Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 466–468 Update on Wednesday 29th August 2018


In the previous episode, Captain Mac and his army trapped Moropant, Chimnabai and their newborn baby.  Captain Gaul threatens to kill the baby if the couple does not tell them about Laxmibai’s whereabouts. 

Left with no other option to save her child, Chimnabai reveals to Captain Gaul that Laxmibai has gone toKalpi to meet the kings and zamindars of neighboring territories who can support her. 

On reaching Kalpi, Laxmibai sees corpses of the kings and zamindars she was scheduled to meet hanging on trees. She finds a note from Captain Gaul stating that he would not spare anyone trying to help her in the freedom struggle. 

She also finds the amulet which was tied around Karma’s neck. Meanwhile, the British continue their atrocities on Moropant. They first tie his hands and then tie a rope around his neck and leave him hanging on a tree. 

Moropant barely has a tree bark to support himself. Not having lost courage, Moropant warns Captain Gaulthat Laxmibai won’t spare him at any cost. Soon Krantiguru appears along with her aides and puts up a fight against Captain Hugh Rose and his army. 

Captain Rose manages to overpower Krantiguru after the sword falls from her hand. Krantiguru goes down on her knees much to Captain Hugh Rose’s happiness. 

But to his dismay, when he lifts the veil, he realizes that he was fighting Jhalkari Bai and not Laxmibai. Meanwhile, Laxmibai goes towards Captain Mac’s tent to rescue her parents. 

After killing Captain Mac’s soldiers, she challenges the Captain for a sword fight. In order to distract Laxmibai, Captain Gaul throws the sword and slashes Moropant’s leg. 

Moropant loses balance and chokes to death. Laxmibai and Chimnabai are left shocked. Will Laxmibai be able to save herself from Captain Gaul In the previous episode, Laxmibai had stormed Capt Gaul’s tent to rescue her parents. 

Capt Gaul injures Moropant to distract Laxmibai. Capt Gaul comes in the way of Chimnabai and Laxmibai when they try to save Moropant. Laxmibai manages to outwit Capt Gaul and shoots him down. However, Laxmibai fails to save Moropant. 

Capt Hugh Rose is elated on hearing about Moropant’s death. His happiness is marred by the news of Capt Gaul’s death. Capt Hugh Rose tries to motivate his soldiers by telling them that during war they are bound to lose capable officers. 

Capt Hugh Rose decides to seal all entry points into Jhansi so that Laxmibai cant meet her trusted aides. Capt Hugh Rose declares he had defeated Laxmibai. However, Tatya Tope, Raghunath, Ladai Sarkar and Jhalkari Bai remain skeptical of his claims. 

Tatya Tope tells Ladai Sarkar that he would find Laxmibai so that she would lead their war of freedom. 

Ladai Sarkar too refuses to believe Capt Hugh Rose and challenges him for a war. Ladai Sarkar asserts they would liberate Jhansi with Laxmibai’s help.  

Ladai Sarkar had challenged Capt Hugh Rose for battle and warned that she would liberate Jhansi in the previous episode. Capt Hugh Rose orders immediate arrest of Laxmibai. 

While searching for Laxmibai, British soldiers learn from a woodcutter that Laxmibai had purchased wood from him. The British soldiers trace Laxmibai’s location by seeing the smoke from the funeral pyre. 

Chimnabai boosts Laxmibai’s sagging moral by asking her to fight the British. When Laxmibai refuses, Chimnabai decides to kill Karma. At that moment, Laxmibai notices British soldiers and manages to rescue Chimnabai and Karma. 

Capt Hugh Rose mocks Indians, when he spots Tatya Tope, Raghunath Rao, Ladai Sarkar and Jhalkari Bai on the battlefield. However, Capt Hugh Rose’s happiness is short-lived when he notices Laxmibai at the head of a large army. 

Will Laxmibai defeat Capt Hugh Rose?

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