the Vaghela family as Ranveer’s acting wife for the sake of Ritika’s unborn child while Ishaani starts living in Shikhar’s mansion as employee but he loves her. Soon, everyone comes to know that Ishaani is alive.
Ranveer tells Shikhar that Ishaani is his wife but she tells Shikhar that she left Ranveer. She is still in love with Ranveer but thinks that he is the father of Ritika’s child so, to stop him from coming back to her, she decides to marry Shikhar.
Later, Ranveer tries to convince Shikhar to not to marry Ishaani as he thinks she’s a goldigger but she tells Shikhar the real reason she wants to marry him. Ishaani’s mother, Falguni, dies so her family join her in Shikhar’s house. It is revealed that the father of Ritika’s child is not Sharman but Chirag and that she killed him because he refused to marry her and give the child his name. Ishaani comes to know about it and decides to expose Ritika in front of the Vaghela family by entering the house under the pretense of memory loss.
Ritika and Ranveer’s marriage is called off as Shikhar declares that Ranveer and Ishaani are still married. Ishaani is about to consummate her marriage with Ranveer but stops. She had promised to return to Shikhar. Ritika miscarries when the assassin she hired to kill Ishaani accidentally shoots her instead. She accuses Ishaani of trying to kill her but Devarsh, Ishaani’s cousin and Sharman’s brother, gets framed for attempting to kill Ishaani.
Ranveer emotionally blackmails Ishaani into divorcing him so he can marry Ritika. Ranveer has false marriage ceremony with Ritika (with a fake priest and wrong mantras) but finally believes Ishaani about Ritika’s reality when he discovers it himself. After, Ritika is jailed for double murder – those of Chirag and Falguni – Ishaani leaves Shikhar for Ranveer but their divorce still goes through.

6 Months Later

Ranveer and Ishaani get married again but Ranveer’s long lost twin brother Milaan replaces him after their marriage to take revenge from his family. Ranveer and Milaan’s parents Amba and Kailaash had sold Milaan to a rich family to cure Ranveer’s illness.
Chirag’s sister, Nimisha, tries to expose Milaan. Milaan murders both Nimisha and Sharman. Everyone comes to know about Milaan being Ranveer’s twin brother and he has replaced Ranveer before committing suicide, he frames Ranveer for Sharman’s murder and injecting virus to Ranveer.
To prove Ranveer’s innocence and cure Ranveer’s illness, Ishaani leaves Ranveer because of a man named Nirbhay Singh Ahlawat’s condition who is a successful businessman in Haryana. Nirbhay gives proofs of Ranveer’s innocence to the court and Ranveer is proved innocent in court and starts Ranveer’s treatment with antidote.

6 Months Later

Ishaani has started a fake marriage with Nirbhay who is actually Ritika’s friend, who is in Haryana. Nirbhay hates Ranveer because he thinks he killed his first wife so he abuses Ishaani. Ranveer gets engaged to Nirbhay’s sister, Naina to take revenge from Ishaani. Ranveer sees Ritika in Nirbhay’s house and doubts.He finds out that Ishaani left him for a reason. Ishaani and Ranveer get caught after making love in Nirbhay’s house. Soon, Nirbhay’s misunderstanding is cleared up and he reunites Ishaani and Ranveer.

Meri Aashiqui Will Be Shown From Mondays to Fridays @9pm on Joy Prime TV

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