Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 463–465 Update on Tuesday 28th August 2018


British army tries to cut Laxmibai’s escape from Jhansi. Moropant finds it hard to accompany Raghunath and others because of his injury. He asks Raghunath to escort the group while he went in search of a village doctor. 

Laxmibai manages to kill the British soldiers and successfully crosses the boundary of Jhansi. Karma commits suicide to prevent falling into the hands of the British. Before dying, he warns Capt Mac that Laxmibai would return and will not spare their lives. 

While on her way to Bhavani temple, Laxmibai’s horse carriage falls into a pit. Laxmibai abandons the carriage and moves ahead. Moropant notices Laxmibai but refrains from calling out to her fearing he would alert the British. 

Moropant realizes it would be impossible to move around with the injured leg and cuts it off. Laxmibai is stunned to see the amputated leg of Moropant. Will Laxmibai defeat the British? Capt Hugh Rose is hot on the pursuit of Laxmibai. 

Laxmibai learns that Moropant decided to amputate his leg to prevent the gangrene from spreading in his body. Laxmibai and Moropant decide to rush to Bhavani after hearing Chimnabai’s cries. 

Chimnabai is relieved on seeing Moropant along with Laxmibai. The British army spreads through the jungle after learning about Laxmibai’s hideout. 

On noticing the British army, Raghunath and Narsinh Rao pray that their place of hiding remains hidden. Chimnabai delivers her baby. Capt Hugh Rose hears the baby’s cries and learns about the place of hiding. 

Laxmibai asks Moropant to name the child after Karma. Raghunath and Narsinh Rao warn about the presence of the British army and ask Laxmibai and others to hide. The British army surrounds the temple. 

Laxmibai and her army take on the British and foil their attempts to enter the temple. Laxmibai fears the British might attempt to enter the temple complex through its rear. Laxmibai heads towards the rear side of the temple complex and is surprised to find Ladai Sarkar in the temple. 

Ladai Sarkar informs Laxmibai that since Captain Hugh Rose’s army has spread through out the area, they must immediately evacuate the temple. She adds that since Orcha soldiers are fighting off the British soldiers, they would be able to escape without getting noticed. However, to their bad luck, Captain Mac and his soldiers spot Laxmibai trying to escape. 

Before the British can attack, Tatya Tope fires a cannon at them. Everyone is surprised to see Tatya Tope alive. Tatya Tope leads the subjects of Jhansi to an underground place. 

A sad Laxmibai informs Tatya Tope about Ghaus Khan, Karma and Kashi’s death. Captain Mac believes that since Laxmibai has all her trusted aides with her she will come up with a master plan. 

Tatya Tope informs Laxmibai that several rulers, zamindars and revolutionaries from other parts of the country were willing to help them in liberating Jhansi from the British. 

Laxmibai asks Moropant to take Chimnabai and Karma to a safe and sheltered place. As part of their strategy against Laxmibai, Captain Mac decides to harm Chimnabai’s newborn. 

Captain Mac believes that Laxmibai would send Chimnabai to her maternal house and therefore orders his soldiers to find out more about Chimnabai’s parents. Before leaving, Chimnabai tells Moropant to continue his fight for freedom along with Laxmibai. 

No sooner than Chimnabai leaves, Moropant hears a scream. He realizes that Chimnabai and the baby have been surrounded by Captain Mac and his army.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 463–465 Update on Tuesday 28th August 2018

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