Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 469–471 Update on Thursday 30th August 2018


decisive battle is fought between Laxmibai and Capt Hugh Rose’s army.Raghunath Rao is injured by Capt Hugh Rose. Queen Victoria through a proclamation ends East India Company’s charter and decides to govern the Indian territories directly. 

Ladai Sarkar and Tatya Tope are elated by the proclamation. However, Laxmibai believes British would still rule the country. Queen Victoria decides to come down heavily on rebels opposed to English rule. She orders shooting down revolutionaries. 

Laxmibai along with Tatya Tope and Ladai Sarkar plan to steal the telex, which Queen Victoria had sent to Capt Hugh Rose, from the Kalpi Commissionary. 

Tatya Tope has doubts about Laxmibai’s plans. He fears dividing the army would reduce their strength to fight the British. Narsinh Rao hopes that after learning about Laxmibai’s victory, other kings from Bundelkhand would join the struggle. 

Laxmibai and her comrades are stunned when they witness an army heading towards them. Raghunath volunteers to lead the raid on Kalpi in the absence of Ladai Sarkar. Unaware of the British conspiracy, Laxmibai, Tatya Tope and Raghunath march to carry out their plans. 

Meanwhile, Capt Mac along with Capt Hugh Rose prepares to attack Laxmibai’s army. Before her death, Ladai Sarkar manages to reach Tatya Tope and informs him about Jawahar Singh’s treachery. 

She reveals to Tatya Tope that the British army’s Hyderabad regiment was disguised as the Gwalior army. Jhansi soldiers are surprised when the Gwalior army attacks them along with the British army. 

Laxmibai too is surprised and shocked to see Capt Mac alive. Her shock increases when Jawahar Singh orders attack on Jhansi soldiers. Laxmibai manages to escape from the British. Capt Mac follows her. 

Laxmibai hides when Capt Mac is waylaid by a group of eunuchs. Damodar and his caretaker are shocked when the British come to arrest them. Will Laxmibai save Damodar? 

In the previous episode, the British surround Laxmibai’s tent to arrest Damodar. Munder escapes from the tent with a doll to divert the attention of the British FORCES.  

On reaching the battle field, Laxmibai realizes that her army has lost the battle. Before dying Narsinh Rao warns Laxmibai to save Damodar, who was alone with Munder. 

When Laxmibai reaches the tent, she is unable to find both Damodar and Munder. Raghunath, Jhalkari Bai and Tatya Tope too arrive. 

Laxmibai is relieved when she finds the prince hiding in a treasure chest. Laxmibai learns how Munder had hidden him and run away with a doll to divert the attention of the British. Despite suffering atrocities, the British fail to learn anything from Munder. 

As punishment, Captain Mac orders his soldiers to molest Munder. Meanwhile, Laxmibai along with her trusted aides prepares to storm the Commissionary. 

Will Laxmibai save Munder?

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 469–471 Update on Thursday 30th August 2018

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