Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 476–479 Update on Monday 3rd September 2018


Jiyaji Rao Scindia learns about Laxmibai camping with her army at the border of the kingdom. To stop Jiyaji Rao from meeting Laxmibai, Dinkar Rao warns the Gwalior king that Laxmibai might attack the kingdom as she came at the head of her army. Laxmibai’s messenger is killed and his corpse sent to Laxmibai. 

Laxmibai and her aides discover a message from Jiyaji Rao tied to Vasudev’s corpse. Jiyaji Rao declares his support for the British and refuses to participate in the war. Laxmibai replies to Jiyaji Rao’s message by firing a canon. 

Unaware about the conspiracy, Jiyaji Rao is shocked by Laxmibai’s response. But before Jiyaji Rao can declare war, a courtier decides to personally meet Laxmibai. Captain Mac is shocked to learn that Laxmibai is alive and about her plans to attack the Gwalior Commissionary. Capt Mac is ordered to march to Kanpur. 

Laxmibai is shocked and surprised when she learns from the courtier that Jiyaji Rao never received her message. Jiyaji Rao Scindia is alarmed on learning from the British message that one of his courtiers was helping the rebels. Just before Raja Bahadur can reveal the truth to the Gwalior King, Dinkar Rao manages to accuse him of working against the interests of Gwalior. Raja Bahadur is arrested and imprisoned. 

Laxmibai and Tatya Tope are surprised when they learn that Jiyaji Rao Scindia declares a war on them. Lord Canning warns Capt Mac that he must take advantage of the battle between Laxmibai and Jiyaji Rao Scindia’s army. He orders Capt Mac to kill Laxmibai. Laxmibai and Jiyaji Rao Scindia’s armies clash. 

In the midst of the battle, the British battalion also joins the battle on the side of the Gwalior army. Laxmibai manages to defeat Jiyaji Rao Scindia. She tells the King that not only had he lost the battle but also respect. She allows Jiyaji Rao Scindia and Dinkar Rao to leave. Will Jiyaji Rao Scindia team up with the British?     

 Rani Laxmibai coronates Rao Saheb as the King of Gwalior. Laxmibai later realise that Rao Saheb is least interested in Purna Swadhinta Kranti and his only interest was capturing Gwalior Throne. She repends her decision of coronation of RaoSaheb. RaoSaheb and his courtiers are fully drunk and enjoying dance. 

Dinkarrao also gets entry in Gwalior Darbar. Rani and Tatyaguru are worried about the Raosaheb’s changed behavior at the same time Malang Baba comes and tells Rani that the now the time has come when you’ll need to sacrifice your life for dhartimaa. DinkarRao sends telex to Gaul about Rani and her collegues in Gwalior Fort..

Gaul marches towards Gwalior fort with Huge troops..RaghunathSingh is shocked and informs Rani about this. RagunathSingh suggests Rani to leave the fort and run away but Rani is determined to fight come what may be. Gaul enters Gwalior with huge troops…Rani says that ”Jab tak humara udeshya pura nahi ho jata swayam humara ishwar bhi humme apne paas nahi bulayega”. 

Gaul says that if u believe your God then come and fight with us… Rani is ready for last battle…

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 476–479 Update on Monday 3rd September 2018

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